All is fulfilled when the heart is humble before God and the neighbor.

All is fulfilled when the consciousness comprehends the importance of each Kingdom of Nature and of each living essence in the manifestation of the Plan of God.

All is fulfilled when faith transcends appearances. All is fulfilled when love overcomes individuality and selfishness, and beings understand and live the principle of unity.

All is fulfilled when the mind becomes silent and gives space to the voice of the heart.

All is fulfilled when ignorance yields its place to the truth, and doubts are dispelled in face of the expression of the light.

All is fulfilled when the search for happiness gives space to the encounter with the true joy of fulfilling the Divine Will.

All is fulfilled when matter surrenders and, giving up its apparent limitations, discovers Infinity within itself.

All is fulfilled when transformation reaches the consciousness, and the spirit finds itself ready to remember its origin.

All is fulfilled when beings learn to forgive, and this forgiveness opens the doors to planetary redemption.

All is fulfilled when peace triumphs within beings and the peacemakers establish it on the sacred land of the Earth.

All is fulfilled when prayer becomes the only language, the only form of expression of the human word, eradicating from their mouths and consciousnesses every criticism, every judgment, and every separateness. 

All is fulfilled when human beings listen to the Voice of God and respond to His Call.

All is fulfilled when hearts recognize they are gardeners of the new life in this world and, with virtues and divine Laws, they prepare the fertile soil of the Earth.

Children, all will be fulfilled when you read My words and experience them. You will one day be able to look at yourselves and understand that the living book which, at the request of God, I wrote in the human consciousness is to be found there.

Your father and companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Service ennobles the soul and brings the spirit of charity to the world, which is so scarce amongst everyone. When a heart discovers the love of service, it is fulfilled and finds a safe path for its own consecration.

The second step, after selfless service, under the spirit of charity, is conscious sacrifice in the name of the sufferings of Christ. As simple as what you do may seem, whenever you offer your actions to the reparation of the Heart of Christ, your offers are accepted, and the Sacred Heart is alleviated.

I have consecrated this house to My Chaste Heart so that here you can live simplicity, charity and love amongst all of you. I want to make each serving heart a source of peace for this planet.

Many think it is necessary to perform great works and travel very far so that the service is valid and true, but I tell you that it was in a simple carpenter’s shop where I rendered the greatest service of My little Spirit, and there I found holiness and the door to Divinity, which I reached beside My Son.

Holiness in the life of each being does not depend on the external circumstances that you experience, for it depends only on each heart, on the willingness of each one to make their own existence sacred.

If in the service you provide, you offer your actions to God, you will discover many mysteries that will be revealed to you as understandings, sometimes inexplicable, that come from the heart, and that only to the heart will they be clear.

As Father of all servers, I pledge to be present among you whenever you invoke My Presence through prayer, through charity, and through acts of compassion and fraternity.

I pledge to intercede for souls and the Kingdoms of Nature in this prayer room of charity.

I will only ask you to remember Me and that you make this space into a place of joy, charity and unity between humankind and God.

I would like for an image of My Chaste Heart to be at the entrance of this house, consecrating and blessing this place, which will radiate the inspiration of service towards the souls who must approach during these times.

I bless you and I guard you.

Your Father and Friend,


Establish the Kingdom of God in your interior, this space of peace where the universal Laws find their manifestation.

Establish in you the union with the Father and let yourself be similar to Him, giving Him the authority to transform you, according to His Will.

The Kingdom of God is not like the kingdoms of this world, where some enjoy their own riches and the majority suffers and works to serve the latter.

In the Kingdom of God everything is permeated by the Divine Consciousness. The Creator is in all of His servants. He Himself is the essence of humility, living in the smallest of all as in none of the others.

In the Kingdom of God only triumphs peace, goodness, love and unity, principles that become laws manifested in the lives of all creatures that share this state of consciousness that is the Kingdom of the Creator.

