Songs of Figueira - "At the Supper"

In this song, we enter into the temple of the heart and we withdraw during the night to pray with the Master.

The soul leaves behind miseries and fears to accompany the Master in the great ceremony of Communion.

In this song, the expression and the manifestation of the Communities-of-Light is prophesied and confirmed, these being guided by the Hand of the Great Shepherd who, gathering the People of God, celebrates with the self-summoned.

The preparation starts with a daily prayer to receive the Master of Love at the great conclave. He demonstrates His Love for all beings and withdraws, as Spirit, into the soul of each being.

When all are called, the room of the great encounter is revealed so that they may enter into communion with the Most High and thus souls may remain in the Lord.

He reveals the great moment of Communion, offering Himself to the Father, but also asking all to be vigilant and to pray always so as not to lose the way towards the Heart of God.

The Lord shows Himself to be loving and resplendent, and receives into His Kingdom all who have been called to serve Him, bringing them before the Throne of God so that they may receive the Graces from the Celestial Father, and thus revere Him forever and ever.

This song demonstrates the fidelity towards the Lord, a fidelity that we can live through daily prayer and thus find the path of return towards our origin.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Today, I bring you a rain of Graces to an unfaithful world, for everything to be purified and transformed so that the most lost souls may find a meaning for being alive, and so they may fulfill their spiritual mission upon this planet.

The rain of Graces are poured out upon the world to relieve it and to generate in humanity a greater responsibility and more consciousness of love during these times.

With eyes of pity and Mercy, your Master and Lord today observes the entire planet and its humanity and expects that, by means of the infinite Grace that is poured out through the rain, everything may be repaired and renewed.

At least a  minority of souls should become aware of the difficult time that will draw closer, and how this difficult time will present itself and take by surprise those who are asleep and distracted, those who, at that moment, will not know what to do and will realize that they have forgotten the essential; God.

Therefore, in this time, I come with the Principle of Grace to try to renew the times and for more souls to be participants in awakening.

It is time to prepare the heart, the definite time is drawing close and will place each being of this Universe before its reality.

I thank you for considering My Words with your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Weekly Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the city of Santo Tomé, province of Santa Fe, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Make your heart small and you will grow in Life.

Become the pious Mary Magdalene and come to Me to wash My Feet with your tears.

Come to remove from Me the dust of sin that many souls cause in My universal Being.

Come and sit at My table. I will listen to you day and night. I hear the clamor of your heart in the universe.

Unite with Me and trust; you are in the correct place, where God has placed you. You are where you should be, under the Will of the Creator.

Let Me tell you how much I long to feel you close and enfold you in My Mantle, to place you in My lap and take care of you during the long nights of storm and cold.

Do not feel discouraged, I have already given you the key to supreme joy. Allow your whole structure to move within you and the true being that comes from God to be able to be born in life.

And while you still are crossing the arid and desolate desert, I stretch out My sacred Hand to take you off the path of desolation and emptiness.

Feel now the warmth of My merciful Heart again and allow Me to erase from within you everything that no longer belongs to you.

Be the same as My apostles, accept dying for Me and being reborn in My Flame of life, the divine Flame of God.

In this time that passes, I come to call you to tell you where I want to have you in this cycle. Listen to My Voice, which resonates in the heart that opens to recognize Me.

I Am that I Am. I Am the One that was born and returned to the Source of Love. I was the One that came to give the greatest testimony of Love and Forgiveness, and I Am the One that will return to give Life to that which has already died.

I Am the Spirit of the Truth of God.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for returning to My Heart!

The Glorified Christ Jesus


At the crossing of the old and of the new times many events will happen on the planet.  For this moment your hearts must be strengthened and in this way, prepared for the final moment.

For this I let you know My Divine Mercy.  It will be available for those who may want to drink from My Source.  I call you to gather the strengths from the heart.  This infinite Light will never be extinguished because whoever is in Me will be able to sustain themselves always.  Go ahead walking steadfastly.  It is time to serve God.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus


In the desert of life there are only summits to be crossed and hills for walking through.  There, on the horizon of your hearts, is found My Venerable Temple, full of love, of unity and faith, an unbreakable space that bears the headwinds and the tremors of others. 

