Dear friends:

What for humanity would appear to be unknown to the eyes of all, at My Return you will be able to know, as I will come and will withdraw the veils that have covered the path of all of those who out of love seek Me.

But from henceforth I am revealing now over some creatures, through the Christic impulses, some of the mysteries of these veils that create a separation between the spirit and the soul of each being.

Today I come to tell you to not afflict yourselves when you conscientiously discover an atavism that still has not been transcended because, by means of the constant merciful prayer, you will lose, on the path, the weight of your own past that used to tie you to your previous life.

Dears, I come in mercy to liberate you and to relieve you from all that which grieves you and which does not allow you to take steps towards My Kingdom. Out of love I return to the world but first I come in Divine Spirit to divest from your consciousness the abysses that by mistake you have built in the past.

My Compassion will arrive to your lives as a balsam of Mercy and of Grace in order to renovate you through the presence of My Merciful Heart. For this do not fear for what in a short while you will encounter on your paths. My Spiritual Light impregnates you and it will conduct you towards the goal of living in the Eternity of the Lord who is in the Heavens.

Offer to God your sufferings and your joys, for those who carry a thousand of veiled layers before their eyes and that have not even appearing before them a ray of sun.

See what a bitter thirst I carry inside of My Being, that My inexhaustible Source waits to be poured upon the thirsty hearts and upon those who fall to My Right  and to My Left .

If you open your hearts, other hearts through My Grace will be able to awake in time.

Under the Love of the Father, be merciful and pious.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Celestial Mediator. 


My thirst will not be calmed until when each one of the souls has turned itself towards Me and seeks Me as the only light for the world.

I will allow that all of My Flocks learn and mature but I will not allow any of them to be lost. Before that it happens I will have returned in Glory to pour My Graces in those who have lost them by conceit or vanity.

I will open with the key of My Heart the door of My Kingdom and in My Return all of you will be able to see with wisdom that which I have prepared for all from the moment in which I departed towards the universe.

For this until the last moment will be necessary courage and braveness to face the last steps of transcendence and liberation.

Pray constantly so that My Spirit may make itself present in you and you may not waste time in searching for Me. Know that I Am eternally present in your little hearts.

Only allow Me to show Myself as your true love and your true light for the soul and for life. Trust in Me.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 


My Dears:

To all of those who want to consecrate themselves, may they consecrate themselves to My Sacred Heart because this act of humility that comes from the soul will be worth more than a thousand of formal consecrations.

The path of consecration is a path of transcendence and renunciation, of encounter with the Supreme Will to abandon the personal will, it is a path of humility in order to renounce the vanity that the world awakens to.

May no one despair for not being able to be formally consecrated because the greatest consecration is the life of prayer, the inner dialogue with God to find the balsam for the spirit. May those who already walk in consecration elevate their aspirations every day so that I may convert them into My Wills and, consequently, convert them into precious decisions for your lives.

Vigil through this path of consecration. And may your eyes raise themselves in order to recognize that only in the High, where My Eternal Father is, will you find the infinite path of union with God through the consecration of your hearts to Me. The soul that consecrates itself to My Heart finds in the emptiness of itself the new dwelling, the dwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Under the Love of the Father, be merciful and kind.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 


The one who quenches My thirst will be with Me in the Kingdom of Heavens.

The one who comforts and glorifies My Heart wounded by humanity will be called Blessed.

The one who considers Me the first one in their life will be a venerable sheep of My Holy Flock.

The one who deeply confesses to Me their sins and perturbations will be forgiven every day by Me .

The one who fully trusts in the love and in the immensity of My Sacred Heart will be called Son of God.

The one who works for love of the Good and pacifies conflicts will be a little shepherd of My Sacred Heart.

The one who loves Divine Justice without understanding it and that lives it as the Only Will of God will be called Server of God.

In those that live Me, feel Me and open to Me the door of the heart, My Heart will be able to have a dwelling and it will be able to guide them through the paths of peace and of good.

Do not fear for anything, but be true at the time of living the merciful law of God because in this way your souls will be transparent like the water and pure like a flower. Seek the truth of My Father above all of the things of life because in this way you will be able to understand His blessed mysteries of the Creation, the blessed mystery of His Magnificent Will.

Day by day I am with you, receiving from your souls all of the true impulses of your being. Be strong in prayer and brave in the love of the Whole. Be always peace makers by means of the Word of the Gospel, be humble before the unexpected events of life.

The key to transcend oneself is the venerable law of silence because in silence one learns to live and to be like God wants His children to be in this time.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for answering to the call of My Sacred Heart!

Christ Jesus, the Savior of humanity.


Only through the call of the Holy Spirit can the soul advance. In this way it will not fall back and it will be able to recognize that, through each fault committed and not transcended, it will be able heal itself every day a little more.  

On the path of the sanctification of the spirit and of the divinization of matter whatever seems to corrode us must be expelled and whatever encourages the sacred must stay in the consciousness. 

Nothing is separated on the path of transformation. First we must recognize that we are nothing so that afterwards we may be able to form part of the Whole. Path after path travelled one encounters many obstacles and the soul must be the master that may conduct life, sensations, feelings and thoughts.

If the consciousness manages to merge itself with the rhythm of the soul, other realities and possibilities will present themselves at the door of life. Deep changes will happen when the consciousness recognizes that in making mistakes one transcends and in experimenting one consecrates oneself.

I am speaking to you about entering in another law. I speak to you about the absolute consecration of spirit and of matter and this is what will be difficult for those to reach who have offered themselves to this path of Christic life.

But the Heart of the Great Master is the Mediator between the earthly tests and the spirit, the Heart of the Master is the Comforter and the Reconciler between the life and the spirit of each being. 

For this it will be important to consider that in the Holy Spirit new doors will be able to be opened because the gifts of the Father will be transmitted to the heart of the creatures.

It is through the Holy Spirit of God that the transcendence of the impossible turns possible. You must allow that your dwelling place be touched by the unknown Light of the Father, Light of wisdom, everlasting Light that comes from Peace. While you walk in this material life your spirit will find the abysses proper to matter, the ones that you must transcend.


Like the beat of My Heart is the pulse of My Love for you, it is infinite, constant, uninterrupted, compassionate, prodigious and redemptive. In this way I want to teach you to live My Love in you, a love that heals, a love that redeems, a love that accepts My Mercy to reach redemption.

Whoever loves their friends will be giving all for the whole, will be giving life for the purpose of My Father. I hope that as a flock you grow up and mature in love and in truth because My Sacred Heart throughout the centuries has already seen the world suffering much, and I continue on seeing it suffering intensely. If you do not live in My Love and My Love does not live among you it will be like building temples of sand that will soon fall down at the first onslaught of the times.

If you make an effort all of the days to seek My compassionate Love you will find the fastest path to transcend your lives, because between the disciple and the master there must reign a fraternal love that may dissolve the cunning of the enemy. If you live in My Merciful Love your hearts will receive the clarity and the wisdom that you need all of the days. Remember that My Love is also present as much in the difficulties as in the joys.

Dears, how will you reach Christification if not only through the tests that may confirm the amplitude of your inner love? For this the paths of transformation and of consecration are for the brave who encourage themselves to follow it for a Greater Love. My path marks a new trail of possibilities and of deep changes because in My wise and prodigious Love will be erased the wounds, the separations and the dislikes. My Love can be present among the hearts of two beings that love each other, that love the task that God entrusted to them for love.

Now My purifying fire is removing the last particles that rusted the good wineskins from being full of other elements. My fire liberates but at the same time it sustains and forgives all that must be given to the universe so that it may be converted by Me.

I am present even in the bitterest moments of life because to those who follow My Path I give them to drink from the vinegar that they gave me on the Cross, so that by seeing yourselves completely you may know what it is that which must not live anymore in your dwelling places.


My friends:

To take your own cross and follow Me will be a spiritual challenge for many but those who reach it in the name of this humanity will be sanctified. 

For this, companions, My Redeeming Spirit returns to free My children from temptation, from desire and from the persecutions that the enemy projects over many consciousnesses. For this time of highest purification everything is kept under the keys of human control and ambition, but this will be released and will be visible to the eyes of those who never wanted to see the misery of the world.

As one time My Being carried and took the Cross of the world I today return to discharge the weight of the cross of My children so that in this way the souls may find the path of the Father that in this time they must wander.

My companions, I am calling you to assume the inner cross that the Father gives to you to transform your consciousness. I leave to you today the lesson of a persevering spirit, patient and compassionate that must find comfort in the path of tests and learning of the inner life.

Today I gather you around My Spirit to tell you that in love I observe your steps and delays. It is time to take a leap to live the transcendence of matter and thus reach the sublime light that you need for your constant walking towards God.

Before all these words of Mine will transform you because in My message you will find the keys and the rays that will unite you with the vast universe of the Creator. For this watch attentively to My words that will follow and thus allow that, as a Christian example, you may later say what you live in truth.

My Heart calls you to renovate your vows with Me all of the days and to learn in the peace of the heart. My Heart wants to take you as true disciples that in wrong and in right must continue on the path of the redemption of consciousness.

My dears, for this silently I am returning, to awaken in you love, reverence and gratitude for what you have received from God and from My own Redeeming Consciousness. To be able to enter in these three states of devotion I ask you for humility enough to recognize the interest that your hears offer me when, for example, comes the precious time to reunite and pray with Me.


While walking with the Cross, in the Heart of Christ, beyond suffering and pain, there was peace and compassion.

This was a constant exercise of His Divine Spirit within a human body: to transcend in each second the dimensions of chaos, ignorance, evil, while the beings that surrounded Him were absorbed by obscurity and He had to enter into dimensions of peace, compassion, wisdom, Truth, where His Eyes could see every occurrence as it really was and not as it seemed to be.

The Eyes of the Christ of Calvary contemplated the world and saw a more complex, deeper reality; They saw the evil of beings and saw essences trapped within the yoke of this evilness; He knew the evil spirit that guided every action of those who mistreated Him, and He knew that the way to liberate those essences was Love, not only the Love of the Cross, but the Love of all eternity; Love that would begin to be born with His example, like a source that would emerge with the last drop of Blood, which would be poured out of His Body, but would stream through the souls that, over the centuries, would respond to His Call and follow His example, renewing and multiplying this Love.

In each obstacle of life, child, may your eyes be the Eyes of the Christ of Calvary, contemplating the Truth and not the illusion, placed on the dimensions of peace and not of hatred, knowing that healing comes through living Love, in the example of each second of life.

This is how you will fulfill the Plan of your Celestial Father and be one with Him at all times.

You have my blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Sometimes it seems like you walk and walk, and your spirit turns away from God.

Sometimes you feel that you strive and break, and your heart retrocedes in love.

Today, child, I come to tell you that the human condition is very deep, with many layers to be transcended, ever deeper within your being. It is a long path, made up of many stages that your heart must mature, but your heart also must allow itself to be inflamed by the Love of God.

Each offer you make, each time you surrender, it opens a new space within you to be healed, liberated, transcended. These are the chambers of your inner castle, which safeguard your essence and its mysteries.

Live each stage of your surrender, deepening into your union with God. Let your soul be a friend, sister, companion, wife of Christ, until one day it blends with the Lord and there are no longer limitations of His Love within you.

Walk, even if it seems that you will never get there.

Know that this is a profound inward walk toward infinity, and do not stop your steps.

Fix your gaze upon He Who calls you. And let all the obstacles, resistances, all the pain of the torn away layers, all the sorrows of the knocked down walls be sustained in the Heart that is before you upon the horizon of your surrender, your beginning and your end. In this way, you will grow in spirit, but also in love.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


I know, child, that it is not easy to forget oneself in order to carry out the Plan of God, to serve and transcend one's human condition; but this is the essence of Love.

Even God renounced His self by multiplying Himself and creating life; He renounced His self to be born as a human being, among humankind; He renounced His life and the love He experienced for it and for His creatures when dying on the Cross.

The essence of life is not to overcome suffering; it is to live love. That is what you must understand now. It is not by suffering that you fulfill the Will of God for you, it is by loving.

The true key of the triumph of God in Christ was not the suffering that He experienced in the world; it was the growing Love undertaken, from the manger to the Cross. It is that limitless Love that you must seek.

It is only this Love, revealed in you, that will be able to provide for you within, and lead your being to what is true. But this same Love, which is the meaning of existence for all children of God, is hidden under your aspects and records, experiences held in your cells and in your consciousness, accumulated throughout all of human evolution.

