Sunday, December 6 of 2015

Daily messages

Clamoring for peace and for mercy is the first step toward the transformation of consciousness.

First the mind prays and, gradually, begins to listen to the heart. Then, the soul breathes in relief at finally finding a reason to be with its attention in the world.

Prayer after prayer, the mind is learning to live the stillness and gives space for the heart to also command daily life. At that moment, when seeing how the heart acts, the mind can no longer pray and ask for peace if it is not peaceful in its actions and its thoughts. Here comes the second step of the conscious transformation.

The mind and the personality develop a taste for holiness and they themselves want to lead the steps of transformation, so that they may be the best, the first in holiness. The heart observes and, with patience, when it can, it whispers to the personality and the mind that, in truth, the path of transformation is long and the result of it only God knows. Gradually and with love, the heart, which also lives in the consciousness, explains questions about virtues and the gifts and teaches the mind what humility is.

The third step of the transformation is that when the being discovers that he is not perfect and that there is much still to walk to reach at least one virtue. This step is definitive, because here the being is faced with hopelessness and the strong need of putting all effort aside and surrender at once to the world, since Heaven is so unreachable.

The fourth step is when the heart makes known to the mind and to the personality, mercy, clarifying questions about perseverance and persistence on the path, even though it is infinite, because God, who is pure Love and Mercy, will use the perseverance of His children to one day cast them into holiness.

The fifth step of the transformation is when the mind understands the essence of the spiritual virtues and loves them. Then begins its surrender, along with the personality, to merge with the purpose of the heart, which is the door of the soul. Here, the mind and personality suffer greatly, but they already accept what they are living, because they have opened up to surpassing themselves.

The sixth step is when the mind becomes one with the heart and the personality becomes a vehicle of the soul. There are no longer conflicts between the life of the spirit and the life in the matter, in relation to resistances to transformation. The being, here, continue to make effort and to persevere, but his consciousness already receives the impulses of the superior worlds and flows with the Will of God.

The seventh step is the first of a new cycle, when the will of the being merges with the Will of God and, now, the being will no longer struggle with oneself, but with the world, to triumph the Celestial Kingdom on Earth.

When I tell you about these steps, it is not simply for you to find yourselves in one of them. It is only so that consciousness has a hope that, despite its imperfection, it is on the path of transformation and, taking the steps one by one, with love and patience, can make of its spirit and its essence a triumph of God, an achievement of Christ.

Peace and faith in the hearts of all servants and consecrated to the Plan.

Thanking you, always,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph