My Crown of Twelve Stars is crowned by the essence of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

My Mantle is covered by all the leaves of the plants of the world, but My Heart is the Divine Rose that represents the synthesis of the Creation of God on this planet.

My Blue Belt is the vine of life, the one that seeks to grow, to spread, and always rise to the highest to praise God.

My Tunic is embroidered by the matrix of themost simple flowers of the world, those that express a permanent devotion to the Creator. And I am surrounded by the Rays that each Kingdom expresses on this planet, to donate itself to God.

I am the Mother of Nature and I am integrated by each Aspect of God once manifested in the beginning of this Creation.

My Immaculate Heart keeps the matrix of the Kingdoms of Nature. My Cells keep the memory and the origin of each created Kingdom.

I Am a part of Life, of the Infinite, and of the regeneration for this planet. The one who from theheart, is with the Kingdoms of Nature, will always be with Me to be able to realize the Will of God on this planet.

The Kingdoms of Nature simply need to feel themselves loved by the human being of the surface, so that they too may be healed.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



The Powerful Celestial Church of Christ

Dear children:

The Celestial Church of Christ, that many angels venerate, manifests itself in the seventh heaven of the spiritual Universe. It is a space that gathers the gifts and the true dogmas of faith through the experience of the spiritual sacraments.

In the Celestial Church of Christ states of profound ceremony, religiosity and priesthood among the souls already sanctified and Christ are lived. It is a principle already established as a law of permanent communion with the sublime Divinity of Jesus Christ.

In the Celestial Church of Christ the three main aspects of Christ are venerated.

The first aspect venerated is the Sacred Heart of Jesus that is the main live symbol of the Love of God expressed to all the Creation.

The second aspect venerated is the Soul of Christ that is the supreme manifestation that allows the union among the creatures and God.

The third aspect venerated is the Divinity of Christ that is the state that reached the total realization of the redemptive work of humanity.

In the Celestial Church of Christ the angelical consciousness participates and promotes for the blessed souls the constant plenitude to remain in Christ eternally.

This spiritual and divine church was the same that Jesus tried to institute in the Last Supper. He wanted humanity to be a mirror of consciousness that could attract from the Universe the values of the soul plane and the spiritual plane.

The science of this Celestial Church is based on true love that is part of the divine experience of all the blessed ones.


Dear children,

An attempt is being made to decimate the Christic principle of the Sacred Family through the wars in the Middle East. It is because of this that Your Lord Jesus has decided to send some of you in mission so that on behalf of all, they said “yes” to the Universe for the recovery of dignity and faith of the families of the Middle East.

While the humanitarian mission goes on according to the celestial principles, Your Heavenly Mother is already working on the recovery of the essences of the smallest ones, thus it is established again in each child of Mine the meaning of living and of belonging to the redeeming project of this humanity.

Dear children, all of your daily prayers, those that support this humanitarian mission, as well the mission in Chaco, will allow that the celestial doors be correctly open so that the missionaries, under the divine circle of My protection, may cross each one of them and thus pour the Grace that the world is lacking.

Dear children, the Father observes the dedication of each one of the missionaries, therefore Your Holy Mother is guiding the steps of Her missionary children so that they do not lose sight of the places where there will always be the greatest need. It is thus, dear children, that the whole celestial universe accompanies this moment in both missions because the servers must learn with this entire experience how much the souls have moved away from God through suffering, indignation or deep poverty of the original peoples.

Argentina may be destined as a future consecrated nation to My Immaculate Heart by means of the humanitarian missions, this would change the destiny of millions of souls. It is as in the case of Turkey, which, by opening the doors to the refugees, has become a rescuable nation at these times.

Peace is the premise for these times, therefore the time has come for all of the missionaries to radiate this eternal principle of peace to the world.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you in the Love of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees


Dear children:

At least on this day of Grace that gathers you I ask you, in the name of humanity, that you feel free of your own selves so that neither preoccupation nor desperation may encircle your lives.

From Heaven and from the entire Universe I bring you, as Mother of all the souls, the great opportunity of achieving the conversion of the heart so that you may live the healing that I give you, the sacred healing of Christ, My Son.

As Mother of the Holy Rosary I thank you for your spontaneous donation because all of your effort in concretizing My divine plans here in Santa Fe has generated infinite opportunities of redemption and of rehabilitation for the souls.

With joy and with the praying power of the heart, just as you are, I ask that you sustain in your hands the banner of liberation and of peace which is lovingly offered to the world through the sacred presence of My Immaculate Heart.

My children, as the Mother and Lady of all those who pray, I invite you to renew yourselves in the path of construction of a strong Network of Light, of Prayer, of Healing, of Service, and of Instruction because in this way the souls that are more distant from the Will of the Father shall be able to awaken to My final call.

For you and for the sacred humanity today I Am here and between My hands I bring the blessed Graces that your hearts need.  For this, with eyes of Piety and of consolation I look at you, and I hope that for the times of crisis your lives may be perfect bridges of union with the laws of Heaven.

My Sacred Loving Heart brings you the possibility of re-encountering the path of faith and of hope that many have lost.

I come to Rosario to remind you that this city has committed with the Universe to be a true mirror of prayer and of peace for this part of Argentina; on the contrary, if the souls do not pray, not fast, not love and neither forgive; social and regional situations that are more complex could occur, and that which before would have seemed to be tranquil will turn into something disturbing for the families.

Through this donated group I come to request from the Church of God, to the Holy Mother Church, that it renews its principles of charity and of evangelization; this will help in reversing many things.


Dearest children of Cordoba and of the whole world:

In the name of the Love of Christ, Your Lord, I gather you to renew you by means of the Source of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

My Immaculate Heart attracts to your lives the gift of Piety, the gift of Strength and the gift of Science; these three gifts will be the ones that will renovate the life of the consciousnesses that participate in the Plan of God and in consequence, many hearts will see themselves benefited when My servants live and work through these three gifts.

As Queen and Mother of the Holy Spirit I call you on this day to reinforce the efforts in the mission of the prayer of the heart.  My Divine Spirit will guide the steps of the souls who are willing to be active representatives of the Spirit of God on Earth because, in this time, only through the strength and the wise power of the Holy Spirit will be resolved many confusing situations.

Now the Holy Spirit embraces you and welcomes you in the Essence of the Love of God, so that in this era your walk in the Plan of God is totally defined and confirmed.

New soldiers must arise from the planetary chaos, for this My Holy Marian Spirit will accompany the servers that lovingly diffuse the Science and the Life of the Holy Spirit.

My Heart invites you to think and interiorize in the heart the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit wishes profoundly to be a part of your lives and to transform that which still has not been transformed; for this your determination will be necessary, so that He may work.

Beloved children of Cordoba, in this way My Immaculate Heart returns to your dwelling places to light the Fire of the Holy Spirit.  Only in the Holy Spirit of God may you find the inner strength and the determination to proceed accomplishing the Plan of the Father.

Cordoba and the North of Argentina have the mission of representing the Holy Spirit through His gifts and of being groups of pioneering souls of the divine gifts.

Through the daily prayer to the Holy Spirit and the invocation of the Supreme Consciousness of the Spirit of God, new and renovated sources will arise for the conversion and the redemption of the hearts of your nation.

The Celestial Universe of the Holy Spirit waits for you, so that the gifts that Argentina needs to live and to profess from the heart may descend and be materialized through your lives.


Today My mantle extends itself over the world, sheltering all the helpless of spirit and of heart.  The ray of Brotherhood that is born in My chest is radiated to those who are lacking love, and matures in the heart of those who walk the flame of fraternity and of unity with the beings among themselves, with the kingdoms of nature and with God.

My children, as Queen of the Brotherhood I bring you the Peace of My Kingdom and I deposit in your hearts the brotherhood that the world lacks so much.

A heart that lives in Brotherhood is that which knows how to recognize the need in the situations of life and overcomes them with its actions and with its most pure intention.

A heart that beats in the rhythm of universal Brotherhood is that one which overcomes tiredness and discovers the love of sacrifice, when it is before the need of its fellow human being.

Brotherhood is born in the discovery of the Divine in each being.  Brotherhood clears the eyes that cannot see the presence of My Son in each heart.

Brotherhood grows and matures in the beings that aspire to love their fellow human beings above all things and that discovers in the service to the brothers and sisters the nourishment of its soul.

In Brotherhood is the key to enter into a superior life.  It is by seeking to love one’s fellow human being and to serve them that you will find the door that will bring you to the Kingdom of the Brotherhood.  It is by starting to be fraternal and a partner in this world, that one day you will achieve the merits to know the superior and universal Brotherhood.

My children, today I bring to you the Kingdom of the Brotherhood so that there may be manifested in your hearts the permanent and inextinguishable aspiration to serve one’s fellow human being and to love them, constructing a new life in the world and attracting to the beings the brotherhood that is lived in the Universe of God.

I deposit in your hearts a new seed that must be cultivated by your souls through the permanent search and the perseverance in living brotherhood and fraternity among the beings.  This will be reached when you recognize the perfect Plan of God for each sister soul, when you recognize the crystalline essence that shines in the center of each being and that was created by divine hands to manifest in the universe a principle of love and of unity.


Children of Mine,

For My Immaculate Heart there are no obstacles that separate Me from My children. There are no barriers that are strong enough to prevent Me from approaching to your hearts.  The only thing that I ask you is for you to call Me. 

If there are still doubts in your hearts regarding My presence, ask with love for Me to dissipate them because then I will do that.  If for some reason you feel something in your hearts that separates you from Me, only hand Me this difficulty, because great is the Power of the Creator that heals and redeems all, that restores and reconciles all with His Most Sacred Heart.

Beloved children, in this time I place at the disposal of your souls the greatest celestial Graces and the only thing that I ask you is to be willing to face the barriers that the mind itself places before the heart because, in spite of not having anything external that prevents Me from approaching to your little hearts, only you can give Me the permission to act in your lives.  And even if it is a little yes, little by little you will surrender your beings to Me and you will see how I can take care of them and protect them under any circumstance.  You will see how within My mantle all true needs will be contemplated.

My children, a celestial life waits for you even while you are on Earth.  However, for this life to arrive to the world it is necessary to not detain the steps and to not ever think that you have already reached the goal because there is still a lot to be unveiled, there is a lot to be lived by the human heart and it is necessary to have hearts that are willing to take one step more on the path of consecration and of surrender to God.

Today I contemplate the need of the world and I see many of My children waiting to wake up, many that are ready to open the eyes and the heart, but that wait for the coming of those who may be able to show them the path.

My children, never detain yourselves.  Surrender to Me every day your little lives and allow yourselves to dive even more profoundly into your own inner world because there are those who wait for this one more step from those who are already on the path so that they may be able to get out from the darkness in which they live.


Feel the sweet Voice of My Heart in your interior and embrace firmly the networks of salvation that I give to you.  Leave behind all that makes your heart suffer and see coming now in the beautiful horizon My Celestial Light.  Give Me all that you are and permit that My hands of compassion and of love caress your face, wash your hands, and prepare you to receive in the night the Great Lord of the Universe, Jesus Christ Your King.

I come all of the days to give you to know the Divine Mysteries of Heaven.  I come to your encounter with the Sacred Hope that you may walk lovingly at My side.  Always I Have Been Your Celestial Mother, I Am the Flower that opens itself to the rays of the sun and expresses the beauty of Creation.

Find Me in the love of your prayer.  Seek for Me in the manifestation of nature.  I Am the steadfast tree that sustains the good fruits, those that in the coming time will be harvested by the Shepherd of souls.

I want that you trust in that which I ask you, I need you to be reborn through the Fire of My Devotion.  I wish to see over the world pillars of prayer and banners of Peace and of Fraternity.  The Father has waited for His children since the beginning.

Today My Faith is poured as a fountain in the hearts that open themselves to feel My maternal words.  I want, on this day that you may give your YES to the Celestial Father, because the Lord waits from you the best and the good.

Remain between My arms, as one time Jesus did.  Let that which I have foreseen to be accomplished in you.  I hope that you may know the light that comes from Heaven and the latent love of My Heart.  Give yourself to My Heart and you will know that which you still have not known, you will recognize the Love of God in your heart.

While many souls despair for lack of comfort and of peace, I come to awaken the soldiers who fell asleep in the sleep of this world.


My dears,

I come again to the world in order to remind you of the importance of living in the faith of the heart.  Who professes their faith for these difficult and definitive times will be able to look to the supreme help of God the Father. 

Dear children, today I come to Santa Fe in order to institute My Kingship of Faith and of Peace in all of the souls, those that need mercy and forgiveness in this cycle.  My Beloved Son has sent Me with the hope that I, Your Sacred Mother of Heaven, may lead you to rehabilitate yourselves in the Spirit of the Faith of God.

Dear children, do you, in truth, know the power of the Faith of God?  Today I will lovingly tell you:  those souls that confirm their lives in God will never lose faith because faith is the flame and the favorite gift of Your Eternal Father.

I need you to enter into the Universe of the Faith of God because the Faith of God has enabled the creation of all of the forms of life and of evolution.  The Faith of the Father has enabled the existence of Divine Love, the Faith of God has sown in all of the essences the promise of the coming of Christ.  Christ sowed the Faith of God in all of the souls that sought forgiveness and peace. 

My beloved children, great and infinite is the Faith of the Father.  The Faith is the perfect gift that will always allow you to take the steps towards transformation and towards conversion.

Today My Heart ennobles itself for the faith that all of the dear children from Santa Fe and from Argentina have lovingly expressed to Me.  As an answer to the letter that all of My children from Argentina have sent Me I say:

“Dear children, a new Argentina must be born through the Christic love that your hearts may be able to radiate and the perpetual prayer will be the path that will fulfill the promise so that My Beloved Son Jesus may be among you in some moment of His awaited return.  Prepare the path for His arrival and it will begin in the daily union of your lives with His Pious and Merciful Most Sacred Heart” .

Beloved children of Santa Fe, My Maternal and Healing Light is poured today upon you with the hope that new groups of prayer be born so that they may be mirrors of love and of mercy in all of Argentina.


My children,

I come to bless with the Spirit of God those of My children who open the heart and the soul to Me.  I come for those who do not know Me, but that still clamor inside for My presence.  I come to the world for those who are lost, because in the search to quench the thirst of the spirit they confused themselves and drank from the water of the world, instead of the Water of Life.

Today the Messengers of God return to Earth so that Their voices may echo in all the corners of the world and even the smallest and most lost of the beings may find themselves with the Divine.  At the request of the Lord this Greater Light is expanded and seeks tirelessly for all the beings.

It is time to awaken from the sleep in which you live.  It is time to open your eyes, because even the blind will be able to see, the deaf will be able to hear, even the hard of heart will be able to feel, when the Redeemer of the world approaches Himself.

Those who were not able to recognize Him in the beginning return to recognize Him in the end and those who committed themselves to Him in the beginning also return to prepare the path with flowers and fruits, with prayers and love, so that His feet may come to the world and His steps may definitively remove from the Earth the impurities and imperfections that prevent the beings from growing and evolving, as the Divine Will impels them to do.

My beloveds, permit yourselves to listen to My voice that resonates in your interior and open the hearts so that My love may enter and transform all of that which prevents you from walking to My Son.

I want to see in each being a temple of eternal prayer, sacrifice, surrender and love, because these are the keys that will bring you to overcome the limits imposed by matter and to reach the profound Peace of My Kingdom.

I see in the world crystalline essences born from the Heart of God, with the purpose of manifesting, not only for themselves, but for all of the Universe, a perfect and pure love, a unific love.  I find in each one of your beings the possibility of a superior life.  Will you be willing to see the world through My eyes?  Will you be willing to find in each brother and sister the Living Christ and to see Him return in the essence of all the beings?

Beloved children,

Again My Mercy is over all Argentine and especially upon Buenos Aires, this needy city of the world.

Dear children, today I call you to wake the consciousness in the end of this time trough prayer of the heart, because a new cycle is approaching, and your hearts must be prepared to receive it. This cycle for someone will be as the Good News that will change the state of consciousness, but for others will mean deepest changes that will bring them to define the path at this time.

For this, dear children, you, that live day by day in this city of Buenos Aires as do other souls in different cities of the world, must prayer with ardor and from the heart, so that the Grace of God and the Mercy of My Son will be diffused in the hearts most in need of love and redemption.

My children of Argentine:

Yesterday I have invited you to peregrinate to Lujan in a different way.  At this time, through true and abnegate service, because know that great colonies of souls also must be supported by prayer.  For this, it is necessary prayer groups that consecrate to my maternal spirit, that will persist and walk in the Faith of My Son. Each group must start to exercise fraternity, because in this way, in your nuclei of work and task will find My Universal Peace.

I want to form for this time soldiers that are awake, soldiers that leave behind all comforts of life and as sincere disciples, will be instruments in the hands of God for this end of times.

Through prayer, you will have the key for that will define the salvation of all humanity. For this, for 31 years in Medjugorje, My Maternal Heart has pronounced and claimed for prayer!, prayer! And prayer!. This is what you must take as a spiritual food for this time, permitting in this way that my heart redeem the paths that deviate millions of souls, paths of modernity and comfort.

I Am here, dear children, in the name of the Highest to open your eyes, aspiring as the Mother of Heaven, so that your consciousness may mature and then help humanity itself through prayer.

My children,

Somebody must do something for this work! Because every day it lights up in flames because of its own actions and this somebody are My loyal soldiers, the soldiers of My Heart.

Today I arrive at this world to open the Door of Heaven upon your lives, so that the hope and the mercy will be cultivated in greater number of souls.


Dearest children of Cordoba and to all of My beloved Argentina:

Today I come to your encounter through a special apparition of My Immaculate Face as the Queen of Peace.

For this reason dear children, may this day be for all of you glorious, blissful and joyful so that together and in union with the Celestial Jubilee of God through prayer from the heart, we may say Yes to the salvation and redemption of souls.

Dear children, God the Father has sent me to the city of Cordoba to give My great maternal blessing and for this reason My Immaculate Heart has heard the lovely voice of your prayers and of your call.

When souls say yes to the Divine Plan, the happenings that are written in the book of God change through the intervention of My Immaculate Heart and of the Sacred Heart of My Son, and this succeeds because you, as many other souls, live in the inner power of prayer.

For this dear children may your hearts continue to pray, creating new groups of prayer that may answer to My requests and thus strengthen the faith in each one of you.

As Mother of the Divine Mercy today I bless all in this path of faith and devotion that your hearts are living, honoring, and in honor of the Lady of the Immaculate Peace.

Dear children throughout the breadth and width of the world My message is arriving to all. Today also I ask you that your hearts be faithful diffusers of My message and of My call, because many souls that are distanced from God must come back to prayer and many souls that do not know the Love of God must feel the Celestial Father in the depths of their hearts.

Dear children, in order for this to succeed your faithful prayer must continue every day and thus open the heart to receive those that are in more need of God.

Dear children of Cordoba and in all the sister provinces:

Today I invite you to participate in the new life of the spirit through abnegated service to the Plan of God. For this all the groups of prayer of Argentina are called to collaborate with love in the arising of the New Christian Community of Brotherhood (in the Monastery of Brotherhood, Cordoba Mountain Range), extending thus your arms and donating through your hands. For this you are invited to be the workers of this Plan of Love.

Dear children:

With immense bliss and joy from the heart, I give My blessing and maternal peace to all My beloved children of Argentina. For this reason, My children, I gather all of you around the Divine Sacred Heart of Christ so that your souls may reaffirm their alliance with the universe of Love and of Peace.

Dear children, today is one more moment to remind you of the commitment of each one of you to the universe and to the life of prayer, needed and fundamental for this end of time of humanity.

Dear children, as Queen of Peace in Medjugorje and in the world, today I ask you to pray through the fountain that exists in your hearts.

Today once again I ask you to pray to avoid wars, persecutions and disorder in the life of humanity.

Today, dearest children, I ask you to pray to avoid suffering, pain and desperation that my Immaculate Heart perceives day by day in this world.

Today I call to prayer to alleviate My Flagellated Heart that is hurt by the grave offenses of humanity.

Dear children, today I am calling you to awake your little conscousnesses in the face of the events that are unfolding in this world.

As Mother of the Graces, today I ask you to place your hearts under the Redeeming and Merciful Rays of My Beloved Son, because it is in Christ that will be found relief, because it is in Christ that you will find light and forgiveness, because it is in My Son that you will find the reconciliation that your lives and the lives of humanity need.

For this My little ones, because you have awakened the hope and the joy of serving God, because of this you know that many of My children must live the redemption from the heart.

Dear Children, for this day of the meeting with Me in Lujan, Sanctuary of Love and of Faith, I ask you that through prayer you unify yourself with Jesus, that you call Jesus, and that you search so that His Divine Spirit of Love may be with you, may visit you, may guide you and may support you through all.

Dear Children, for one month more I say to you:

Thank you for answering My call, to all the pilgrim hearts of Argentina.

I thank you.

Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children,

With My arms extended I irradiate love for all of Argentina and in a new encounter of children and pilgrims, I give you My maternal benediction.

Dear children, in this time of Grace and Justice, I ask you to pray more with the heart, so that you may guard a space for God, so that your hearts and your lives may express themselves lovingly before the Creator, which opens the doors to your houses of God so that they may be irradiated by the Love of His Omnipotent and Compassionate Divine Spirit, of the Most Sacred Trinity.

Dear children, when I call you to prayer, I am calling as a Mother for the preparation of your hearts for the new cycle.

Dear children, for this I call you daily to be with Jesus and to search for Jesus in each moment of your lives, because Christ promises to you the redemption of the heart, the kindly rebirth of souls again consecrated to His Sacred Heart.

In the face of the tests in these times, dear children I call you to strengthen your union with God, the most that is possible in your lives, because in this way you will be under the life of the Spirit of Love of My Son.

Dear children, in order for you to grow before the Will and the plans of God, you must believe in the power of prayer for this definitive time, because it will help you during the different situations in your life.

Dear children, one more time, My Immaculate Heart comes to Argentina and this is to encounter consecrated hearts to the hope of the Redeemer, in order to encounter humble and merciful hearts.

Pray, My little children, pray.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

With joy I send My blessings to all My children of Argentina who with much kindness, will await My maternal arrival to this nation on August 18 of 2012. It is a Marian date that celebrates the anniversary of My merciful descent in Aurora in the morning of August 18 of 2011.

Dear children, with your hearts in celebration today I invite you to prepare your homes to welcome the Merciful Heart of My Son. I know that many of you are tired of so much walking; today I place you under My restoring mantle so that your souls always say yes to the Will of God.

For this I invite you to remember the importance of working with love, with the love of Jesus, because in this way you will see your arms extended to give and donate charity without borders or time.

Dear children for this reason and contemplating the ignorance in the world, I invite you to the prayer for all humanity. Each day, as a Merciful Mother, I want to embrace more and more children.

As a Mother I know well your trials and lessons but today I invite you to persist in the Infinite Love of God.

My children, it is in the Fountain of this transforming love that I daily invite you to stay and for this today I also call you to prepare My coming with joy and pleasure for August 8 of 2012.

Remember that we celebrate the Graces that God has allowed Me to pour on all My children and all the Graces of love and forgiveness that I will be able to irradiate as rays of light to many more children.

You are in My arms, today I only ask that you do not leave them because I want to deliver you to Jesus, the redeemer.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My dear children:

Commemorating with joy together with you the apparitions in Medjugorge, today I invite you to be and to remain in God the Creator, through the Sacred Heart of My Son.

Dear children:  for this special reason of My presence in the world for all of this time, I also want to call you to reflect about a request that I want to make for all My children, that fervently in devotion answer to My call.

Today I want to invite you to collaborate consciously with My Marian Work in the world and especially in all this work that My Immaculate Heart is realizing here in Brazil, in Uruguay and in Argentina, it has been some time .  With this I want to ask you to place My words in your hearts, because today My little children, I invite you to be part of the Divine Providence.

Know well, My little ones, that God the Creator fulfills His plan for all the creatures of the world and one of His greatest and loving providences has been to send His Faithful Servant, to dialogue with all of you, from month to month.

For this dear children, so that My call and My Maternal Voice can light up more hearts that are in darkness, I need for each one of you to have a sincere and humble collaboration, so that My plans can continue in the different nations.

This time God the Father is giving permission so that each one of My children may awaken their consciousness towards fraternity and towards spontaneous donation, united to the infinite work of My Heart.

After thirty-one years of My presence with you in the world through the Apparitions in Medjugorje, today dear children, I invite you to celebrate with Me the Grace that God has poured over humanity through My announcements and messages during these years.

For this reason dear children, may today be a special meeting between your hearts and the Sacred Heart of Jesus because He is attentive to the praying voice of all My children, even more of those who aspire to walk the path of forgiveness and conversion.

Today, from this side of the world, especially in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, My Immaculate Heart gathers the sister souls to prepare them for the new time and the most important for Our Lord is that they live in fraternity.

Dear children My Immaculate Heart has been in your lives for five years, following you, in the same way My Maternal Love follows My children of Europe through the devotion in Medjugorje.

With this I want to call you to the reflection of the heart so that your consciousnesses may truly awaken that which My Voice is announcing daily in the messages.

It is the first time, in My Apparitions in the world that God has allowed a total Grace of talking to all of you daily.
My Maternal Heart hopes that all this instruction I give you today is kept deep in your hearts so that in prayer you receive with joy the coming of My Son, the Redeemer. And it is for His Merciful Love that all of you can be safeguarded and thus carry the lit Light of Christ in your hearts.

Dear and beloved children, I leave each of you this maternal reflection for the end of this cycle that is ending and which brings the Good News of the Kingdom of God for those who have never believed the Creator.

May the celestial light of My Heart illuminate you eternally.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children,

With immense delight I prepare My coming to each one of your little hearts for the month of May in Portugal, as for the month of June in Argentina.

Because of this today I invite you to follow Me in the plans of Peace and Reconciliation that God has for each creature.

As an Immaculate Heart, dear children, I daily bring you closer to My Son because in Him you will strengthen the gift of love.

My children, for these days of meeting in Portugal, as in Argentina, I invite you as groups of prayer to penetrate the Skies with supplications. This will help, My children, so that these nations receive the Grace of forgiveness that My children need.

I also want to ask you that in each meeting of the prayer groups you call with your prayers and with your hearts for the presence of the Angel of Peace. In this way little children, your lives will be prepared to welcome Me during the months of May and June and together we may renew Divine Mercy in each beloved child.

Dear children, live today the presence of My Universal Peace through the union of each soul with the Angel of Peace, then your hearts will prepare My arrival with immense joy.

Know My children that My Heart comes to you a second time in Portugal and in Argentina, so that humanity renews the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.I want for these months that you to live in My Peace as a preparation for the times that will come.

Walk in the life of prayer – My Heart is with you and with the entire world. I embrace you with My Maternal Light and I place you under My Mantle.

In the months that will come may your hearts live in one group heart of charity and service for the souls who are also My children and who are scattered over the world.

I await you all in prayer, for the mission of the God’s Peace in all My children of this humanity.

Rejoice your lives, so you may welcome Me.

I love you from the Infinite Heart.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


After quite a while, I once again draw close to the south of Uruguay, after the Uruguayan people chose the new school, that it must go through.

As from now, this country will have a chance to be able to reverse the state of consciousness in which it spiritually placed itself and will have the opportunity to close a great many uncertain doors that it opened throughout the last fourteen years.

In this way, the Uruguayan people will achieve the freedom that it so believed it had for its life decisions. For this reason, the Universe will grant the Grace that many Uruguayans can again find a path of return to the house of the Celestial Father.

In the new coming cycle, Uruguay will experience the test of disagreements and opposition, because in order to reverse the spiritual situation it has entered, only a new cycle could generate a sufficiently large enough change, for the opposite of what this country has experienced in the last years to occur.

For this, the Hierarchy will intervene in the consciousness of Uruguay so that, together with Argentina, it may maintain the possibility of resuming upon the path it once lost.

For this reason, I pray that this Grace may be established.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


While the channels of transmutation of the Divine Hierarchy are preparing to carry out the regional task with Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Argentina, some souls are placed in this service in the inner planes so that, out of love for My Heart and My Grace, Divine and universal Justice does not fall upon those nations, especially upon those nations that are today experiencing severe social and human conflicts.

But this situation goes beyond disconformity in the people that inhabit those nations. In these events, two complex realities come together, the spiritual reality and the cosmic reality of souls, the veiled history of those not yet aware that they came to the planet to be redeemed and to reconcile.

For this reason, the Spiritual Hierarchy will join this task, not only to attend to a spiritual situation, but also to try, with great risk, to resolve the cosmic situation within the consciousnesses.

Because what is occurring today in South America is not only a process of abuse of power and of inequality of rights and of assets. As never before, South America is now the scene of errors that are being repeated again, like in other times.

Thus, the Hierarchy will concentrate in Argentina, through a special epicenter that will assist in the freeing of certain thoughtforms that awaken and generate momentum towards rebellion in souls.

For the Hierarchy, it will be one of the most demanding tasks.

I thank you for accompanying Me in this stage for the mission of the Plan of Redemption!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


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