Friday, October 27 of 2023

Weekly Messages

Why is it that in times of war, chaos, injustice and revenge, your Celestial Mother comes to speak to you about the Kingdoms of Nature?

That question echoes in the hearts of all those who have yet to learn about the unity that exists between everything that was created.

That question, children, echoes in the hearts of all those who have still not truly experienced union with the Kingdoms of Nature so that they may understand that evolution only fully occurs when each being, of each Kingdom, fulfills their part.

That question echoes in the hearts of the men and women of the world because they have still not perceived that imbalance begins with the inability to be in communion with nature, and that chaos dwells in the spirits of beings because they have not truly found peace through unity with the Kingdoms.

Wars are the expression of a much deeper imbalance; they are the result of a tree with its roots in disconnection with God, and this disconnection is expressed in the impossibility of serving the Kingdoms, contemplating them, communing of their purity, learning through their connection with the Divine. In the same way that human beings have the unique ability to connect with God, the Kingdoms of Nature are part of that connection, of the spiritual science that allows creatures to have contact with their Creator.

The Kingdoms are like a bridge for human beings for the elevation of their consciousness, and in the same way, for the Kingdoms, humanity is like a springboard for their evolution.

While consciousnesses are indifferent to the suffering of the Kingdoms, to the imbalance in nature, to the assault of the species and elements, to the uncontrolled killings, to the unbalanced use, there will always, children, always be wars within and outside of beings; there will always be hatred, resentment and the desire for revenge in hearts.

For this reason, when your Divine Mother comes to meet with you, and in times of wars and chaos, She speaks about the Kingdoms of Nature, She is guiding you to the roots of all evil and to the healing of your consciousnesses, so you may be able to once again find purity and the connection with God, and thus find peace through contact with and service to the Kingdoms.

Work untiringly, children, so this balance may occur. Unite with the Kingdoms, serve them, inspire nature through the awakening of Love, and that will be a great service you will provide for ending the wars within humankind and between nations.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph