Those who are more tired of themselves are those who with humility must come towards Me because, even though it may seem that everything is of the same degree, everything changes within the heart that affirms day by day its eternal commitment with Me.

And in the spirit all changes more quickly whenever the heart trusts in My Mercy every day at three in the afternoon because it is then, at this time, when My Consciousness makes miracles of liberation and of transfiguration of your little cells.

Understand this mystery of the infinite power of My Forgiveness because at each day that I am descending from Heaven to give you My Poor Words, My Merciful Light absolves you prior to your again committing a mistake. My Heart does not grieve nor suffer for the amount of faults that the souls commit. My Heart becomes as alone in a desert and thirsty because the souls do not address their worldly problems towards My Heart that everything is possible and all can be transformed.

To My companions I say:

That until the end of life upon this world you will always find a test and a challenge to overcome in honor of the redeemer project of My Sacred Heart. And the more that the same test may repeat itself in your lives, never cease to ask for help and to humiliate yourselves before God, recognizing your state of imperfection, because in this way My Heart will always repair you and save you by means of the Grace that I have obtained through the merits of My Passion on the Cross.

Be as transparent as water and pure as a flower, to recognize that nothing may change by itself without first clamoring for My Divine Mercy. To those who still shipwreck in tests, as inside of a boat without aim or direction, meditate if you are truly clamoring for My Merciful aid of love. If you did like this you would not allow that your arrogance drown you as in the ocean, and on the surface of this sea of darkness and challenges you may see the light of salvation that comes from My Eternal Heart.

I love those souls that with simple bravery tell Me every day how much they want to have Me present in their lives, because all of these souls I will reward with My Sidereal Forgiveness.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, Your Savior.


Dears, from three in the afternoon My thirst is little by little quenched in the face of the immensity of souls who do not rest in My Arms of piety and redemption.

For this at three in the afternoon I bring the merciful rays of God to encourage the souls to follow Me in the steps of the apostolate and of the missions for all of those who have turned their faces back to the light of God.

The bitterness and the suffering of the world is liberated during the hour of Mercy but it is still necessary and urgent that those who have reached My Source and who lose themselves in the great inner desert may be able to achieve Piety and Mercy before God the Father.

For this My Heart forms new apostles so that they may ignite again My Christic Flame in the hearts that are empty, alone and abandoned, in the hearts that are without faith and despair  day by day.

Today all of those who listen to My Word have the Grace of receiving the Mercy of My Heart. I ask all of My Companions to, during the hour of Mercy, be very awake before My Presence, to strive in your beings to seek Me and feel Me because the day will come in which the flame of prayer will be your only guide towards God.

Today you are with Me as on all of the holy days, but do not lose sight of the inertia that can invade your spirits and make you believe that you are all the time united to My Heart. You will not be so until out of love and sacrifice you raise your voice asking and clamoring for Mercy.

I want to encounter My Disciples attentive to the events of the world. I do not want to see My Friends sleeping for the second time as I saw them in the beloved Garden of Olives.

I ask you for persistence, faith and willingness to face the currents that will come to the aid of humanity, that which each day separates itself from the Supreme Will of God. I ask you to become conscious before the merciful task that each one of you lives with Me as a member of this humanity.

I ask for sacrifice to those who have made life vows to My Redeemer Heart. I ask you for more prayer and love.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving in humility My Words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Dear brothers and sisters and servers of My Sacred Heart:

Today I am present before precious souls that in their walking seek to encounter Me all of the days of their lives. For this today I ask all of them that open their hearts to encounter Me within their beings because there I am always present to listen to your concerns and to quench the thirst for My Eternal Presence.

But a good disciple can never permit to be overthrown by the consequences of the arrogance of their own life. He or she must walk amongst the thorns as if they did not exist because if you did this you would transcend the barrier of the material life and you would approach to the encounter with the Divine Spirit of My Sacred Heart.

May tiredness not be the separation of your beings from the greatness of My Being. May the living of sacrifice for these times represent the immediate liberation of the world.

