Saturday, December 12 of 2015

Daily messages

To transform the spirit and the consciousness of a nation, it is necessary that its representatives generate in it such a light that first balances the darkness and then dissipates it.

Prayer is the tool to transform one’s spirit and, as a result, to transform everything that on the level of the spirit acts and moves, everything that has life there. Action exists to transform consciousness and, thus, reach the consciousness of the nation.

When you pray, you are attracting from the superior worlds the Divine Laws, which transcend the laws of the Earth and, thus, generate merits for salvation and spiritual awakening. When you act, following the steps dictated by God and live in the matter the principles that your souls already know and already understand, you are radiating examples, these are the best source of conversion and salvation for the souls, because a lost soul, without faith and without a prospect of life, finding before itself an example, rather than a doctrine, feels in the heart the hope that a superior life can exist in this world and finds meaning for its own existence.

Uruguay, as a nation, has a primordial mission at the end of times, but, as a consciousness, has accommodated itself in what it is and does not want to strive to live a sudden change. This will cause most of the population to awaken from pain, because people will suffer when they see that nothing they have lived had any real meaning. They will also suffer for not understanding the Will of God and, for it being so different from all that they feel and live, many will prefer to deny it. That is why, the Divine Messengers arrive in this city, which corresponds to the material heart of the nation, the point from which a greater transformation and a greater effort must begin.

Work on all aspects that lead you to the comfort and let your consciousnesses be incorporated into the permanent service, the fraternal life and the constant act of conquering oneself to love the neighbor.

Those who are in this nation, in general, and more so those who were born in it should seek the transcendence of their own tastes and their comforts for the love of their neighbor. This will bring them to the awakening of what God truly expects of all.

It is time for each nation to do its part, to prepare in itself the emergence of a new humanity. This impulse will not come from your governors, nor from those you have beside you, for it will come from each one, whose own example will radiate to all.

I hope that, after this impulse of God, rather than to distribute information, you distribute love, fraternity, service and prayer, beginning with those you have next to you and then expanding to those you want to keep far away.

I love you and so I tell you all these things.

May each nation seek its point of transformation and set out to awaken.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, for the consecration of America to the Heart of God the Creator