Live these principles in yourself and become worthy of being the bearer of the Kingdom of God, which first emerges in the interior of the beings from the union with the Father, and then establishes itself outside, in the material life of this world.

Every principle, law or manifestation of the Divine Consciousness, before settling externally in planetary life, first meets its dwelling in the heart of each being. The heart is the bridge to God, it is the door to Heaven, it is the great manifester of the divine will. Everyone who has a mission first knows it within the heart: feels it, understands it and accepts it, to then, afterwards, live it.

Christ will first come to the hearts in Spirit and Divinity; afterwards, He will manifest Himself in Body and Soul, when His Dwelling has already been established in the hearts of those who have recognized His presence within their own hearts. They will recognize Him when He returns, and, with Him, they will fulfill the end of this redeeming Work. Therefore, bring the Kingdom of God into yourself; do it being consequential with it, living peace, love, unity and humility as premises.

Let, child, that the higher Laws act in your heart and, from you, reach the whole world. Let yourself be shaped, transformed, corrected. Prepare yourself and consolidate in yourself the Kingdom of God, a secure dwelling for the Redeemer.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph,

The One who prepares the return of Christ in the interior of the beings


Devotional for Ecumenism
and Unity in the Human Consciousness

Union bead
for the union of humanity in Your Purpose of Love,
we beg for Your Presence
among the different nations, peoples and religions.
May the Universal Culture become a reality on Earth.

First decade
For the Power of the Divine Mercy
emanated from the Sacred Heart,
may all peoples, races, cultures and religions
reach redemption.

Second decade
For the sacrifice lived by Christ
and for the merits achieved by Him on the Cross,
may all nations awaken
to the experience of absolute Love.

Third decade
For the Power of Pity emanated by Christ
while descending from the Cross into the arms of the Virgin Mary,
may all cultures, religions, creeds and nations
unite to pour out the Grace of God
upon the most forgotten and lost
among humankind and the Kingdoms of Nature.

Fourth decade
For the Power of the Pure Love
that resurrected each cell of Christ
and allowed Him to defeat death,
may all religions be reborn
in the Principle of Purity.

Fifth decade
For the absolute Grace that the Creator
grants us with the return of His Son,
may all peoples awaken, all hearts open
and all languages proclaim, in one language,
the Unity with God, through the Resplendent Christ.

Each day that passes by, humanity separates more from God and, as a result, from one another, strengthening individuality and the lack of love in a world that should emanate the Principle of Unity throughout the Cosmos. For this reason, I will ask you to pray for all religions, all nations, all races and all cultures.

May the creatures that were one day born from the Divine Consciousness be able to return to It.

May the different expressions of God on Earth find the purity of their original impulse.


Fraternity, Unity with God, Faith and Hope are attributes that must always reign in the human heart.

Based on the principle of the Unity with God, which has never ceased to be Unique in the diversity of the manifestation of His Consciousness, experience, you as well, the unity among yourselves as one body belonging to the Divine Consciousness.

The Creator multiplied Himself and expanded in different forms of life, expression, manifestation so that His Perfection would become life and matter, so that the Love He expresses in His Divine Spirit could become flesh, mind, feeling, soul, spirit, vibration, sound, so there would be no limit in the manifestation of His Love.

God permeates everything that was created and gives all creatures the opportunity of being in likeness to Him. Aware of the Principles of the Creator, you must imitate Him. May love be multiplied in your hearts, may it be expressed in different ways, with words, prayers, silence, actions, with inner, spiritual, or physic communion, at the time of receiving the Eucharist.

As a group, may you express yourselves as the Consciousness of God: in many ways of life, many ways of serving, infinite possibilities of loving, but all this without ever losing the unity.

Although the existing creatures are so different from each other, this does not remove from any of them the essence that unites them in the divine likeness to the Creator Father.

I tell you all these things because it is time for unity, reconciliation, fraternity as bridges for love.

The different missions that are being carried out today show the path that each one must tread in their daily lives: overcome the differences between races, cultures, languages, nations, religions, to experience, as humanity, the Unity with God.

May you be aware that the time will come to unite your consciousnesses in one purpose: bring peace and reconciliation to Earth.

The suffering of the human heart helps to overcome the barriers of loving, and the need to find peace unites you.


At the beginning of Creation, only Unity existed, the Divine Consciousness that dwells where there is no time or space, where there is no matter, feelings or thoughts, where there is only Spirit.

Without ceasing to be Unity, the Spirit of God is multiplied. This is Omnipresence.

Without ceasing to be Spirit, the Mind of God is born, manifested in the Archangels. This is the work of Omniscience.

Without separating from the levels of Spirit, God manifests the Light in material creations. This is the fruit of Liberation.

God, who was One, divides into three, without ceasing to be One. His Transcendence is incomprehensible to the human mind.

God the Father became the Son and, in Transfiguration, He multiplies His Only Son into all creatures. All are One with the Father, through the Son.

The primordial principles take on a life of their own and creative power. The Rays become consciousness and dwell in all the particles that exist in the cosmos.

God never lost the Unity of the beginning. His multiplication has no end, it has no limit. His Consciousness is expanded beyond the boundaries of spirit, mind, and matter. His Divinity permeates everything.

You may ask yourselves: “How can the Creator dwell in a world so full of darkness? Where is God when chaos rushes into the world?”

God is the Life that dwells within the essence, the Consciousness that animates those who are aware, the Light that gives shape and life to that which the eyes of the not blind can see.

A person may not be blind, but if there is an absence of light in their lives, they will not be able to see. It is not that the world does not exist, that colors do not exist, that life does not exist: what is happening to that person is that they are separated from the light. They are not blind, they are simply stuck in a dark and empty room and do not find a way to open the windows or do not even know that there are windows in the room of their consciousnesses.



To defeat the indifference of the human heart, begin with yourself. Observe every time your heart closes to planetary reality or when you think you care about the world, but your actions show the degree of importance you give to yourself.

Indifference numbs the consciousness and does not allow it to evolve. It is not necessary that you get emotionally involved with what happens in the world, but rather let such events lead you to transformation and impel you to never stop your steps.

Indifference is one of the great evils of humanity, even worse than ignorance, because the one who is indifferent already has a certain degree of education, and yet keeps thinking more about themselves and their own needs.

Child, indifference will lead many beings who believe themselves to be spiritual to the abyss of planetary consciousness. Be careful so that you are not taken and carried away by human indifference. Try to follow your consciousness and heart, and when you know that you must do something, do it promptly; do not ignore the needs. When you perceive that someone needs you, go in assistance, without fear. If you know what is happening in the world and that while at this very moment you are before the words of God, others are being tested in their faith, and on their knees, they choose to die with Christ rather than living without him, then pray truly, without ceasing.

If you already know the role of the indigenous consciousness on the planet and you also know how much the indigenous people suffer from neglect and indifference, then act, serve, pray, assist, offer your love. Show those brothers and sisters that they have vital importance in the spiritual life of the planet and that their way of being should not be sold in a tourist way, to amuse the unconscious.

When you stand before an indigenous brother or sister, learn from them and, in your learning posture, let emerge from their hearts the purity and wisdom they have to transmit to humanity.

If you know that effort and perseverance are the keys to overcoming obstacles in this time, then do not become discouraged when you are in difficulties.


Many ask themselves where the unity will come from between the different cultures, religions, races and nations. How can such diversity be united?

Few have discovered the power of the Love of God and almost no one lives the truth which is to know that if such an infinite God was capable of creating such diversity, He can be found in all things and also in the different religions inspired by Him.

The creatures are inside of the consciousness of God and God in them, but the ignorance that closed their eyes does not allow them to see that the Creator is there, in the depths. And so they live an illusion, a life apart from Him, only because they do not know that He is in all that was created. They do not see Him and do not feel Him because they have not yet opened to know He is within beings.

The Creator, in His immeasurable possibility of loving, throughout the existence of humanity, created many religions. Each one would lead a certain part of His Creation, but – if they keep His Essence alive – all would lead to one purpose.

When Mary says She will unite, within Her Immaculate Heart, the different religions, peoples and races, this does not mean that everybody will recognize the person of Mary as Mother of God. Mary is Unity itself, because Her mantle protects the entire Creation. As Unity, She leads the different religions to Love which is the Principle that Her Son expresses.

Many may not recognize the person of Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life, but those who believe in Love and live in Love are in Christ without knowing it.

The Love which Christ expresses transcends the existence of the person of Jesus. The Unity which Mary expresses transcends the person of Mary. They are no longer a material part of Creation. Those who came from One Spirit manifested themselves on Earth to construct a path, to express an archetype, to give a living example and now, in the different scales of evolution, they continue giving examples and leaving Their footprints within all dimensions, so that even the angels could follow Their steps.


While the enemy tries to strengthen the lust for material power and discord between nations and the different religions of the world, may those who are still lucid and firm in the aspiration of following the divine purpose strengthen their conviction that the only Power is the one that comes from God and that all religions that lead to the Father must be respected.

Children, understand that the spirit of this next mission to the Middle East, as also to Chaco, is the unity, the possibility of being united in love and respect to the different cultures and ways of revering God, who is the Only One.

If the souls walk to God under the spirit of love, fraternity and of unity with the neighbor, it does not matter how you go through this path, because – when the time comes – God Himself will unite all paths opened by Him throughout the human existence to merge them into a single destiny, which is love and unity with Him.

The most important thing is giving an example, to the world, of the possibility of love existing between different religions, cultures and nations. It does not matter if Christians are persecuted in the Middle East: the fact that the Christians of the West continue helping this people, with the intention of dissolving the hatred that expands in the hearts, it is a great act for God, which will balance many evils of the planet.

As the missionaries are going to the Middle East, may all the prayerful beings of the world accompany them with their hearts and unite themselves to this purpose to truly pray for the different religions, to strengthen themselves in their essences of union with the Only God, who is the God of Love and of Truth.

Children, do not allow that the enemy reach his goal of destructing, from the human heart, the Faith in your religions and the essence of all of them. May all the true religions, which are those that lead to God, keep their purity and their essence alive, so that they keep reconnecting souls to the Creator, as it is the purpose of the existence of each one of them. Also in Chaco, in Argentina, you must learn the religion of the heart, that which transcends institutions and is based only on the true meaning of the word, which is to reconnect yourself.


Sister Lucía de Jesús: We were doing a group task with all the members of the Aurora Light-Community, Fraternity, in Uruguay, where we live, and we concluded the work journey with the transmission of the daily message of Saint Joseph. Although He had arrived from a refugee camp of the Middle East, Saint Joseph transmitted to us a message especially directed to the Light-Communities but, as He Himself explained to us, it may be useful to all those who consider themselves as servers of God and consecrated to His Plan. May all those who read this message practice these words, adapting them to their own lives. This was a request of Saint Joseph.

Fraternity is something that should characterize this world, an attribute that all the beings of the Earth should carry within so that it may become the starting point for the experience of Christic love. In order to give your lives for your friends, you must first learn to be fraternal.

There are beings who manage to be fraternal by the nature of their own spirits, but others will have to sweat their own egos a lot, in a hard work of transcendence of their own opinions, wills and necessities; they will have to live a true renovation of what they call “priorities” of their lives.

The priority of the human beings incarnated in this world should be, in truth, the perfect experience of love and unity with one another, each one with God and all with Him. Having this as the only priority, everything else can be adapted.

If you think you have a greater necessity than living fraternity and love, start to meditate right away about the reason for your lives and the purpose of your existence in the world.

Seek, for an instant, the reason why you wake up every day. Why do you work, study, eat, drink, build homes, schedule your days, make plans? What is the true meaning of all this?

You must not think that life restricts its purpose to your simple necessity of being alive and comfortable in this world! Or do you?