Nothing greater than My Sacerdotal Love will be able to overthrow the temple of your heart.  For this be attentive because you will be on time for returning to the dwelling of the apostles and of the servers of God.

If you did not pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy the temple would have already been overthrown a long time ago.  May your conviction of wanting to be with Me be the permanent impulse to build the new dwelling for My Return.

Be carriers of the flame of My Perpetual Hope and believe in the power of the supreme trust that I deposit from on High into your lives.  Go ahead waiting for the upcoming time of peace of the heart and of all the consciousness.  Together we will construct, through merciful prayer the new trail for the hearts that fall day by day, that totally deny Me and that loose the sacred temple of the heart from great landslides.

Remember that the good Works are fulfilled when the workers build towards the High and the Divine.  In this way nothing that may not be the designs of the Father will be able to interfere in the aim of My Project.

Enter into the highest current of My Merciful Heart.  May nothing totally suffocate you, but may your consciousness always be joyful for serving the King of kings.

In Heaven they talk about the dedication of those who answer to My Call while on Earth the prayerful hearts are raised to the Temple of My Heart.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for opening to Me the door of your inner temple!

Christ Jesus, the High Priest and Guardian of the Temple of the Heart


I Am the Great Priest and you are My apprentices so that you may be able to learn about love and about the truth.

I Am the Great Master and you are My beloved disciples so that you may be able to learn to live in the law.

In each one of My ones I pour My celestial gifts so that in the next time they may wake up to the service of the current humanity.

Every disciple must revere the instruction of His or Her Master because if it were not this way the disciple would not be born straight, as tree does when it directs its crown towards the High. Each teaching and learning has a question and an answer for your lives. Without the experiences of faith and of forgiveness it will not be possible to gestate the new humanity.

Today I call you to live in My Shepherd School because it is necessary that the new apostles wake up to the missionary call of love and of peace. In your essences is found the true being and in your hearts is found the truth for your lives. Never allow for the lie or the ignorance of the world to separate you from the Master of Truth. Try every day to be clear and transparent like the waters of the ocean. In this way you will be able to transmit the message of peace that many souls need.

The most important for this time is to participate in the Sacred Communion with Me. In this way the ignorance or the art of the enemy will not knock on your door. You must only seek Me day and night, in joy or in pain.

I Am everywhere when you simply feel Me in prayer. It is time to use the instruments of protection, such as prayer, communion and fasting. In this way nothing will knock you down, but you will have the understanding about things because I will give you the strength of My Redeeming Love. I Am with you.  Go ahead!

Under the Supreme Will of God, be blessed.

Thank you for imparting eternal love to the entire world!

Christ Jesus


As the awakening of the new spring My Heart flourishes in your hearts to remind you of the commitment of love with Me. For this today I ask you that now and always you rest in My arms to dissolve the tiredness from such a long walk.

There, in My Universal Being, you will find comfort and strength to carry on walking. The few that in truth answer to My call I thank for the inner effort in persisting in spite of the weight of life and of distress.

My hands offer the light of My Healing so that you may soon be able to be cured.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for persisting in the Project of My Heart!

Christ Jesus


Today I come to your encounter by means of the presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus so that you may always remember that My Heart has a precious space for the souls that spread My Existence in the entire world.

The Heart is the Temple of God for your consciousnesses because through the heart your evils will be remediated and all pain will be dissipated. Try to live from the heart so that you may know when it is your heart that talks to you and when it is the enemy that dictates wrong ideas to your inner mind.

Through the heart your feelings will be clarified and through My Heart you will know what step to take towards which path. Live in the heart because in this way you will be able to recognize the divine purity that God guards in each creature. May the souls be united by the intermediary of the heart so that they may help Me to fulfill the purpose of God.

Enter into the infinite ocean of My Sacred Heart because in this way you will receive the eternal light of My Rays and your darkness will be dissipated from any space. If you still do not know what to do with your lives or how to proceed, I ask you to enter into the consciousness of your hearts so that My Ocean may be able to be united to your river of love that runs through life without direction. I want that your hearts and Mine be only one, thus you will know what to do at the right moment.