As I did, some of My ones, those who consecrated themselves to the Eternity of My Soul and to My Divinity, must with braveness carry the cross of purification and of surrender. To many of the saints of the past I asked the same that today I ask to all of your hearts.

This time merits the realization of great works of redemption, liberation and transmutation of humanity. For this I return to the world to confirm who will help Me to lift the heavy cross of grievances and of unfair sufferings that has been caused by your present humanity.

Out of the Grace of the Father My Hands have already endured the nails on the Cross, the nails of the liberation of humanity, and now will be necessary good disciples so that you may sustain the liberating current of the purification that humanity must go through.

Count on the infinite power of merciful prayer, prayer that every day at three in the afternoon will bring you close more each day to My Celestial Kingdom and to My Supreme Will so that It may be accomplished according to the designs of My Father who is in the Heavens.

May Mercy liberate you whenever you pray with faith and devotion to My Divine and Unfathomable Heart.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Those who are very far from Me and who separate themselves because of what they generate with their own actions need My Mercy.

Those who separate themselves from My Heart and stop looking at Me in the eyes are the ones who most need My Forgiveness and My Piety.

Those who deny My Name and turn their backs to Me are the ones who most need My Mercy.

For this at three in the afternoon the door of redemption is opened to liberate from sin a great number of souls that, through sport or from ignorance almost miss the path of return towards Me.

The time of Mercy is for the most unprotected and thirsty for My Redeemer and Savior Light. And so that My Love may be able to approach those who mostly ignore their true spirit I make use of the instruments that, opening the heart to Me, transmute in sacrifice and joy the evils of the world out of love to the Great Love of My Heart.

As I have told you, few are the ones who row the boat of the Shepherd and even fewer are the ones who follow the Greater Will of the Captain who is in the Heavens. See how simple is My Mercy that at three in the afternoon My Source of wonders and graces hopes to reach those who most need Forgiveness.

I still count on the few hands that will help Me to climb the mountain and to elevate an immense number of souls separated from God. In little time there will be much to be done. Just now everything begins for My apostles.

Redemption will be ample for the rigid hearts. Be merciful before the miseries of the neighbors, thus I will accompany you.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer.


My thirst will not be calmed until when each one of the souls has turned itself towards Me and seeks Me as the only light for the world.

I will allow that all of My Flocks learn and mature but I will not allow any of them to be lost. Before that it happens I will have returned in Glory to pour My Graces in those who have lost them by conceit or vanity.

I will open with the key of My Heart the door of My Kingdom and in My Return all of you will be able to see with wisdom that which I have prepared for all from the moment in which I departed towards the universe.

For this until the last moment will be necessary courage and braveness to face the last steps of transcendence and liberation.

Pray constantly so that My Spirit may make itself present in you and you may not waste time in searching for Me. Know that I Am eternally present in your little hearts.

Only allow Me to show Myself as your true love and your true light for the soul and for life. Trust in Me.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 


Dears, always dears:

May you never lose the steps that I mark for you on the path because in this way you will always approach yourselves to the true path of return to God.

May you today be able to lose your self-will so that you may learn to love the Divine Will.

I Am amongst you to show you the unique path that many of My ones will need to pass through without restrictions nor ideas. Free yourselves from the past and enter through the Portal of My Heart until the House of My Father. Walk day by day towards My Heart, I forgive you because I love you as true essences.

Under the Love of the Father, be loving.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


In the hour of My Mercy, all evil that exists in the world is transmuted and liberated by the power and the divine merits that My Sacred Heart once achieved on the Cross.

This evil is also rooted out at 3 o´clock p.m., throughout the whole world, while My Ray of Pity and Mercy is radiated toward all those who pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. And, for a Special Grace, all of those souls who do not adore, do not love nor reverence God, these most hardened sinners are liberated from final condemnation in hell.

Each day at 3 o´clock p.m. My Merciful Heart has permission to liberate a soul, the most ignorant one, from purgatory and from hell, and this is made possible because a soul upon the surface of the Earth is praying the Chaplet of the Mercy to My Sacred Heart.

During the course of an hour, My Universal Consciousness, beginning at 3 o´clock p.m., descends to enlighten the world and travels quickly in Spirit and Divine Essence throughout all of spaces of the planet.

Those who pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, given to Sister Faustina Kowalska, also receive the Grace of the liberation of inner and spiritual processes. Furthermore, those souls who trust in each word prayed with the heart will also be sought by Me in the hour of the sublime elevation of the true consciousness.

For all of My companions who dedicate a space to My Blessed and Priestly Heart during the 3 o'clock hour, My Consciousness will travel the world to assist the souls that are most in need, giving life to the one who is about to die, reviving the soul that still needs to remain within this world.

My Power of Love solves the lack of unity in the family that needs it, the power of My Faith gives divine life to the family that may have lost love. All is possible because My Soldiers call upon me each day at 3 o'clock.

My promise of Mercy is still in force because soon the world, by its own account, will be touched by Divine Justice, and those who have waited for Me will receive a special Grace. For the souls who have sought Me, I will be Their Savior, I will not be the Judge.

Live My Mercy and redeem your hearts. My Most Beloved Heart waits for you.

Under the Divine Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words into your hearts!

Christ Jesus, the Savior of Essences. 


The one who falls and comes towards My Heart and confesses to it, I will one day liberate it because My Father is pleased when a soul has learned from the same lesson, no matter how many times it has fallen.

Like this is the mercy of My Lord and of His Firstborn Son who is in Heavens and who will come to liberate from hell the many who have suffered in the ignorance of the heart.

For this, those who walk everyday towards Me and in My full trust will find the supreme comfort that I promise for all those who in faith may persist on the path of consecration.

It will be due to each soul of God to learn a part of the great project that was designed in the origins of the origins and that at the end of this cycle humanity, through prayer, service and love must revert to.

May no one be tired of walking because the journey towards the infinite is continuous. Your beings must continue being purified by My Redeemer Fire when you only allow Me to do so and in this way you will find the path of return to the dwellings of My Father in the universe.

Accept that you already live in another time and that this time is radiated day by day by My Light to the places where there is pain and suffering. Walk towards Me and may your feet not get tired of walking for other brothers and sisters so that My Savior Project may be accomplished.

Leave behind your feelings, donate yourselves completely to the outflowing of My Spirit because in this way all will be accomplished. Cultivate a heart of humility and of peace-making so that nothing may disturb you and you may feel in your hearts the need of surrendering yourselves to the others more each day, as My Universal Consciousness has surrendered to each one of you.

I thank you for witnessing My Spirit of Love in this holy day. May the absolution of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit liberate you from all evil and may you achieve eternal life.

I Am with your hearts always.

Under the Mercy of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


My dears:

My Light comes to the world and primarily to the souls to liberate them from the path of sin and of the loss of faith in the heart. For this all of the days I wait for the soldiers of My Mercy so that they may live My Message and transmit it as a sublime balm of life for all of the hearts.

Dear companions, you still must sustain for some time more the flag of sacrifice and of peace, of faith and of love. Live the Gospel in the days that will come because in My Parables you will find the path to transcendence of material life, the impetus of the inner spirit. I take all in My Merciful Heart, I absolve you from past and I open to you, in My Return, the door towards the Kingdom of My Lord.

Dears, unite your lives with My Life, unite your feelings with My Divine Redeeming Feeling, unite your souls with My Soul, unite your hearts with My Sacred Heart. There will be no emptiness or desolation that awakens in you despair or distress because in My Merciful Source you will be able to heal all the wounds.

I hope that you understand My New Precept of Love which is the compassion and the peace that I give to all. Encourage yourselves to follow through the path of the cross, carry it with all that I have entrusted to you, trust that all will transform you and liberate you from past so that the healing of My Spirit may heal your hearts.

I Am the Path that reveals itself to you all of the days through each neighbor. I Am the Kind Heart that will relieve you when you only tell me: yes. I deeply want your souls because I know them since before your birth. I come from the Source of Love, to this Eternal Source I want to take you. Accept My arms to live in the patience of My Law.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 



For you I gave My Life and today I come to the world again to give My Spirit for all of you. Thus I want that you know My unfathomable, strong and powerful Love, a love that redeems you and forgives you, purifies you and liberates you all of the days. Come today to the Source of My Unfathomable Love because thus you will recognize that My Light also illuminates the great abysses of the world.

I come to pour over your hearts this unfathomable and majestic love, a love that I poured on the path towards the Cross, a redeeming love that I radiated to those that deserved it and did not deserve it. In the same way that the love of My Heart opens the doors of the deepest abysses, in this way I can also see the strength and the intensity of your love for Me.

Dears, I come to you to strengthen you and to encourage you to walk in the power of the faith of the heart. Love and faith will sustain you above all things and at the right time you will know how to act. For this leave your beings in the Source, in the Fountain of this Love because abandoning yourselves entirely to My Heart will erase from your memories the times that you have not felt beloved.

My Love converts you little by little, it molds you like a new wineskin so that the instruments may be at service of My Creator Father. Companions, may the love be your important mission because in love you will heal yourselves and for love you will redeem many causes that still are not solved in your hearts.

But when you trust in the power of My Love you will be able to take the step that you so much wait for, the definite step for consecration of the spirit and of the inner world. Be part of this Love of God, be a reflection and flashes of this inexhaustible Source of Graces. Be peaceful to be able to get close to this Infinite Love.

Under the Divine Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for feeling My words of love and comfort in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Fear no longer, I come to the world to awaken in you My Eternal Grace. I come to the world again to close the doors of evil but firstly I come to your hearts so that they may be liberated from any distress, pain or fatigue.

My Redeeming Love transfigures you, then it consecrates you and later it elevates you, forgives you and redeems you.

My dear followers:

While you glimpse the sublime power of My ocean of Mercy, many souls which I have thirst for lose themselves in the desires and the gratifications of the world. The true promise for your lives is the redemption and the sanctification of your souls, hearts and essences.

However, there is no other way but to pass ardently through My transmuting Fire, a divine fire which purifies you and liberates you, turns you more sublime as consciousnesses that work on Earth for the beloved Plans of God.

Today for the first time My Voice extends itself and diffuses itself through three of My Children so that you may feel with the heart how are the merciful power and the love of My Father. Opening one more time the doors of Heavens My Heart today gives you, as I have said, to the arms of the Creator.

Cheer up My Companions, to follow the course and the path that leave My Footprints for the return. See for this time the special Grace that waits for you because in every circumstance I love you, I know you well and I understand the inner world of all.

Allow that the Love of My Heart, the one which manifests itself in some of My Children, may heal and strengthen you, encouraging you to go forward without any fear. Remember that your sacred tabernacle of adoration is the power of My Most Sacred Heart, a Heart that relieves you, Light that leads you and renovates you all of the days.

Under the Grace of God, be merciful.

Thank you for receiving me today in your spirits!

Christ Jesus, your Redeemer.


I come all of the days to this world to free you from sin and from perdition, to take you through the path of faith. I come to the world all of the days to give you My absolute and immense Peace that must be lived as the only hope that will strengthen you and save you.

Dears, with eyes of kindness and mercy I come on this day to announce to you My Path, My Truth and My Life, that which you must seek above all, leaving behind your mistakes and tests.

My Heart comes to redeem the hearts and souls, lives and experiences of the many who passed through this school of love and forgiveness. I come to the world not as a judge, but as the King of your hearts who hopes to find you happy, including in the mistakes, loving as well the equivocation and walking even in the paths that will look uncertain to you.

I Am the Light for the world, I Am the Divine Spirit who lightens your deepest spaces to redeem you and consecrate you all of the days. I know the talent of each one of My Children; I know what each one can give me despite the indifferences that life presents to us.

I want to form in you the renovated and loving hearts that simply may learn to live in My Mercy. I Am with you all of the days because your souls need to feed the essences with the Light of My Redeeming Love. When you start to live in My Redeeming Love your souls will quench the thirst that they have of being longer in My Peace, in My Savior Love.

As Shepherd I guide your steps, including those that you still have not been able to transcend for some reason. I want to see you smiling at life to relief the suffering in the world. I want to see you awaken to the Spirit, to wake up in this way many sleeping souls. I want to see you loving so that in this way you may recognize My Apostolate.

Under the One and Only Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


I will come from the Heavens to heal your hearts and finally remove from your essences any particle of evil.

Because the place where I come from is Bethlehem. Bethlehem was and will be the radiant star that will illuminate your lives just as My birth in the manger ignited with much love My Little Heart.

Dears, come to Me, lay your hands on My shoulders, lie down your heads on My chest because My Redeeming Love will free you and take you to meet the Father in all the things of life. I want you to talk to me, to tell me and say to me what you need because if you trust in Me you will know soon how to act in life, in all the days.

Children, I want you to await for My coming because first I prepare the hearts to receive Me and My Light removes deep consequences, withdraws and purifies them. Know that I Am who sustains your lives above all things because I know you very well since before you knew Me.

I wait for you every day. The Shepherd loves his sheep and the sheep must love the Great Shepherd of Love. I know that many are tired from what you experience internally but remember that I Am the Victorious Light that comes from the Celestial Father to enlighten your paths, your essences and your hearts. I just want that, in each moment of your day, you have me present, that you call me, that you cry out for Me, that you want to have Me as close as possible so that My Love may repair and forgive you.

I do not know worse evil than the lack of love to one another. This is the first lesson of My Return, My First Commandment, which today I renew for you as a premise for life. If you still do not know how to love, I will teach you but you must abandon yourselves to Me entirely so that I may move away from your hearts every inner situation.

My dears, believe in the next coming of My Kingdom. Those who will be participants of the encounter with Me must have the heart clean and purified so that My Eternity may enter into your dwelling places.  I am illuminating with My Light your paths; in each test, see the transformation of your little hearts.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living My commandments.

Christ Jesus.


Partners of My Path:

I know that sometimes you fall to My right and to My left, for this  today in the name of the unfathomable and infinite mercy,  I come to your meeting because My Heart, wounded by the thorns of humanity, searches for relief in the dwellings which are still not pure, because My Divine Love comes to consecrate them, searches for relief in the empty dwellings, because My Love comes to take loneliness away, searches to relieve in the dwellings that are in pain, because My Love comes to fill each soul with healing.

Come towards Me and trust! I know very well your difficulties and your talents, those which you have to give Me. Open the door so that My Sacred Mercy may free your past and your heart. Let Me find a space for Myself inside of your being.

What else more do you want, My Son and Daughter;  only that I may stay close to your inner life?

I know which desert your are now walking in and for where you are going.  Unite yourself to My caravan which is going towards the destiny of redemption.  Trust in the great Pilgrim who walks around the world looking for where to land and rest.  The great moment for the awaited encounter with Me is close and all the servants must be prepared from the heart.

Stay in Me so that I can stay in you. Just wait in patience and in vigilance for the great encounter.  I Am with you to encourage you to live in My Meriful Hope.  I know that you have fear to look at Me and even to find Me before your little life;  now wait, only wait for Me because I Am arriving to each being.

Quiet yourself and be serene in My Heart, I want to birth you into the eternal life, to the encounter with My Redeemer Love.  I forgive your falls, but I contemplate your love for Me; today I stay inside of you in prayer.

In the Grace of God, be blessed each one of you with the others.

Thank you for guarding My signs in your hearts!

Christ Jesus.

At the end of the message of Christ, I see arise again from the Heart of Christ a blue source of light that He pours upon us, it was the Source of His Grace and He transmits to us the following prayer:


Prayer to ask for the Grace of the Merciful Jesus

 For the Source of Grace,
that springs as a fount
from the Heart of Jesus,
Lord, have mercy on all of us.


To download this prayer, click here


My Eternal Peace liberates and forgives souls from all their faults.

Dear children,

Pouring today the Grace of forgiveness, I ask you: pray with the heart! And pray with all the love that God has placed in each one of you throughout your lives.

My children, live in the Source of Grace that God has granted Me so that, out of love and for your redemption, I may pour it over all of humanity.

Therefore, dear children, pray with constancy and faith so that the Guardian Angels of the Lord may guide you through the new path towards fraternity.

Today I invite you to convert your lives into a pure rose. Do not fear, I am with you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


As the Mother of the Eternal Graces I want, at the end of these times, to convert your hearts into hearts renewed by the Glorious Love of God, because My Immaculate Heart promises this.

Dear children, much suffering invades the purity of the hearts. To be able to restore them, today I ask you to pray, to pray with the love of your hearts so that God, the Creator may be able to listen to you as humanity. If souls do not pray for the souls most in need, the Inexhaustible Graces of My Heart will not be able to be poured over those children that urgently need them.

For this reason, My children, we are in the time of the purification of feelings and thoughts that do not correspond to the One and Only Law of Universal Love. As the accumulation of feelings increases in the entire world, I ask you to pray with the heart because in this way I will be able to place all creatures under the repairing and redeeming fount of the Divine Mercy of My Son.

The Rays of Pity and Mercy of Jesus are still among you and over all of humanity. But many forget how important these Graces are and the enemy succeeds in distancing them from the source of these Graces.

This is why, as the Guardian of the Hearts, today I invite you to revere the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In His hands of Light He holds the sword of Redemption, which will be able to cut off and liberate all evils.

You, dear children, will be able to be the servers and the instruments of God that may consciously intervene in prayer and with love for all souls.

Remember that fasting, as an offer, helps in the descent of a Special Grace for the souls in Purgatory.

Reality and Truth are approaching the life of all My children; the Law of the Love of God is available to those who, as Jesus, may want to learn to love like Christ loved on the cross.

Ignite My Hope in your hearts, for the salvation of all.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Will you carry the banner of Peace with Me?

Will you help Me spread My Message in the world?

Dear children, you, through the prayer of the heart, may be My messengers, those who only communicate to all what My words dictate day by day to your hearts. Many are My Marian soldiers of prayer, the armies of the Father on Earth. But to follow in this service to the Creator of the Whole, you, in the groups of prayer, must always renew yourselves in the exercise of the prayer of the heart.

Today I invite you to live in the instruction of the One and Omnipotent Lord who is in the Heavens; may He be for you the wise and kind fatherhood that many children search for in the spirit.

My Immaculate Heart wants to bring you to know and feel the greatness that exists for being in the Lord and how all of you may be invaded by His prodigies and mercies. But before this My children, each of you must repaired in the Lord so that the heart lives the forgiveness that is promised by My Son Jesus.

Know dear children, that Christ, the Redeemer of the World, is attentive to the voice of all supplications. They must be true before the eyes of My Son because in this way He will indicate to you how proceed on.

And thus you may proceed in God because your souls must remain, through prayer, in the infinite ocean of Mercy, so that your mistakes and pains are freed little by little.

You, dear children, represent precious gem for the heavens, which polished and transformed by prayer, must be near the hands of God, so that He places you as light in the Universe. Many of my children are precious gems that still are not polished and that lose the intensity of their own inner sparkle.

For this, dear children, prayer for all the children will collaborate so that all souls are also repaired by My maternal hands and by the rays that spring constantly from Jesus.

Thank you for answering My call.

In divine prayer for all.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


My Heart of Light can convert the hearts out of love.

The biggest pain of humanity is guilt in the heart. It is like a stuck arrow that does not allow for liberation and forgiveness. For this I call you to alleviate the guilt of the world, a guilt that separates the hearts from God and that generates suffering.

But the time has come for the world to revert everything through the presence of peace. Guilt causes lack of peace in the hearts of My children. For this reason, dear children, each guilt that you feel in your hearts must be healed through a sincere act of love and reconciliation.

Each one of the Gifts of God, such as His Spirit and His Mercy, can be the Primary Source that may help you, as humanity, to liberate yourselves from guilt and from pain.

Dear children, humanity is at the doors of redemption, as are each one of My children. This is why the permanent strength of the prayer of the heart will allow you to persist.

The Heart of My Son is offended daily, but when some of My children fall into guilt or pain, My Immaculate Heart helps this heart that must, as a soul, start again.

My children, each one of your hearts must be redeemed through Mercy. For this reason, accept that you are still on the path of the rehabilitation of the spirit and of the heart, because if you did so, you would be able to travel in life through the pathways of My Peace.

The world lacks much peace, but even more it lacks serenity in the hearts of each one of My children, who will be able to find it in daily prayer. May you be conducted by My Maternal Grace of Redemption. No longer offend, and live in the Heart of My Son. My Maternal Spirit forgives you and loves you.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Redemption for the heart of each one of My children!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children,

May your hearts sing and praise the Redeemer today because He has resurrected in each one of your lives. Live the joy of the Glory of God and quench the thirst of all souls with the prayer of the heart.

Dear children, open your arms to receive My Immaculate Peace and propagate the spirit of collaboration among hearts. In this way, My children, your hearts will live the charity of My Son. May today be a gathering of prayer, love and joy because My Son comes to each one of you so that you may live Him and love Him in fraternity.

My dear ones, may the fount of gratitude spring from you today because God sent Our Hearts so that the world may be on the path of salvation.

Dear children, liberate your hearts from all sadness and live in peace this reencounter with the Infinite Heart of Jesus. Open the doors of your dwellings and receive the Shepherd so that your little hearts may be redeemed. Then you will truly be able to be in My Son and you will not forget that He waits for you daily so that you may adore Him and contemplate Him with the heart.

My children, your lives are today communing with one Great Heart of Love that must repose in each one of you. This great Heart of Love is called Jesus, My Almighty Son who brings you Peace and Love.

The source of prayer that your hearts generate day by day will relieve the pain of the world because Our Hearts will be able to intercede for all of humanity before the Most Beloved Father.

Live the joy of the resurrection and celebrate because My Son wants to be in your lives!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Eternal Light for the world,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Trust in My Maternal Love and you shall be saved. Com- mune with My divine presence so that your hearts may be liberated of all pain and may be reborn as little lights for the Lord.

Dear children, the Lord needs to avail Himself of you every day in this life and during all the time that passes by. Therefore, My little hearts, hold tightly to My Mantle of Light so that under My humble feet you may see the path that I will indicate to the throne of the Lord.

Let us pray for peace in the world and especially let us pray for all those hearts that live day after day suffocated by suffering and that are lost in the confusion of the heart. To alleviate all these ills, My little ones, I am in perpetual need of your prayers. Thus, My dear ones, many hearts that in this final time are lost may be rescued from the twilight of life and of the world, and thus be saved.

The Lord, who is worthy, wondrous and merciful wants, through My Maternal Presence, to safeguard all the hearts that, without perceiving it are distanced from His Heart of Love. Now, My soldiers, the time has come to give everything out of love to the Supreme Father. This will help in the liber- ation of the great faults that many people commit unjustly against the Heart of God.

To you, My little ones, who as servants of prayer respond to My call of Peace, I say: I, the Queen of Peace, count on the beating of your hearts that, full of prayer and of Mercy, will assist in the harmonization of many blind hearts.

My Divine Light, light that monthly I am bringing to your hearts, is the same that must be radiated to your brothers and sisters, those who wait to rest in My maternal arms. For this reason, My dear children, each day of service that passes is the equivalent of years to rescue the hearts that are absent from the Most Beloved Lord of the Heavens.

My little ones, we are in times of Special and Unique Graces that, by means of My Immaculate Heart, are being conceded to the hearts that would not deserve them. And as My Love is great and immense for each one of you, you will be able to understand that My Divine Heart of Mother and Servant is working in honor of all My children in need of My Love.

I am preparing your hearts daily for the times that will come. I will listen to you and will meet you in the inner exercise of prayer, because, I assure you and I confirm to you that My Immaculate Heart will be inside your little hearts.

It is time, My beloved ones, that the Love that springs from My Divine Heart be an expression of life, for each one of your souls.

May the Lord at each moment bless all of you, My children. Who adores you and shelters you,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more