If the soul does not find a superior purpose for which to get up every day, it gradually loses interest in life.


While we were praying I saw Saint Joseph, first in the Middle East, dressed as a Muslim and with a cloth around his head. He was walking in the desert, accompanying different families who were emigrating, putting in His arms the children who were most tired of walking, and helping them. Afterwards, I saw Him in other cities, in big cities, helping people on the streets and only accompanying them, as someone who was simply passing by there. I also saw Him in different indigenous villages and when He appeared, He was surrounded by indigenous children who looked to be between three and eight years old. While Saint Joseph was transmitting the daily message, the children who were accompanying Him, spiritually radiated Light to the different indigenous tribes of the world.

       Dear companions in Christ, Missionaries of love on this Earth in so much need of aid and of peace,

Today I come to you with joy, but also with much regret in the depth of My Chaste Heart. I come with joy because I knew that, when arriving to the world, I would find beings that are willing to be with Me wherever it is necessary. I come with regret because I cannot be indifferent to all that happens in the world and also in the universe as a repercussion of the events of the Earth.

Today I do not come only from the Middle East, I come from many places of this vast planet, where I can walk beyond the borders, since for Me they do not exist. I come mostly from the region of Chaco, in Argentina, and also from other villages and tribes of original peoples that humanity still does not know. And I am not alone, because I have brought to you the little ones who – from the plans of the spirit – radiate their purity to those human beings who have the mission to keep guarding the presence of the indigenous consciousness on the planet, so that purity and simplicity do not disappear from the human heart.

Many think that it would not be necessary to carry out two missions at the same time, and lucubrate thoughts, imagining the reason why we have asked a mission to the Chaco, since the missionaries are already going so far, to the Middle East.


Love your fellow beings without limits, as if God Himself multiplied in each of your brothers and sisters and called you to serve Him and accompany Him in His development within beings.

Love your fellow beings without limits, so that your love may fecundate the hearts of your brothers and sisters with the seed of hope of one day fully experiencing fraternity and unity among you all.

Love your fellow beings without limits, and even though your works are sometimes not able to reach all creatures of the Earth so directly, love all the same, and in your spirit, let love permeate all beings, just as the Lord your God and your Father does, calling you to follow in His footsteps.

Love your fellow beings without limits, with a true, spiritual, mature, simple, in service and fraternal love, for in this way, God Himself will be able to love through you.

Love your fellow beings without limits, and give all of yourself for the concretization of the Divine Purpose in others and on the planet.

Love your fellow beings without limits, pray for the world, cry out on your knees for those who lose their faith. Feel in your chest the pain of those who live without hope and carry your plea to the feet of the Creator in such a true way as if the despair of your brothers and sisters was yours.

Love your fellow beings without limits and learn to help them as God expects rather than how you want to. Love with the Heart of the Father within your heart and you wholly within Him. In this way, you will know how to love beyond emotions and serve beyond the impulses of the human ego.

You will love just because love dwells within you, and you will not gratify yourself because of experiencing love, because love is in you and it leads you into a giving of yourself, in a natural way.

What is love worth if not to be gifted?

Love your fellow beings without limits, with prayers, with silence, with service, with understanding, with welcome, with a smile, with a correction, with a warning, with an embrace, with care or with distancing. Love as each one needs and not how you need to love.

Love and give the other your love, even if for you the way of doing it causes pain.


I wanted to speak to you about the unity with God and the absolute fusion with His Divine Spirit; however, before that, you must learn about the unity among one another and with the Kingdoms of Nature.

Unity is a primordial Divine Principle for human creation, which must reach its peak of evolution through it.

In the same way that the maximum expression of the human project is the perfect unity with God, the minimum expression also must be based on unity. So that you may minimally achieve your expression as Divine Creation, unity must be a goal and a reality for your consciousnesses.

So that you may experience unity, you must remove from your human consciousness that which leads you to disunion, which is competitiveness.

