Message of the Angel of Meekness

Message of the Angel of Meekness


Principles of meekness:

• To be open to learn even if the chalice seems to be full.

• To be open to listen even if the understanding seems to be complete.

• To be open to accept even if you seem to be accepting.

• To be open to fill even if you perceive yourself to be too empty to give.

• To be open to perceive even if you seem to have seen Me in everything.

• To be open to dialogue even if your discourse seems constructive.

• To be open to step back even if your proud mind seems to accept only advance as a victory.

• To be open to reconcile even if it seems that the situations have no solution.

• To be open to walk even if you seem to have gotten somewhere.

• To be open to remain silent even if your mind seems to have a stand about something.

• To be open to renounce even if your human will disturbs you with illusory promises.

• To be open to advance even if the horizon seems dark, for My Hand is upon you.

• To be open to being open even if you seem to already be so.

• To be open to recognize that which is closed, as no door will be closed forever.

• To be open to new paths even if the paths seem not to exist.

• To be open to be meek so that My Power does not need to untie your little knots before you act in the world.

• To be open to correct yourself even if the statue of your personality seems not to need any adjustments.

• To be open to renew yourself even if your shoes seem to insist on the same paths.

• To be open to contemplate even if you are amidst a whirlwind.

• To be open to be healed even if the origin of planetary evil still expresses itself around you.

• To be open to keep vigil even if you have already elevated yourself in prayer, for vigil maintains the rope tightened.

• To be open to live in many dimensions even if the human mind insists on inhabiting the dark room.

• To be open to create even if your hands are still human, for My creativity is upon you.

• To be open to praise even if there are only offenses around you.

• To be open to rescue even if the anchors of the world seem to drag everything down, for My Hand is upon you.

• To be open to commune with the life hidden in the oceans, which is unknown to most.

• To be open to exorcise, even if the world has gotten used to walking in darkness.

• To be open to commune with Me even if it seems out of reach, for My Hand reaches all, including you.

• To be open to change garments so that each day I may find you ready to be covered with My codes.


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