To break these walls of the human condition was what Christ did on the Cross, and not only on Calvary, but in each instant of His life. This was His mission; to find the revelation of this Love and live it, transcending the entire human condition, not only of His material bodies, but of all beings of Earth.

When I tell you to contemplate the Cross, it is because there is found He Who revealed the Love of God for you. There, He overcame your human condition and opened the doors to God for you. 

Contemplate and love the Passion of Christ. In His Wounds find the open path to reach His Heart and discover in it a perfect Love. Let the spiritual wounds that open within you in these times also reveal to you this greater Love, this Love which will renew and surpass the Love of God.

Do not concentrate your attention on accepting pain and suffering, but rather on going beyond, and untiringly seeking Love. This is your path, your redemption, your salvation, your plenitude, your return to the Divine Origin.

You have My blessing for this.


The Universe of God is sublime, and its mysteries are incalculable. But, before reaching the celestial heights, children, you should learn to deal with your human condition and live the transcendence of illusions, available to humans by the time of Earth and its mysteries, until you can cross the layers and veils that separate you from the Truth and the Time of God, so you may discover not only the celestial mysteries but, above all, yourselves. 

If I spoke to you only of sublime things, you would make from the Truth an illusion in your minds, you would have it as a story, but not as an experience, as a philosophy, but not as life manifested in everything that you are. This is why, sometimes, I speak to you of the Universe and sometimes I go back to your human condition, to create a bridge between what you think you are and what you must find out about yourselves.

The Truth already is. It manifested in the Origin of life and has hidden in the essence and microcosmos of each being. To find it, you should search for it as you search for the things of the world today. Just as you make an effort for the victories on Earth, make an effort for the triumphs of Heaven.

Search for the example of those who have already walked this path. Drink from the experience of those who were tested and transcended human life, to find Christ hidden and alive within themselves. Those you call saints, children, are not God, and it is not their miracles that will make them reach God, but rather their example which can inspire you and bring you light for the darkness of consciousness.

To reach what is High, you should elevate yourselves. To reach that which is within, you should deepen. And this is an eternal and tireless mission, until you return to the Origin of life.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 


Cultivate persistence, inner strength and peace.

To step out of yourselves is the key that will allow you to make of the cross, of these times, a triumph of the Love of God within His children, as it was with the One who first carried the Cross and showed you the way.

Self-pity and excessive concern about yourselves, children, will prevent you from seeing the need of the world, of the Divine Creation and of the Plan of God as a whole.

You are no longer in times of experiences and mere learning. You are before the final tests for this humanity and, oftentimes, your trial will not be to stay in the world, amidst the chaos and human madness, but to deal with your own inner chaos and transcend yourselves, out of love for a Higher Plan. 

The time has come to use the determination that you use to maintain your resistances, to break them. And this will not happen by mistreating yourselves, but by serving and loving your neighbor unconditionally.

Transformation is not only about taking care of yourselves, children. Transformation happens when you step out of yourselves and let your own life be conducted and supported by God, while you busy yourselves with serving and loving your neighbor in the smallest details.

You already know what I tell you. Release your desires and aspirations, your goals so human and insignificant in the face of the greatness of the cycle that you live as humanity. Recognize where you stand, what you are experiencing and what is the Divine aspiration for your lives. Thus, you will be on the correct path in the correct way.

You have my blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend

Saint Joseph Most Chaste


Keep your consciousness in peace and within it the unique inspiration of illumination, of unity with God, of the fulfillment of His Purpose, of the manifestation of His Kingdom.

Let your desires and wishes be washed from your heart, and gradually find true peace, the peace the comes from the Creator.

You already know the way, you already know your destination, because it is your Origin and dwells in you.

Pacify your heart by observing your actions, thoughts and feelings and thus remember the purpose of your life, which is to simply find God again within you and allow others to also find Him.

Let each instant be for you an opportunity of transcendence and ascension. Let each test bring you closer to God.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message received in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

May your hearts be in peace, so that in peace you receive the designs of God.

Transcend that which is apparent and daily, for your consciousness to enter into the sacred and into what is true.

The Plans of God were already designed for each being, now the creatures need to put their feet on the path traced by the Creator and not the path traced by skills, temptations or difficulties.

To experience a superior reality is a higher decision that each being has to take, within and outside of himself, for it to resonate in your souls and also in your planetary bodies.

How often have we said that there is no more time? How often have we warned that it is time to enter into the Real Time? It is there where Truth inhabits and the illusion becomes visible for you to know how to distinguish the difference between being in the world in God and in being in the world without Him.

Choose, children, every day, the path of the Sacred and the elevation of consciousness. You will thank, in the future, for each renunciation made in the name of the evolution of humanity.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Stand before the Reliquary of My Chaste Heart so that it may silently reveal to you the love that is within you and lead you into unconditionally loving God.

Let your soul express, without fear or shame, without the fear of being new, different or unknown. Plunge into the mystery of your inner world to express what humanity does not know. Seek the reference of your evolutionary path in the depths of your essence because it is there where the Truth is held, that which you so aspire to find.

The greatest of all contacts is the one that is established with one's own inner world, and the greatest of all revelations is to discover that the Universe and its mysteries are within you. The understanding of inexplicable things, the revelation of invisible things, contact with life and eternity, knowledge and awareness of the Truth, all of this is within you.

But this world has taught humankind to not seek answers within themselves and to go through life looking for guidelines of mundane things outside of themselves. They seek for intelligence instead of wisdom; they seek vanity instead of inner beauty; they seek pleasures and happiness instead of the transcendence of all for being in the fullness of God.

Stand before the Reliquary of My Heart, in prayer, because it will silently show you the path to your own inner being, and you will know who you are, even without knowing, seeing or hearing. It will be a feeling, it will be the expression of the truth in your heart and in your life.

Stand before the Reliquary of My Heart and feel the peace and the freedom that I felt on discovering the path to be in God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Silence and breathe, to search within yourself for the path of elevation. Let all the covers of illusion and the human condition that you must cross, transmute and transcend, before you reach God, be shown to your heart.

 May your limitations make you humble, but may they not remove your faith and hope. Go beyond and discover within you the door that unites you to the Infinite, to the Divine Consciousness and to your celestial origin. Let your essence reveal itself as a bridge to the Heart of God and, even if you cannot cross this bridge at once, let it always be the symbol of your perseverance, the reason for your faith.

Each day, aspire more to the Infinite, to the eternal, but not only to abandon what upsets you about life upon Earth. Love the opportunity that God gave you and learn to understand life in its evolutionary and spiritual sense. May your eyes contemplate upon the planet the opportunity to love more and better, and in each of your brothers and sisters, contemplate the potential of renewal of the Love of God in the emergence of a New Christ.

Aspire toward the Infinite, the universe, as a form of knowing that your goal is to return to God; but you will return, child, with your heart full of an unknown love, with your spirit full of the Divine Spirit, with your consciousness fully expressing the essence of the Divine Thought for humanity. And with this legacy within your heart, you will offer it to God so that a new beginning may be written in Heaven, as on Earth.

For this aspire to a superior life; for this aspire to return to God. May there be no human aspirations and human concepts about the supreme life within you. Let the truth pulsate within your heart and be the motor that allows you to experience the transformation, every day.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The art of being nothing

To be nothing is an inner state that transcends all the sciences and philosophies, all the teachings. 

All beings are always searching to be something, through their profession, education, spiritual lineage, their role within the life on Earth, within families and inserted in the systems of life that the world offers.

To be nothing is not to stop doing things. To be nothing is a greater knowledge of the universal life that gives the heart the certainty that nothing that it seems to be belongs to it. To be nothing is the knowledge of All that God is; the wisdom that all life comes from this All and outside of It, is a mere nothing.

Within the body nothing functions alone. An arm, no matter how important it is in the body, outside of it, it loses its meaning and becomes nothing. So, the being who recognizes the Mystical Body of the Lord, formed by Life, also knows that separated from Him is nothing and together with Him, is everything. 

To be nothing is an art of love and wisdom: it is a divine science, more than the consciousness of humility. A being can be humble and, even so, still be full of ignorance, believing that humility belongs to him, that he himself is the manifestation of humility.

To be nothing is a path of knowledge and of transcendence, it is the finality of everything. To be nothing is a path of love.

Aspire to this, children. To be completely in God and to recognize yourselves as nothing outside of Him.

You have my blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In the Celestial Universe, in the most intimate of Divine Thought, there is a sublime archetype of a higher life, where creatures live love and respect, in spite of differences, and walk towards the goal of the unity with God, having as their greatest aspiration that the fellow being may come, to unite to God.

In that higher life, peace dwells in the hearts of men, for there is no need of competition, vanity or arrogance among them. There is no need of control, power or malice among them. The peace that comes from the aspiration that all achieve love is born in the Heart of the Father and is manifested in the hearts of beings.

The Father has this archetype of life kept within Himself and, every now and then, He puts it in His Hands and offers it to humanity, because this is the Will of God for men.

The Lord does not offer this, His purpose, to evolved beings, wise in love and in grace; He offers it to those who most erred, who most sinned and who most distanced themselves from His Heart. Beings that, gathered together on the Earth, every day receive an opportunity to redeem themselves and to live this perfect archetype that God has for them.

For this reason, children, today I come to show you this divine aspiration, so that you may love it and unite to it, also aspiring, deeply, to express the Will and the Love of God.

Place this goal before your hearts and every day ask the Father for the grace of being able to live and express this divine archetype for humanity. Ask God to awaken within you this unique and perfect potential to love, which dwells in your hearts and which makes you like Him. And believe that, through a daily effort to love, it is possible to transcend the current human condition and embrace the divine archetype of life on Earth.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Life passes, ephemeral and simple in what is palpable to you, to reveal an Eternity and a sublime Truth. Every expression of life that is not material does not perish and endures, to demonstrate to humankind where their heart must be.

The memories, the learning experiences, the examples, the teachings, the true feelings of Love, all of this remains alive, inside and outside of humankind and also in the Heart of God and in the Sacred Books, as part of the history of humanity, as part of the history of the renewal of the Heart of the Father.

Life passes so quickly in order to reveal a Truth and a mystery that transcends the body and human understanding: there is a reality that exceeds all the wisdom that humanity has already known; there is a Life that transcends everything that today you understand as life.

See, children, how the Eternal knocks on your door so that you may enter into the Time of no time, into Real Time.

Let this moment not be a loss to you, but rather a link with the Truth, because your instructor on Earth leaves the world to raise you to the Universe. Everything he learned in life, he will elevate to a Greater Life, and the sublime learning experiences that he will live in the Universe will be revealed to your heart, as a higher teaching.

Therefore, embrace this moment as a step towards Infinity. Let this new cycle, of your instructor and master, in this and in many lives, elevate you to new cycles, as Work and as beings in evolution.

The one who accompanies this moment with gratitude will take a step towards Infinity and will place, not only their heart, but a part of the human consciousness, closer to God, in His Eternity.

 Eternity, children, is not death. Eternity is Life revealed.

 Your Father and Friend,

 The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In order for you to be able to reach the Heart of the Father, and not only be a knower of a part of Divine Wisdom, but also experience it, you must begin to make the most basic principles of evolutionary human conduct a reality and life within you.

You were called to transcend the common and natural tendencies of the human beings of this time so that a new life may be established on Earth through your heart and so that of all those who seek spiritual life may find a meaning for their own existence.

Begin, then, by being faithful to God, true and transparent before Him as well as before your brothers and sisters, without fear or shame of making your effort and transformation visible. Be faithful to what you already know an evolutionary behavior, replacing, in your consciousness, decadence for evolution.

Go deeper in your daily prayers and make them more sincere each time, leading you to a transparent dialogue with God, confessing to Him so that, in this way, you may surrender what for you seems impossible to transform.

Sincerely strive to love and understand your neighbor, and overcome yourself, every day, not leaving for later your request for forgiveness and a sincere act of reconciliation, when you offend someone or when you are offended.

If you do not strive in these little things, to no avail will God pronounce before you and your heart the most sublime Revelations of the celestial mysteries and make known to you the most pure Truths about life and infinity, because the Wisdom will be lost in the imperfection of your mind and, although you may believe that you know many things, you will not be an instrument for the manifestation of this Truth on Earth.

You will not be worthy of being a participant in the sublime things of Heaven, not because you have not had the tools and opportunities for that, but because you did not open a space in your heart to experience the Truth, be transformed by it and announce it to the world, through your own life.

For this reason, go and deepen within the simple things. May the experience of the Truth accompany your Revelation. At least try it, everyday.

You have My blessing for that.

Your Father and Friend,


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