When there is no competition, hearts can unite under one purpose and walk as a race towards a common goal. But when you want to occupy places that do not correspond to you, when you want to stand out among the rest, when you try to draw attention to yourselves, when you want to make of your presences something irreplaceable, when you look for the defects in others and affirm them so that your own skill and abilities are raised, when you do all of these things, so well-known in current common human behavior, you distance yourselves completely from the purpose of God. With apparent good intentions of experiencing holiness, when you want to be more saintly than somebody else, you are feeding the kingdom of the one that reigns in the abysses of human pride.

You must understand, feel, and experience that each piece that is part of humanity has a primordial role, a unique mission, that must be accomplished so that the Plan of God may be manifested.

Before you judge or lessen somebody and try to stand out over them, think about how there are whole civilizations in the universe that depend on the victory of Christ within the consciousness of that somebody.

Before you overthrow your neighbor with criticisms and judgments, help them to take their steps, because the Plan of God, which everybody supposedly works for, depends on the triumph of His Heart in each of His creatures.

In these definitive times, you must struggle against everything that works towards disunion, even if this is within yourselves, because many soldiers have already been left behind because the Army of Christ itself overthrew them due to their lack of love and unity.


Seeking the Truth must be the only existent aspiration in the heart of those who walk to God.

Look for a moment within your interior and feel the presence of the Creator in yourselves, calling you to recognize the true reason of the life manifested in the world.

Take a deep breath and feel the principle of unity in the air that fills in your body. Be for the planet as the air which gives you life, and in perfect unity with you, nurture each space of your being, balance it and take it to perfection.

Be for the planet as the air you breathe in the field. Allow that, in your presence, the consciousness of this Earth takes a deep breath, alleviated to find something pure and clean.

You are a bridge between Heaven and Earth; that is why you exist as a human, to generate balance and to attract the unity with God.

Be as the fresh breeze in a very warm and sunny day. With your prayers and with your unity with God, you bring not only life to Earth, but also encouragement, relief and peace.

Go to a field and, in silence, close your eyes and feel nature, breathe deeply the air that surrounds you, let your soul be joyful when listening to the praise of a bird. Feel relieved from the pressure of life on Earth: see how, before Nature, your soul finds meaning for the existence in the world. You must be like this for the planet. That in your prayers it may find relief; that in your unity with your neighbor it may find hope; that in your communion with the Kingdoms it may find peace. That in your consciousness of the existence of a higher spirit that shelters you, giving life to your planet, this spirit may find the reason for its existence and the faith in the achievement of its mission.

Perceive with the heart that this world has a spirit, a spirit that suffers with the wars and that animates itself in fraternity. A spirit that is wounded by the depredation and restored by the brotherhood among the Kingdoms.

Feel yourselves as part of this consciousness. You can be an ill cell, that generates a cancer in the world, or you can be a miraculous cell, which converts others and brings, thus, healing for the planetary body.

Become conscious of Life. Be part of a Whole and dissolve such beloved individuality of the human consciousness. Be one with your neighbor, with the Kingdoms, with God. Bring the Celestial Kingdom as a living principle in your interior.


When the Will of God is expressed to the Universe, all stars and all evolutive consciousnesses are united to this Divine Purpose. It is the Laws of Obedience and Unity, which reign among the confederate worlds, which allow the dissolution of all obstacles that are created against this Superior Will.

In order for the Will of God to manifest on Earth as It is in the Universe, those consciousnesses who respond to the Plan and love it above all things, including more than themselves, must unite to that Purpose, under the spirit of love and of fraternity. This is because the triumph of God is a Law. However, the creatures that inhabit this world, as well as all others, need to adhere to this Divine Purpose and show their adherence, not only with their verb, but also with their actions and their conscious effort to live their own transformation.

A new cycle precipitates upon the world: that is the Will of God that will manifest. The Lord has already given the ultimatum on the Plan of the Earth and asks for clear definitions of the spirits incarnated in it.


When from your own inner self begin to emerge all that for eons of time has been hidden in the human consciousness, as codes that degenerate the Project of God, many may be destabilized from the internal, emotional and psychic points of view, depending on the bond of each consciousness with this information and the way it has been balancing negative codes with positive experiences over the course of its existence.

When that moment comes, dear ones, it will remain for you to open your heart and trust those whom you will have at your side in greater balance to assist you. You should cling strongly to humility to ask for help and let yourself be guided. You should also cling to fraternity, in case you have to help others.

The development of love will be an opportunity given by God in every instant of your lives, especially in the moments of the inner transition of each being and the own transition of the planet as a whole.

You must remember what I tell you, because many trust that they will be in perfect balance and will always be those who will help others and not those who will be helped. But it will not be so, because ninety-nine percent of human beings are unaware of the roots of all that they live on Earth and ignore that they came into the world to balance codes of their own consciousness that needed such degree of love to be converted and that only on Earth they would reach it, in this small planet, in which the great Project of God was conceived, which had its triumph in Christ.

Not counting on this reality and fully enveloped by ignorance and illusion, it will be expected of most people to open themselves to humility, but this will not be easy in a race that, for centuries, has been the result of the greatest codes of pride, vanity and selfishness, that came to be converted by the Love of Christ, by the Christic life.

However, dear companions, everyone will have an opportunity and no one will be left without being contemplated in this School of Love. It will be up to each one to open himself to the choice of the superior life, of fraternity, of unity and allow himself to be guided by God, trusting in love, more than in his own self.


Dear companions,

The arrival of a new cycle for the human consciousness approaches the human consciousness, especially for the consciousness of the planet; it is the spirit of Earth that shelters you, welcomes you and, with so much love and self-giving, sustains you.

This cycle that will come will impel human beings to offer to the Earth’s Divine Project their true potential and, for that, it will help them to purge from their own interiors – the conscious and unconscious world of each being – those codes that they have generated as humanity and that, gradually, have been degenerating what they should express as human consciousness.

This new cycle will try to help this Earth’s project, so that the Kingdoms of Nature may no longer be the only ones sustaining the consciousness of the planet, but rather that there may be conscious human beings offering their maximum so that the planet may fulfill its function within the Plan of God.

In the Project of the Lord, when He created this world, filled with manifestations of His perfection, through the different cohabiting Kingdoms of Nature, God thought of a living expression of fraternity and unity among His creatures, however different they might be.

The Creator tried to make of the Earth a school of love and evolutionary cooperation, so that each Kingdom would bring to the other something vital for its existence. This is why the Earth needs balance to exist, the balance that is generated in the different Kingdoms, including the Human Kingdom.

Especially the Human Kingdom should generate a special harmony and love within its corresponding Kingdom, as humanity, in order to inspire the evolution of the others Kingdoms of Nature.

All the Kingdoms, in a way, fulfilled with their part, except the Human kingdom, which is the great pillar of the terrestrial project.  The Plant Kingdom is the expression of self-giving, elevation and beauty, as was its part. The Mineral Kingdom is the expression of purification, transmutation and sustenance, as was its part. The Animal Kingdom is the expression of fidelity and love, it is the guardian of the spirit of cooperation and evolutionary fraternity in each species, as was its part.


The principle of every learning in this world must be love, the living experience of love, of unity and of fraternity and, inside these three attributes you shall find all the other virtues that are part of the Most Sacred Spirit of God.

From the universe, your spirits observe you permanently.  Some learn from the love that develops in those of you that fulfill the Will of God; others learn from the love that they receive from the neighbor, and others learn by observing the registers generated by the errors from the past and that are reflected in matter.  But all those who have arrived at this world, something they must learn.

When a child goes to school, they can learn many things.  Some learn everything the school has to offer; others only learn from the group consciousness and very little from what the school offers, and others do not open themselves to learn anything and, even, hinder the learning of the others.  But these last ones will grow up and will be able to observe the opportunity they have had with a look of greater maturity, and it is from there that their learning will happen, and they will take something in their consciousness for having participated in this school.

You are in the wider and most profound school of all the Creation of God.  Here are synthesized all the teachings of the universe.  From the attitude of each one before the Masters and Guides of this school, will result the development of humanity.

While you have the grace of still being in this world, seek without delay to learn from it everything that you still have not been able to learn.  Give of yourselves to the others, donate yourselves as much as you can, not only to the poor, but to everyone and to everything.  Seek to unveil the power of love and ask God to lead your steps because He will listen to you.

I bless you and thank you for opening to Me the doors of this great school of heart, for Me to teach you the essence of the Project of God to humanity.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In the beginning of the Creation of God, He manifested the universes in the Infinite Cosmos, which was the living representation of His Divine Consciousness.

In the Cosmos, God reproduced in everything the same principles of creation, and in different forms, represented His Divine Consciousness in everything that He would create.  He created the universes with the principles of His perfection; created the galaxies, the planets, the conscious beings, who were the living outcome of the essences deriving from His Heart.

And in the vast Cosmos, created by God in seven dimensions that coexist and, in harmony, help each other mutually in order to reach the same evolutionary purpose – to become again one with God –, the Creator created the human beings.

He separated from the other creatures, in material bodies, ancient spirits, to which He entrusted the greatest process of transformation and of redemption of His Creation.

In a parallel time, different from the time and the space of the rest of Creation, God placed the most precious that would exist, if the desired result were achieved and if the potential of His Project were developed in those consciousnesses.

In this world, the Creator reunited spirits coming from all over the Cosmos; consciousnesses with different types of learning and with hidden records, both positive and negative.  From all of them, He removed the cosmic memory, so that they would not know who they were and, this way, they could unite their knowledge and balance one another in order to reach the expected purpose.

The Lord sent to the world, besides all the spirits in most need of redemption, Divine Consciousnesses, uniting thus, two opposites, and representing in this little planet the great duality that exists in this universe.  He gave, in this way, two possibilities to the world: the one of living a great evil and the one of living a good.

In this risky divine experiment, the Creator entrusted to the essences of those creatures a divine principle, the unity that, when activated in the essence of love, would allow the consciousnesses to overcome the duality of the universe and find a way to elevate all of His universal Creation to a new level of learning, a learning based on the unity with God by means love.


Devotional of Saint Joseph to achieve the Divine Spirit of Unity

Union Bead
By the Power that God granted You, 
Most Chaste Saint Joseph,
teach us to live in the Divine Spirit of Unity.

First decade
Under the intercession of Saint Joseph,
may all atavisms, selfishness and vanities
that separate us from the Heart of God be dissolved.

Second decade
By the power granted to the Most Pure Saint Joseph, 
may all stains and sins
that separate souls from the Kingdoms of Nature be absolved.

Third decade
Under the intercession of the Humble Heart of Saint Joseph,
may all evil aspects
that prevent unity among human beings
be expelled and transcended.

Fourth decade
By the power of charity and love, present in the Chaste Heart,
may all misunderstandings
that separate us from the Sublime Universe of God
be dissolved.

Fifth decade
For all the attributes achieved through the paternity of Saint Joseph,
may the virtues and gifts of the Most Chaste Heart 
manifest in humanity,
thus uniting the human heart to all of God's Creation.

This devotional is to be prayed by all those who aspire to achieve unity within themselves, with others, with the kingdoms of nature, with the Angelical Universe of the Creator and with the Divine and the Most Pure Consciousness of God.

If you pray with the heart, aspiring to transcend all the human aspects of separation caused by pride, vanity, and selfishness, you will be able to achieve My Holy Intercession.

By clamoring to God for the virtues achieved by Saint Joseph, you will allow My blessing to permeate you and My love to open the doors so that you may enter into a new cycle as humanity.

I love you, bless you and give you new keys for the transformation of life.

Saint Joseph, prayerful Servant of God


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