Sunday, March 6 of 2016

Daily messages

When the night precipitates over the Earth and light becomes a memory in the hearts that got to know it, it will be only Faith that will guide the path of the persevering, who will serve as an example for those who will be the most lost.

The Divine Mercy must not be a reality only during the moments of prayer. Initially, you must clamor for Mercy, but afterwards, children, you must be the manifestation of Mercy itself in the world.

You are children of the Divine Mercy because just the fact that you have awakened to a higher reality, being in a world completely asleep to the Truth, already demonstrates to you the acting of Mercy in your lives. No creature awakens to the life of spirit only through their own achievement. Yes, it is necessary that you accept to follow this path, but it is only presented to you through the work and Grace of the Divine Mercy.

Mercy walks hand in hand with Humility because in order to be merciful it is necessary to transcend all expectations over someone, over oneself and over the Plan of God, as a merciful heart shelters the others as they are, and delivers to those who deserve the least, all of the Graces of the Kingdom of God.

Those who are merciful forgive, regardless of the evil that has been done to them, and they make use of humility so that, before judging and condemning the actions of others, they recognize their own miseries and how many times they have made mistakes on their evolutionary path.

The one who is merciful knows that they only receive the Divine Mercy when they donate it to the world and, thus, discovers the Grace of seeking something that is not for oneself, discovers the gift of living in the Mercy only to be merciful and offers oneself to God as His channel in the world. Mercy must be an inner state of the self-summoned so that they keep it within themselves, regardless of the darkness that surrounds them.

The merciful heart does not need anything in exchange for its donation and does not need favorable conditions in order to render a service or to be in union with God because, by clamoring so much – Mercy has become a natural state of their being.

Just as some will live Mercy, others will live Faith, others Fraternity, others Unity, as permanent states of heart. Thus, even at times when you will apparently be alone, living your tests in this world, you will never be left without the Gifts of God and humanity as a whole will not lack the Divine Presence because the Creator will be living within those who, through prayer and through service, have discovered the perfect union with Him.

Live the Divine Gifts. Clamor, but also be each one of the attributes of God.

The one who loves you and guides you,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph