We were doing a group task with all the members of the Community of Fraternity, in Uruguay, where we live, and we concluded the work journey with the reception of the daily message of Saint Joseph. Although He had arrived from the Middle East, from a refugee camp, Saint Joseph transmitted us a message specially directed to the Communities of Light, but, as He Himself explained to us, it may be applicable to all those who consider themselves as servers of God and consecrated to His Plan. May all those who read this message practice these words, adapting them to their own lives. This was a request of Saint Joseph.

Fraternity is something that should characterize this world, an attribute that all the beings of Earth should carry in their interior, for it to become the starting point for the experience of the Christic love. In order to give your lives for your friends, first you must learn to be fraternal.

There are beings who can be fraternal by the nature of their own spirits, but others will have to sweat their own egos a lot, in a hard work of transcendence of their own opinions, wills and necessities; they will have to live a true renovation of what they call priorities of their lives.

The priority of the incarnated human beings in this world should be, in truth, the perfect experience of love and of unity – to one another, each one with God and all with Him. Having this as the only priority, everything else should be adapted.

If you think you have a greater necessity than living fraternity and love, start to meditate right away about the reason for your lives and the purpose of your existences in the world.

Seek, for a moment, the reason why you wake up every day. Why do you work, study, eat, drink, build houses, schedule your days, make plans? What is the true meaning of all that?

You must not think that life restricts its purpose to your simple necessity of being alive and comfortable in this world! Or do you?

If the soul does not find a superior purpose for which getting up every day, it starts to lose interest in life.

You must make of this experience on Earth a permanent act of renovation, of transcendence, of breakthrough, of freedom, in God, to love. Freedom of yourselves, so that you can give yourselves to the neighbor without limits and without restrictions.


Dear companions in Christ,

I would like to talk to you about the greatness of Creation and the celestial mysteries. I would like to reveal to you the love that fulfills the stars and animates the universes, so that you see yourselves strengthened and guarded by a higher purpose, so that you fulfill your own missions in the end of cycle on Earth.

With My words, each day I expect that your consciousnesses reach a level of understanding which transcends the limits of the human mind. I try to make you understand the magnitude of the Plan of God and how this Plan cannot start and finish in the existence of this world.

I know that many need the simple words so that they can understand and engage themselves in the task of recue of the Divine Messengers. Many prefer not to believe Our words and in Our presences when we reveal to you something you do not understand and that do not adjust itself to what you already know. However, I ask you not to try to reduce the greatness of God to the understanding of the human mind. Do not try to compare the Love of the One and Only with your own ability of loving. And do not expect that the Creation of God restrict itself to the existence of this small planet, when so vast is the universe.

What for would exist so many stars and galaxies if not for the different expressions of the Love of God in His creatures to inhabit in them? Or do you think by any chance that the stars exist so that they can be contemplated by the humankind in the sky of Earth?

While a great change precipitates itself in the world, the Divine Messengers will try to elevate the understanding and the knowledge of humanity. They will try to open the eyes of the human heart to the truths that cannot be seen with the material eyes.

This will so because only the certainty of a superior purpose and of a superior life, which supports you, will give you strength to live the times that will come. Without a higher understanding about the Plans of God, your lives will become meaningless, such as life has become meaningless to many youngsters and adults who did not find a reason to be in this world.


In order to be a companion of Christ, you will seek to transcend the laws and the tendencies of the Earth, because you cannot follow with human thoughts, the steps of That One whose spirit and divinity does not come from this world.

Leave the planetary thought for those who seek only the riches of the Earth, the transitory glory and honor which are achievable here. Seek for yourself the glory of God and instead of seeking to be honored, give honor to That One who is worthy to receive.

Seek for yourself the reward of the meek, which is the humble heart. Be more ambitious than the men of the Earth and seek for yourself a place in the Kingdom of the Universe. Even though you are eternally a servant, there is no better King to serve than That One who is One with all that was created and whose mercy does not measure with the existent proportions, neither in this world nor in any other.

Do not be discouraged, dear child, with the defeats that you live on Earth; glorify your Father and God each time you are humbled, because you are learning, thus, how to achieve greater Graces, true Graces and divine Graces.

Surrender yourself as a servant, as nothing; be the carpet in which those who seek the glory of the world step on. Let the others be better and victorious.

Get lost, including from yourself, and you will make of yourself a victory for That One who is the Only conqueror of all the Creation, because He has lost Himself and thus has returned to the Divine Essence.

Why do you fear so much to leave the laws of the Earth?

Why do you fear so much to lose the treasures of the world?

Oh, dear child, discover the Grace of being poor of yourself and of all and you will never want anything else except, nothing.

Why do you hold on so much to this world and to its ways of life, if you do not come from it and will not remain in it forever?

Live in this world as you must live, make of it what it is: a school of transcendence, of redemption, of love. You are here to be what you are not, to renounce what you see, to redeem yourself and to love everything that exists, good or bad, as a way to let love transform everything.


In times of battle for the mind, for the body and for the spirit, keep your heart in peace.

Hold onto the purpose of these times and not so much to the tribulations that disturb your being, in and outside of yourself.

If you cannot pray, then simply unite your heart to God and ask for His assistance. As a soldier of His army of love, the Lord will never deny due help to you.

However, little by little, talk to your bodies, with the life which inhabits your consciousness and which expresses itself in different ways, because times have changed and the density of the planetary atmosphere itself will seek from you the spirit of the permanent transcendence.

Just do not surrender. Be a little braver and more determined to overcome yourself and the energies that are around your consciousness, because inside of you and outside of you there will be resistances not to allow you to be a triumph of Christ in the world.

Do not allow your consciousness to be an instrument of disunion. Always cherish the unity, yours with God and with your brothers and sisters and of all with the purpose of the Creator.

You will have to learn to find within yourselves pure airs to breath and nourish your soul and your spirit, because there will be days in which you will find no breath in what surrounds you. Therefore, construct today a path of union with your inner world. There are found the codes left by God on the many occasions in which He came to you. There you will find peace.

For the inner deepening of all beings,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Release your souls from the captivity of this world though love for the Plan of God. If you love the Plans of the the Most High for all that has been created, you will transcend the common understanding of all the events that are manifested in the world.

Be willing to love the Plan of God above your own selves and you can then live what the Lord really expects of you.

When your self-love is greater than your love for the Plan of God, you run the risk of getting lost in your own limitations and lose the opportunity to discover the transcendence of all expressions of life, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

When you love the Plan of God above all things, you are able to throw yourself into the impossible to manifest it and, then, you cross the threshold of the human limitations and discover new capabilities which are eternally dormant in the consciousnesses of all precisely because of the lack of love and surrender by the beings.

I know this is an unknown and unattainable love to many, because you have not learned to love the intangible, the Divine, the spiritual. In this world, love is always based on benefits and even the love for God and for the spiritual life has to bring some merit, even if it is holiness.

Those who seek the spiritual life, heading for holiness, begin their journey seeking a benefit, a recognition, a goal; but on the way, they discover that, in order to find what they seek, they must lose themselves. And thus lost, they leave little by little everything they have, all that they are and what they think they are, as well as their aspirations and even the pure intention of attaining holiness.

When the heart feels the most that it no longer wants anything and only walks towards God, when it seems to be even further away of any perfection, because to him nothing resembles the Perfection of the Father, it is when the soul arrives, without realizing, to the first step of its goal.

For this true love I call you: love that transcends the individuals, the benefits, the aspirations, the achievements; transcends the very needs of life and leaves the soul and spirit suspended in the hands of the Creator, so that they may be His instruments in the world, attracting His Peace into times of chaos.


Dear companions of My Chaste Heart,

Today I call you to the awakening of the true faith, the one that is born from the union of the spirit with God, and that is not fed by miracles or rewards of any sort.

The faith to which I invite you is the faith in the invisible, so that you can trust and thus live the instructions of the Divine Messengers.

I know that for many it is difficult to awaken faith in the heart, when it is purely spiritual. Many believe in the presence of God among humankind, through the current Apparitions of the Sacred Hearts, but the belief comes from the acceptance of the mind and faith is the adherence of the spirit to the Will of God.

A faith which is born as a result of phenomena and miracle is a faith that may be as transitory as such phenomena, but the faith which is born from the heart of the one who believes without seeing is a faith that will never be extinguished and that will conduct them to find the true life of the spirit.

Those who keep their faith, even in the invisible of the heart, might find God, which it is not visible to the human eyes and will overcome the limits of matter and of the senses in order to enter you into a reality that transcends the material existence. It is for that reason that the Divine Messengers come to the world in this time, by means of this group of souls.

Throughout the human existence, God tried to awaken humanity in many ways, but every time they were awakened through the senses, they could never leave the boundaries of their own material and concrete sense.

The devotees and the faithful of God in the whole world are almost always simply aspiring to things that concern the material life and at no time they glimpse the true existence that starts after they transcend the illusions of this life.

Many believe in God, pray and seek to live in peace, but almost always this only intends the personal well-being and the success of their own material life.

Do you understand that the Plan of God does not start and does not finish on this little Earth?



Union Bead:

By the Power that God granted to You,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph,

teach us to live

in the Divine Spirit of Unity.



First decade:

Under the intercession of Saint Joseph,

may all atavisms, egoism and vanities

that separate us from the Heart

of God be dissolved.



Second decade:

       By the Power granted

to the Most Pure Saint Joseph,

may all stains and sins

that separate souls from

the Kingdoms of Nature be erased.



Third decade:

       Under the intercession

of the Humble Heart of Saint Joseph,

may all evil aspects that prevent unity

among the human beings

be expelled and transcended.



Fourth decade:

By the Power of charity and love,

present in the Chaste Heart,

may all misunderstandings 

that separate us from 

the Sublime Universe of God be dissolved.



Fifth decade:

       For all attributes achieved through

the paternity of Saint Joseph,

may the virtues and the gifts

of the Most Chaste Heart

manifest in humanity,


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Association Mary
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