Thursday, June 25 of 2020

Daily messages

When your spirit is tired, child of Mine, enter the Presence of your Creator, being conscious that He is in everything, and simply be grateful.

Thank and offer the Father each empty space, each desert, each distress, your concerns and misunderstandings, your joys, your conquests, your victories and His victories within your heart. Be thankful to God for everything.

Be thankful when He makes Himself felt when, for a second, it even seems that you hear His Voice.

Be thankful when you pray and when your heart is relieved, when you are able to regain peace and joy, even if it is for a short while.

Be thankful when service revives you, while helping your neighbor, the Grace of God floods your heart and you are able to feel alive, to love, to rejoice and, therefore, to take peace to those who suffer.

Also be thankful when you think that you do not have the opportunity to serve as you had wished.

Be thankful when you only have beside you the same brothers and sisters, every day, and ask for the Grace of being able to see in each one of them the opportunity and necessity of serving,  so that when you make yourself ready to love, the Grace of God may descend upon you and flood your heart as well as your neighbors heart.

Be thankful to God for being conscious of the urgent times of the planet, for knowing how to pray and worship, for knowing how to be thankful, even for the pains and the emptiness, for knowing that He is ever-present, even in His deepest silence.

Gratitude, my child, is the bond that unites you to God, and it does not matter the circumstances of your lives or that which you may feel and perceive within your heart. When you thank God, it is as if you are saying to the Lord:

Lord, I know that You are here.
I know that Your Will manifests in my life
and I do not know the depths of Your Plan
or the path that you take us along so as to reach Your Heart.
But I trust in You, I trust in Your Love,
and I am thankful for knowing that it is always Your Love
that acts within my life.
In the joys and in the deserts, in fulfillment and in emptiness, 
You are ever-present and, for this, I thank you. 

May this be your permanent prayer because, in this way, child, you will always be able to perceive how the Creator guides you, beyond your human understanding, how He heals you, molds and converts you, according to His Will. For this, be thankful always, and in every circumstance. 

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph