Blossom in the gardens of the Creation, as well as God makes a wide garden of small and great flowers blossom before your eyes.

Bring to the world the time of the eternal spring in which each being can express the best that there is within themselves and, in this way, offer to God what belongs to Him and that has been given to humanity, in order that you could give life and shape to the Divine Thought with perfection.

Let the Gardeners of the Universe, who are coming to you with divine clothing, cultivate in your inner world that which is perfect and that you do not know, because it is still a small seed that your eyes cannot see.

May the principles of God, in the interior of humanity, grow and bear flowers and fruit, in order to sow in other hearts the universal life, the perfection of God and the eternal obedience to His Laws.

Those who, in the simplicity of My words, find the grandest mysteries, will be joyful and will be called blessed in the Kingdom of God, because they will have fulfilled His Plan of Love.

I bless you today and forever.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Peace can be a reality in the world, as well as it is in the Kingdom of God, where His Supreme Consciousness fully expresses itself.  However, in order for this to be possible, it is necessary that the human beings want to be with God, as well those who live in His Kingdom want.

When a being aspires to be permanently with God, they seek Him in all things and expect to find Him in everything, in the certainty that the Creator deposited a part of His Consciousness in all that He created.

For this, in order that peace establishes itself, you must seek and find God in everything and in everyone, transcending the influences of the world and whatever people who transit through it appear to be.

Permanently remember the existence of the spirit of each being and that, to each one, the Creator has a perfect plan, an idea and a divine thought.  Remember that, inside of each consciousness, in the its innermost, are the codes that it needs to fulfill its mission.

Today I want to reveal to you a mystery of the Kingdom of God, of His Plan for humanity.  When He created the human beings, God deposited in each essence a divine attribute, called Universal Ray, which is a way of expression of His Divine Spirit, This one that creates all the things.

The Rays of the Creator are responsible for conducting His Creation to perfection, but, in the case of the human beings, there is a secret, a particularity: the experience of perfection in humanity depends on the expression of love, and that perfection activates itself not only when a being loves, but also when it is loved.

The love of which I speak to you is not the love that you know because the human beings are used to love what is convenient to them, what pleases them and what causes them some gratification, but that is not the Love of God.

The Love of God is that one which looks at a being and transcends its imperfections, finding thus the truth of the essence of each one, and this is what it loves: it loves the Will of God for His creatures; it loves the perfection of God hidden in the beings; it loves God Himself, by means of His creatures.

This love is not impossible to be lived, but to find something that is lost in the other, you must find what is lost in yourselves, which is the possibility of truly loving.


Learn to feel in your heart the sorrows of the world and to make as your own, the suffering of the Most Sacred Heart of God.

Contemplate in your hearts the Creation and all that it manifests, how it expresses itself in the universe.  Contemplate the perfection and the harmony of nature, of the sun, of the cycles of the Earth.  Feel in your hearts the potential of the Divine Perfection that is latent in your interior. Ask yourselves every day what is the path to manifest this potential.

I wish that, in the heart of human beings, the love to the Divine Creation were greater than the love to the human creation, but you are much more clung to what comes from your own ideas than to what comes from the Divine Thought.

The human beings learned to love and admire what was created by their limited mind, and the pride gained was so big that they remained closed in their own smallness and in stinginess, and they could not love something superior or even believe in its existence.

With grief in My heart, I tell you that many do not transform themselves because they do not truly believe in the existence of God, of His Plan and of His Messengers.

The consciousnesses observe chaos and evil progressing in the world and prefer to think that it has always been like this or isolate themselves in the small problems and concerns of their lives, as a way to not realize that the true boat that is sinking is not just in the Middle East, but in the whole world.

It is the human consciousness, My dear ones, that is submerging ever more profoundly in the darkness.  And, when the times need to see you more awake and prepared, surrendered and confident in the invisible, you are hiding from the truth and diving more and more into illusion, to not realize that the final times have already come.

Heaven will always thank your prayers and, with the little effort of all beings, it will try to remove the weight from the scale of Justice that leans towards the disappearance of humanity.

You, companions, are living cells of the Heart of God; for this His grief for this world is so great.

The Project of the Creator is perfect and everything has already been delivered to you in order that you can live it, but you need to decide to stand up from the bed in which you sleep in illusion every day, to act in favor of humanity.

I love you; for this I warn you.


Dear companions and servants of Christ,

Today I want to teach you something that I learned from My Son Jesus, when He was still a child.

Jesus began to discover the essence of the Divine Plan of God for humanity at five years old and He was capable of seeing in the hearts of humanity the Perfect Thought of God to each one of them.  That was how the little Jesus would seek seeing in each being only their perfection and, even if this being resembled in nothing the Thought of God to him or her, Jesus would only see the Divine Thought.  And it was so much love that would be born in Jesus on seeing the Perfection of God in each creature, that this love, by itself, would start to expel from the hearts of humanity that which was separating them from God.

To this mystery, I want to invite you today, because, throughout the centuries, humanity only responded to the capital stimuli and very little to the divine ones, and it was in this way that in the human heart only grew the habit of always searching for the worst in the neighbor, as a way of feeling better than the others. 

For this reason, the beings do not known the Love of God for His creatures, because the consciousness that only glimpses the miseries of each being cannot understand how God loves such miserable beings, and wonders from where the redeemed humanity will emerge, if everyone around is lost in shrotcomings.

Today I tell you that inside of each soul are latent the Perfection of God and the possibility of living and manifesting that perfection.  You must learn to seek what of the most wonderful a consciousness expresses, because there are the eyes of God.

It is because of this possibility of uniting to the principles of the Creator that He aspires incessantly that from this humanity be born the new man and the new woman, capable of transforming all of His Creation.

Learn to banish from your own interior the need of observing and seeking the shortcomings of others, but, on the contrary, rejoice with the manifestation of a virtue in the neighbor and imitate them on what they express with perfection.


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