Powerful Prayer to the Angel of Faith

Powerful Prayer to the Angel of Faith


Prayer to be recited whenever we find ourselves
in moments of test and purification

I proclaim before God the presence of Faith.

In Faith I open the doors to redemption
and nothing makes me fear.

Through Faith I lose all fear
and I am guided towards the Source of the Love of Christ.

In the name of the Angel of Faith,
all guilt is liberated.

In the name of the Angel of Faith,
this sacred flame of elevation grows within me
and my brothers and sisters.

Through the Powerful Faith of Christ,
every curse is dispelled.

Today the powerful ray of Faith reigns
and all doors of evil are closed.

Today the powerful Ray of Faith reigns
and souls are liberated from all oppression.

Hope is reborn in my heart
and the flame of Faith is the eternal guide of my paths.

United to the Angel of Faith,
the Grace of God fills us  for the centuries to come.


Prayer transmitted by the Virgin Mary on  December 22, 2015.

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