Request for Liberation to Archangel Michael

Request for Liberation to Archangel Michael



   Prayer to beg Saint Archangel Michael, the Prince of the Celestial Militia, to protect and guide the paths of all servers.

O Supreme Prince of the Celestial Militia!,
I beg you from soul, mind and heart,
that Your glorious and powerful intercession be fulfilled in me.

By the power that God has given you,
Saint Archangel Michael,
banish from my being all the impure spirits.

That the merciful protection of Your Wings
may envelop me, day and night.

That Your Sword of Celestial Light
cut and expel the evil feelings.

That the Love of Your Most Pious Heart
may elevate me spiritually
and that in Your Sacred Arms of Father and Protector,
I may ascend in glory and redemption to the Kingdom of God,

O Father and Protector during the battles!
Guide me so that I may fulfill the purpose,
remove from my interior the cells of evil,
and just as once You deigned to guide Jesus Christ
to the foot of the Cross of Love,
deign, Father of mine,
to guide me through the path of humility and surrender.

Sacred Archangel Michael,
that all Your Universal Hosts,
those that perpetually praise the Supreme Father, 
descend now to the kingdom of this world,
the one that was created by the Will of Adonai;
unite me to Your Kingdom of Love and Protection,
so that as Your consecrated child,
I may fulfill the promise
of preparing the glorious coming of Christ.

Cover me with Your Light,
Beloved Prince Michael.


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