My Heart is infinite, it is pious and merciful. My Heart is the refuge for your doubts and it is the light for your darkness. Be all the time in My Eternal Heart and in this way you will always be communing with Me, with My Eternal Love.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Sacred Refuge of the Heart!

Christ Jesus, the Sacred Heart.

Consecration to the Sacred
Heart of Jesus

Eternal Temple,
that guards in love my dwelling.

Eternal Fire,
that illuminates my paths.

Eternal King,
Sacred and Unfathomable Heart
of Jesus, live in me, be in me,
act and work through
my heart
so that we may be now and always
one in the Eternal Paradise of God.


I am present in your lives to teach you to forgive and to love.

If you were truly able to trust in My Mercy all the days a little more the past that disturbs you and makes you restless would be dissolved by the light that would enter inside of you from My Sacred Heart.

But you still have the opportunity of living by means of My Merciful Rays because in this way My Plan will be able to be fulfilled in those who I always call, the most imperfect ones and the most forgotten ones. My Graces of redemption and light are poured in the simplest ones. For this try to always have a heart as pure and as crystalline, as loving and as compassionate as My Unfathomable Heart.

I want that there exist new Christ’s who may be true apostles, who may demonstrate to the world that it is possible to live in God and for God as something beautiful and wonderful for the life of each soul. For this I need that you leave the garments from the past so that your heart and spirit may see itself free from every stain. The path to achieve this is the merciful prayer and the purification for these new times.

Each one, as a child of God, will receive the part that he or she must purify either in temperament or in consciousness. I only need your loving permission so that My Mercy may be able to be poured in all that your little beings may need.

The time has come in which the Master of the Light of the Father may gather again His friends for the Supper with the aim of renovating you in spirit and of baptizing you again with the Water of Life of Christ Jesus.

Know that the burning times have come for all and your perseverance and love for seeking Me all the time in My Mercy will be what will unite you to My Heart, and in this way you will be relived from all evil. Do not complain, do not punish your being anymore because in you is God and in God is His Beloved Son who comes to announce to you the Good News of Mercy and of Redemption.

I need you firm in spite of the falls, radiating love and peacefulness in spite of the great tribulations of life because then I will truly confirm with who I will be until the end of times.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!


I am here present in Aurora all of the days at three in the afternoon to comfort with My Spirit the one that feels as lonely as a desert.

I am here all of the days at three in the afternoon to pour My Grace on those who still have not been redeemed.

I am here all of the days at three in the afternoon to consecrate those who still have not lived My Redeeming Path.

For these and for other reasons I am here amongst you and I have chosen you so that in these times you may diffuse My message of Piety, Hope and Mercy. One more time humanity will be able to prove that I really call those who only listen to Me through the heart, even if it is only for a moment.

For this I give My Celestial Goods into the hands of the most simple and free so that they may be multiplied in love and brotherhood. This is the true essence of the end of the times: to have a pure heart, in order to be able to have a pure mind and by having a pure mind, to receive Mercy and Redemption.

Know, My Friends, that I know all of the corners of your consciousness but My Love for you is so great that I let Myself be nailed on the cross out of love for the salvation of the world. For this reason today I am with you so that with braveness and will you may follow My Steps towards the eternal light of the Father.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


My Heart needs to have an important space in your lives, a place that is irreplaceable before the presence of My Merciful Face.

But as I come from My Father and I expect that My followers learn, I await that the they offer the space that I need to enter in the dwelling of each heart.

The time of My Coming is approaching and My servants will have to contend with the accelerated rhythm of the changes and with the time that they will have to dedicate to the presence of My Heart. A disciple without an instructor is like walking the paths without a compass.

That the true guide to your souls and your hearts may be the presence of the Sacred Heart, that knows you, loves you, knows well about each of Its Children.  Do not allow that the urgencies of the time, that disturb your harmony, take the time from you to be more in Me.

Be brave before the final changes foreseen for humanity; keep the memory of My Presence in you lives so that you will be able to have a firm heart to take the steps; a contemplative soul to adore Me; and a peaceful spirit to carry the immensity of My Peace.

I give you My Peace, and with My Peace I redeem you, and I love you deeply.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for taking My words to the heart!

Christ Jesus.


If you call me by My Name, My Merciful Heart will be present amongst you.

If you adore Me as a Sacerdotal Consciousness in the Eucharist, My Redeeming Heart will redeem you and free you from sin.

If you call Me to enter your house, I will do so because you will be opening the door so that My Heart may dwell perpetually amongst you.

Dear ones: if you are in My Universal and Celestial Fire, My Most Sacred Flames will burn everything that does not form part of the Good and of the Light. When you purify the body, the feeling and thought, My Wonders accompany you to relieve your transition until the total transcendence of self.

I do not return to give you suffering, this I have already lived for you and I know that pain is still not liberated from the heart of people. But My Fire purifies you, at the same time It consecrates you as souls worthy to live in the Kingdom of My Father.

My Source is another of the glorified gifts that My Father has conceded to Me in order to baptize in My Love all those who have committed themselves with Me for this final time.

I Am the Vigilante, I Am the primordial Guardian of all of the Christic essences. Do not fear in this time for what you may be seeing of yourselves. This is what I give you, My friends, the true face of what My sheep are.

For this I come back, I come back between clouds, rays, stars, lights and suns to demonstrate to the world that the Son of the Man is who complies with the Highest requests of the Creator. I take between My arms your hearts and I contemplate you with My only aspiration, which is that you, in simplicity, reach Eternity.

My Kingdom, the one which was announced, is near, more than all of My Flocks may imagine. First will come the Holy Spirit which will prepare in wisdom the soldiers so that they may face the battle between Heaven and the Earth.

All will be healed, even the smallest particle created by My Father.  At the end all will be redeemed and consecrated through the centuries of the centuries to My Holy Lord.

Be encouraged by the presence of My Heart, live all of the days in My Redeeming Law.

Under the Grace of My Father, be merciful.


My dear:

Today I want that your soul does not cry any longer, that your little heart rejoice itself by receiving Me in the Eucharist. Open your arms so that I may enter in your heart and to live fully in your essence, so that in this way, My Holy Heart of Love may nourish your emptiness and illuminate the obscure spaces that your life cannot achieve yet.

If you trust that every test, definition or step is under the gaze of My Eyes and accompanied by the infinite feeling of My Love, you will be, from now on able to walk towards Me without leaving Me behind even for a second, because the Love of the Master only wants to make you grow up from the heart and from the unique experience of your life.

Stay in My Heart for a second and you will experience the Glory of God in the Heavens, your anxieties and afflictions will calm down and you will be able to recognize that with the true love everything is possible because the true love is not won nor defeated, not even by the cunning of the enemy.

My dear ones, you must recognize Me in this time, inside each heart and in the unique and divine life that the Eucharist provides you. Today, do not give up, open them so that My Redeeming and Transfiguring Spirit may enter, for all eternity.

I know you well. I know what you are since your birth and for what God has made you to manifest in life and in soul. Remember that you are all for My Father and that My Father waits for the best from you, the good and pure, because, in this way, you will help Him to accomplish His Will on Earth.

Walk today with Me, at My side, because My Light will show you the next direction. Today only remain for more time in My Heart of Love.

Under the Power of the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for keeping My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Trust My dears because My fount is that which renews life and gives to it eternity that is still unfathomable.

Today I come to confide in you the mystery of My Love for you, for all souls, and this mystery is called the adoration of each human heart. I am with you since before you knew me in life, because My Spirit of Love and Redemption sprouts directly from the wise heart of God and He gave to all the most precious: His First Born.

For this My companions, when you are with Me you are with the Father and if you are with the Father you will be in the Fount of His Prodigiousness and Graces, those that He still intends to pour upon the hearts that accept My saving message.

I return to prepare My flocks, but first comes My Blessed Mother to bring you in Her arms, to the Temple of My Sacred Heart, there where My Consciousness may contemplate the love and the effort of all souls that day by day intend to live in the Will of My Lord.

If you follow My Path in obedience I will show to you the keys of sacrifice and of sanctity, because My Father waits for new saints, that in humility and in the emptiness of themselves may unite themselves to My redeeming service for the world and for all souls. I am again with their souls to animate them and to walk in My presence because My Heart waits for you to adore Him as in the Eucharistic body so that in this way My signs of salvation may be as the guiding stars for souls. I will sustain those that join to Me in love and compassion.

In the Glory of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding in your hearts My precepts of love!

Christ Jesus


May your heart always be clean so that you may receive God within you, hear His Words and follow His steps.

May your heart be pure, a human and divine heart, where the Spirit of God can dwell and guide you at each instant of life.

To consolidate a sacred dwelling place within you, child, you need to learn from determination; not the determination that is the result of human will and impulses, but rather the determination that is the result of love, the dialogue and communion with God, the determination that is born of the will, to reciprocate with Divine Will and fully be Its dwelling, Its instrument.

Spiritual determination must be born within you so that you may mature and consolidate the Purpose of God for your lives, every day. This determination comes from the love for Christ and forms ever more intensely as your heart becomes more united with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Confession to God every day strengthens the determination within you to follow in His footsteps. Confession renews your heart and gives you the impulse to begin anew, in spite of the falls, and to not desist, in spite of challenges.

Adoration of the Eucharistic Body of Christ will fill your being with Divine Grace and strengthen the determination within you, to know how to say 'no' to the temptations and stimuli that repeatedly cause you to fall.

Thus, understand, child, that to develop holy determination within your heart, which leads to a pure heart, you need to fill it with the Grace that a sincere relationship with Christ brings into your life by means of daily confession and adoration, because these two moments will be like drinking from the Fount of the Love of God so as to love His Will and His perfect Thought, to listen to His designs and renew your commitment with Him, so that you may know how to be in this world and defeat its stimuli.

In these times of many battles, that become stuck in the invisible field of the human mind, feelings and senses, the spiritual determination will be the necessary gift for you to manage to stay on your feet. For this reason, seek this Grace and cultivate this gift within your heart.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To be in the Heart of the Hierarchy and remain there, you must, above all things, live unity. A unity that is built with transparency and with love; a unity that is built knowing to first listen, and then speak; a unity that is built by being capable of perceiving the real value of each being and how others are an indispensable piece in the Work that God is carrying out in the human consciousness.

To be in unity is to know how to relate to others, aware of the Divine Presence in this relationship; to know that, while you speak, think, feel, act, the Eyes of God are upon you, His Presence blesses you, His Laws guide you.

To consciously place oneself in the Presence of God, in each instant of life, will be that which will distance you from the stimuli of the enemy and stop the most human aspects of yourself from being that which governs your lives. In the Presence of God, those aspects will gradually transform and be sublimated, and it is your souls and your spirits that can guide the expression of your beings.

Being in the Presence of God, you will have your heart in His Kingdom, and that Kingdom will enfold you, protect you and always safeguard you. For this reason, children, this is the great secret for remaining upon the path of the Hierarchy: to always be in the Presence of God, under His Gaze and within His Heart. 

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


While chaos expands and human comforts reveal their illusion, souls that have committed themselves to Christ from the beginning look at their own lives, seek meaning, and do not find it.

While the false human fortresses and all the castles built upon sand begin to be overthrown, the souls that have committed themselves to Christ from the beginning look around, searching for how to support themselves, and do not find it.

Thus, they begin to look at their own hearts; thus, their eyes turn towards the High and, within themselves, they find the deep silence of their souls, tired of living lost and empty of real purpose.

And in the Heart of the Infinite, in the center of Creation, they find the luminous Gaze of God, more radiant than a thousand suns, full of an unknown Love, that embraces, supports, awakens and leads to the purpose of their lives.

The Creator is calling souls by their names, by their true and first names, so that they awaken, because it is not in the world and in its illusions that they will find the meaning and the answers to their deepest questions.

Human life, as it manifests today, children, is losing its meaning, and it will only reveal the fragility and ignorance of humanity when they are separated from God and, consequently, separated from themselves, from their inner truth.

Do not fear losing that which has already been lost; do not fear to release that which has already fallen; do not fear to let die that which has never been alive, because it is when you give up the illusions that you find plenitude.

And you will wonder how you have been prisoners for so long within invisible and unreal bars that vanish with one blow.

Souls that listen to the Voice of God are to respond to His call. The time has come.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Where is your heart while you pray? Where do your thoughts wander? Where do your deepest feelings flow? Do you perhaps flee from feeling the pain of the world?

Pray, child, with all your heart, fully present in each instant; with your heart surrendered, offered up to the celestial altars as a bridge between God and the world.

Pray with your thoughts present, living and meditating upon each word emitted to the Heart of the Father, feeling and receiving the response of His Grace, which is poured out upon Earth.

Pray with your feelings elevated to God, allowing prayer itself to align your emotions with divine dimensions so that your being may feel the pain of God for the world, the compassion of God for souls, the Love of God for life.

No longer pray to simply cry out or have a dialogue with the Father; pray like an experience of God within you. Learn to unite with His Heart and thus make His Presence more alive in this world through your small, fragile and mysterious spirit. 

Be a mirror of God for life.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When a heart is nourished from the impulses of the world and enters into the spiritual life, responding to an inner call, but it does not open to transformation, children, then the path of inner decline begins.

In this time, very ancient consciousnesses come to the world to overcome the stimuli of this era and become true Christs of the times of transition.

But, bound by mundane foundations and supported by the illusions of the world, the souls that reacquire their commitment to Christ must allow themselves to be transformed by Him because part of overcoming these stimuli is the surrender of all that supports them in the things of the world: one's own aspirations, personal, spiritual and human accomplishments, inner and intellectual concepts of Truth and of the Plan of God, the need for standing out among all others, even if in virtues and in saintliness, the need to supply what is lacking into what is tangible, the need to feel oneself to be loved by what is visible and admired by the world. All this, children, must be transformed within the soul that regains their commitment to Christ. 

In these definitive times, your Lord removes the foundations of sand that support your feet and, having you cross through the desert, places you upon the rock of His Consciousness.

You must unlearn the things of the world, let yourself be defeated by Divine Will, and do not do that through looking around you but rather by looking inward and upward.

The souls that see themselves as weakened, look around in search of greater miseries that will justify their faults and make them small; but this, children, is not the way of rectifying any misery.

The true sense of justifying is to be found in love, in the Love of Christ, in the Love of God, which is capable not only of justifying, but of transforming everything.

Thus, in the face of weaknesses, do not look around, but rather, look inward. Do not support yourself with criticisms but rather through daily confession to God, because the one who yields does not need to defend themselves, they do not need to fear or run away from themselves nor from God, because they will come to know Divine Love.


To those pure of heart, the doors of Heaven are open.

To those pure of heart, the paths to forgiveness and redemption are open, and their souls can touch the Heart of God through their simple purity.

When thinking of human evolution, children, Your Creator manifested the birth and childhood of beings, because during this period of your lives you receive new opportunities for healing the incurable and redeeming that which seemed impossible.

When a soul incarnates in the fragile body of a child, it manifests the purity of its essence and of its spirit. In this way, the soul remembers what is necessary to touch the Heart of the Father and return to Him.

Life after life, during their childhood, souls receive an opportunity to begin again before their most ancient debts begin to act in their spiritual consciousness and chart their destiny throughout one more life.

To be a child is to have doors open for healing oneself, redeeming oneself, forgiving oneself and returning to God. Thus, it is very important that still, within this stage of life, souls begin to recognize the Divine Presence, His Mercy and His Grace, for it is in this way that such old spirits, once so lost, can again find God.

Pray for the children, and more than this pray for the souls that, in small bodies and great essences, receive another chance to return to God and renew His Love.

Let the purity of childhood not be lost, but rather may it be fruitful so that the destiny of souls are drawn based upon love and upon forgiveness.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


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