In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Rivers of blood flood the surface of the Earth; just as this ocean, before your eyes, floods life.

Who will pay the price for the innocence that was destroyed?

Who will take charge, My children, after the Precious Blood of My Son was shed, drop by drop, in order to redeem and save the world?

Today, I come to Russia, also as the Mother of this nation, which has another Spiritual Purpose and not the one that it is committing in these times.

If all the nations of the world had fulfilled their Spiritual Purpose from the beginning, I assure you, My children, that war, famine, exile and impunity would not exist.

But this Project of God, on the surface of the Earth, deviated from its intended path. For that, God the Father sends us to the world as His Messengers to awaken the consciousness of humanity.

How much more will have to happen on this surface, My children, for something to change in the human being?

Although the majority is not responsible for the wrong decisions made by very few and which have repercussions on millions of souls in the world, I ask you, My beloved children, that your profound school of prayer, in these critical and challenging times, be deepened even more, so that this school of prayer, which is a permanent invocation to the Kingdom of Heaven, may touch the Heart of God, a Heart offended and hurt by His Children.

But I come to offer to the world the Reliquary of My Immaculate Heart so that souls may enter God through My Heart, and the difficult and complex situations that are lived in these times may be repaired by the offer of good souls, of souls who seek God unceasingly, of souls who live the gift of the Fear of God, not as a justice, but as the imperious need to be in Him and for Him, serving on this surface of the Earth.

Weapons are still being activated. Humankind still lives in war and the souls who, on this surface, are under these difficult living conditions, are frightened and terrified by what they hear and by what they see, day by day; from My youngest children, who are the most innocent and pure, to My oldest and most adult children, who are subdued by the arrogance and by the power of a few.

Unfortunately, in this world there is an infernal network that conditions many populations of the planet; but this cannot continue, My children, because the signs of the planetary birth continue to increase. The Earth will continue to tremble, volcanoes will continue to erupt, nature will show its fury and its power for not having been cared for and respected.

Can you imagine, My children, just for a moment, how many will be under this condition?

We can only pray, in heart and in truth, not allowing a single day to fail to be permeated by the light of prayer.

As Mother of perpetual prayer, who prays for all Her children of the world; as Mother of Mercy, in the face of so many injustices and errors; as Queen of Peace, in the face of so many conflicts and wars that are committed; I come to ask you, My children, once again, to heed the appeal of My Heart, because I assure you, dear children, that very few are prepared for the end of times; so few are prepared as the number of angels that accompany Me today.

Do you understand the urgency of these times?

I do not come to give you fear or dread, because that is not from God. I come to pray, today, on my knees, that Russia may be converted to My Immaculate Heart so that the Third Secret of Fatima may not be fulfilled, so that evil and impunity may not continue to spread in the world. My Thorned Heart is pressed by the thorns of My children's pain and My Heart sheds Blood on this day, just as My Son shed His Blood on the Cross.

May this Blood, shed by the Immaculate Heart of Mary, be repaired by the sincere prayer of Her children, those who know that praying is not an obligation, those who already know that praying is a necessity and an emergency, because under the light of prayer they will be protected and sheltered by My Mantle of immaterial and universal Light.

My Hands today are not enough to help all those in need. The hosts of Light, sacred angels of the Eternal Father, are also unable to attend to so many emergencies and needs that are not only physical, but also spiritual, because spiritual needs are the most urgent.

Who will decide to take the step to assume, together with the Mother of Sorrows, this planetary cross?

Who will no longer distance themselves from the cross and will be the new Cyrenian who, through silence, persistence and faith, will carry with My Son all the sins of the world, with the ardent aspiration to help the Lord?

Who will decide, once and for all, to be a mirror of prayer on Earth, to understand that it is no longer the time for selfishness and individualism, to understand that it is the time and it is the hour for the "we", where the whole Celestial Brotherhood vibrates?

Regrettably, mistakes will continue to be made in the world, and this will be so until My Son returns. He knows this, He watches in His utmost silence; but His Love does not judge, His Mind does not question, His Spiritual Government does not pressure, His Light radiates, His Compassion is established beyond the borders of this material plane.

But do not lose faith, affirm in yourselves the Divine Hope. The world will need, more and more each day, that there be good instruments of God, so that His Love may be deposited and His Light may be poured into all the tabernacles of the Earth, which are the sincere souls who offer themselves to enter into communion with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the sacred science of the Sacraments and of the sublime adoration of the Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.

May all the Blessed Sacraments be opened, in these times, so that the Light of Christ may be multiplied in the world, so that equilibrium may be established, so that peace may fill the spaces and consciousnesses.

As Mother of Russia, I ask you to pray for the religion of this country, sadly conditioned, empty of spirit because of its commitments that are not with God. Many, many souls depend on this.

Now, do you understand My affliction? Now, do you feel My Heart?

I will thank you for heeding My spiritual requests, because you do not have to do anything different from what you already do. You must only become more aware of the reality and the time of emergency, so that the nations do not continue to engage in evil and so that millions of people are not under this condition.

I come to ask you, once again, to pray for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart.

Today, I come here to give this special Message because God has allowed Me to do so. I will do all that is possible and a little more for My children, so that they do not lose peace and unity with the Eternal Father.

Now, your Heavenly Mother will withdraw into silence and thus, She invites Her children to withdraw into the sacred silence, so that My Words do not go unnoticed or souls forget them from one moment to the next, because it is God who sends Me to give this Message, it is the Voice of God that resounds through My Words and My Lips, so that His Love may echo in the world.

I thank you for being here with Me today in this place, praying on your knees next to the Mother of God.

May the Love and Light of My Son bless you all.

 In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.