Friday, October 20 of 2023

Weekly Messages

Account of the Message:

When Saint Joseph arrived here in the Marian Center, He appeared behind the image that is here on the altar, and behind Him, seven abysses appeared, as well as seven hells, and in those hells there were different groups of agonized souls, with hands raised up, as if they were disintegrating, burning. And then He began to pray:


Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!
Redemption, Redemption, Redemption
for this planet!”


And we went praying together, until He stopped praying and began to show that, among the souls, some were beings who were incarnated and others were beings who were not incarnated, who had already disincarnated, but that the souls were in those hells.

He showed how they were screaming all the time, asking for help, but their cries dissolved. Then He showed all of us, the beings in cities and even in the Communities, us, living, and this cry that happened and nobody heard, that cry for help that echoed like this, and nobody heard.

And then He began to speak:


Listen, children, to the cry of the souls in agony. Do not let this cry be dispelled in the wind in the face of human indifference.

Listen to the call for help of those who suffer and for a moment, let your consciousnesses set aside your own needs, desires and aspirations, your own sorrows and anxieties, doubts and inner questions, so that, even if for a moment, your verb can be sincerely directed to the souls in agony.

Cry out for Mercy, with your heart, enter into the deep abysses, where souls are in the darkness and the emptiness of not feeling protected by anyone.

Let your prayer be addressed to God, in the name of those that suffer and are forgotten; in the name of those that suffer and are alone in their pain; in the name of those that are wounded in the body, mind, soul and spirit, and their pain transcends all the limits that they never thought they would have to bear.

Listen, children, there is a cry echoing in the world, but the noise of the men and women of the Earth does not allow you to hear it. For this reason, silence your hearts in the light of God, and at the Feet of your Creator, pray from the heart.


Sister Lucía de Jesús: Saint Joseph spoke the following prayer:


Lord, I come to You,
surrendered at Your Feet,
to cry out for the souls:
souls in agony in the abysses of the world;
souls in agony in their inner abysses;
souls who cry out and are not heard,
not even by their own beings.

Lord, I come to You,
on my knees at Your Feet,
to cry out for the souls:
souls who, alone, suffer pain
that transcends all the limits of the body,
the mind and the heart;
souls that have been extinguished
because they were not able to find the light,
hope or help.

Lord, I come to You,
and prostrate at Your Feet,
I cry out for the souls:
souls who live in wars;
souls who are at war with themselves;
souls blinded by suffering
and walk in the world not knowing where they will end up.

Lord, I come to You
to cry out for the souls:
souls who once emerged from Your Heart,
from Your Source, from Your Love,
to renew and multiply that Love among the dimensions.

Have the souls return to Your Heart.

Touch their inner self with Your Mercy,
wash them with the Water that flows from the Heart of Your Son,
with the Spring of Compassion and Forgiveness
You manifested in the world
through Christ Jesus.

Lord, I pray for the souls:
souls that hold within themselves the perfection of their essences,
the mystery of their purpose,
the Grace of living the gift of life.

I ask of You that the souls of the world
discover and are fulfilled in the gift of living,
so that life not be a source of pain for them,
but rather of Love: Divine Love, Spiritual Love.

Lord, I come to You
and cry out for souls.

Set Your Eyes on Your Children
and grant them Peace.



In this way, pray with Me, children, for the souls that are lost, because there is still time to find God again.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Sister Lucía de Jesús: When the Message ended, Saint Joseph asked that we bring the Communion, and He was consecrating it together with us.

Behind Him, He continued to show those open abysses, and as He consecrated the Eucharist, above those abysses the images of the Holy Supper gradually appeared, and overlaying the images of the Holy Supper, images of the Passion of Christ appeared.

While Christ distributed the Bread, images of the Cross appeared, and while He offered the Wine, there were images of His Blood being spilled to the last drop and the spear piercing His Body, with Blood and Water spilling out.

All those images were poured out like codes of Light over those souls in the abysses, and this is why Saint Joseph asked that we offer this Communion for the souls, because when the codes of the Eucharist touched the souls, they began to breathe and some of the souls began to leave the abysses; they received that possibility of leaving through the prayer and the offer of the Communion.

Saint Joseph asked that we continue to pray for the souls, that each one of us dedicate a moment, in spite of what we are experiencing, our crises, our tests, our doubts; that we remember to pray for the souls, remember those souls that are in agony, and at some moment during our day, we remember to make this offering for souls.