Prayer to the Angel of the Wrath of God

Prayer to the Angel of the Wrath of God


On May 3, 2022, Our Lord said:

"While conflicts and wars are unleashed, many Angels of the Nations can no longer do anything. And the Angel of the Wrath of God wants to precipitate upon the world, with more than thousands of rays, bringing the power of cosmic and solar elements to correct the world. But the prayer of the consistent and the just, the service of the selfless and unconditional, placates the fury of this Angel of the Universe.

But this Angel does not want to impose punishment, but rather severe correction, as the world has not heard the Message and the warning of Heaven, and souls keep living the same way, with the same ways and habits, as if the spiritual and the divine no longer mattered.

For this reason, My Celestial Mother, just as it has been in these recent days, places Herself between the Angel and you, in order to intervene. Thus, a Universal Judgment is unleashed, the first stage of this Judgment that humanity has begun to live."



Angel of the Wrath of God,
calm your sorrowful heart,
receive the fire of our love
and establish peace.


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