Friday, March 8 of 2024

Weekly Messages

Souls come to the world to serve, to grow in spirit, to experience transformation, to multiply the Love of God and learn about this Love.

Souls come to the world to experience the gift of life, to understand the reason for the manifestation of divine life among the dimensions.

Consciousnesses go through life on Earth experiencing lessons, falling and getting up, living Graces and conflicts, miseries and mercies.

Souls pass through the world many times confused, without knowing the purpose of their existence, but at the end of the life, that purpose is revealed to them.

Souls can live in ignorance, but do not leave life in ignorance.

The Creator does not allow the eyes of His children to remain closed. When their life reaches its end, everything is revealed to them. It is at this time that the heart receives the opportunity to repent of its sins, to experience a true repentance, one which they did not understand during the whole of their life. It is at this moment that souls understand what gratitude is, because they understand why they were in the world, why they were sent to the Earth.

However, children, many think that it is much too late, much too late to repent and be different, much too late to confess their sins and receive Mercy, much too late to surrender, because they have only one last breath to offer God.

But I tell you that it will never be too late for true repentance, never too late for sincere gratitude, never too late for a request for Mercy which comes from the very core, from the deepest part of the consciousness, from what is called your essence.

Souls referred to as dying, who are in the last cycles of their existence, who depend on others, who have lost their autonomy and everything that humanity believes is most precious in this life, independence, false freedom, false power, self-love, pride, all this fades away when the body has become frail and the conscience awakens.

Yet, children, it is then that souls learn the meaning of surrender and grant others the opportunity to learn to serve, to reflect on the fragility of life, to reflect on the suffering, the loneliness, the emptiness and true faith.

At the end of their life, souls provide a great service, and also experience a great lesson. For this reason, revere this moment and do not seek to end it in human time; let it take place in God's Time. Everything has its reason and a motive; everything has a purpose, a lesson and an experience that makes you grow.

Revere life up to its last instant. Revere the Grace of living, because the time will come, the last breath, the last second, in which you will be able to understand all things. Until then, just trust, love one another, mutually serve each other, learn patience, persistence, surrender, humility.

Divine gifts do not have a time span for growing in the heart. There is no limit to the expansion of consciousness; it can occur in all situations in life. For this reason, do not yourselves limit this experience on Earth.

Let your path always be permeated by prayer, by patience and by love.

Let your souls not tire of serving or of living; it does not matter if you do or do not understand this life.

The time will come, the last breath and the last second in which you will be able to understand it.

Until then, walk untiringly to multiply the Love of God.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph