Friday, July 13 of 2012

Daily messages

As a Mother who is mediator between the souls and God, today I ask you  dear children, that your lives may be consecrated in a definite way to the Plan of God, a Plan of Love that our Lord has for each of you.

For this My children, awaken today and see with the eyes of the heart all goodness and mercy that My Son is giving you through the Mother of Peace.

Dear children, you know that humanity needs mercy daily, for this I invite you to remember in each moment the presence of the Heart of Jesus on the world and especially His awaited return. With your hearts open, today I also invite you to stay in the arms of God, the Creator, so that each one of My children can find support and firmness to face the steps of the transformation of the heart.

Your lives and the entire world are going through great changes, changes that are watched from Heaven and are accompanied by the eternal donation of Jesus, of His Sacred Heart and of the surrender I make to you through My Immaculate Heart.

With this I want to tell not to lose the aspiration of fulfilling God’s purpose because the changes call you to change the feeling and the inner conscience to a spirit of total collaboration with the divine work of the Father.

My children, in this sense, it is necessary that at least a bigger amount of souls can follow the celestial proposal that God suggests to you through My Maternal Heart and My daily call to each of you.

My Maternal Heart awaits you so that, in alliance with Christ, the world can shine as the true creator gift that God, with His hands, donated for love.

All My children are faithful correspondents of all the manifestation of the Creator. The time has come to repair and pray for all Creation, and more for that part that has suffered interference without consciousness by the hands of humanity.

Today place all the Kingdoms in your prayers; they await from you a harmonious donation. Let us repair, in the name of the Love of My Son, all that needs to be repaired. Let us pray with the heart. This is your commitment with the One.

I thank you!

Thank you for helping all the Kingdoms of God’s Creation.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.