Saturday, March 19 of 2022


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I ardently waited for this moment, because, in spite of staying in the world, contemplating souls and their needs, contemplating hearts and their supplications, this moment is also a gift for Me.

In a world that agonizes, the Creator makes His Light descend. Among the simplest souls, the Creator manifests His Presence and, amidst the chaos of the end of times, while the cry of the innocent echoes, God manifests Himself among human beings to demonstrate, children, that His Grace is abundant, unfathomable, infinite.

He just needs hearts to say yes, that they learn to listen to His Holy Spirit in order to be at the right place and to do their own part, collaborate with the Hierarchy, as it was said to you when you were preparing your souls for what you experience today.

Today I open My arms and humbly expand the Light that is in My Heart upon the world, so that those agonizing may feel relief, so that those who live in chaos may rediscover peace.

Many fear the Apocalypse, the manifestation of what was written, but you must contemplate the entirety of the promise. There will be suffering, but there will be peace, and, in the hearts of those who believe and have faith, miracles will happen, as it has been throughout the centuries,  throughout times, when pain has been dissipated by the deep love of hearts. Trust that this is possible, and so it will be.

Know how to make of pain the manifestation of God’s Love. Just as the Son transforms miseries into Mercy, making Blood and Water spring from His Heart, so you, children, are potential transformers of the miseries of the world into Divine Mercy, because you were created to renew love and, although this may seem a great utopia in the eyes of humankind, in these times, this truth will be more and more manifested within those who have faith.

But each heart must choose where they will be, which boat they will get on, the one where the Lord rests or the one that is empty. Empty of God, empty of Grace, empty of strength. Filled with the world, filled with human miseries, filled with the old and new capital energies, which make the hearts of humankind shipwreck.

All boats will be launched into the sea. The storm will come for all, but there will be peace where the Lord rests, in spite of the winds, the waves, the storms, there will be peace.

The end of times announces a moment of triumph, the triumph of the Heart of God in those who will persevere, and, it does not matter that they are few, they will generate merits, not only for the human race but also for the races that they do not know, consciousnesses that have committed ancient errors, unknown to the world, but deeply lived in the human consciousness, which even to this day suffers their consequences.

Many ask themselves, “If the end of times has been announced for so many years, prophesied for two thousand years, where is this end? When will it come?”

Children, you must decide to reach this end today, the end of the human condition, of the captivity of this world, the end of childishness, the end of mediocrities, the end of small sins, the small permissions that you give to your hearts to not fulfill the Will of God. You must decide to reach the end today, the end of leaving for later the fulfillment of Divine Will, the end of leaving for later the profound Wills of the Father's Heart as the priority of your lives.

So you ask yourselves what is this Will. If you seek it, you will understand, because, since the Ascension of Christ, His Holy Spirit has been speaking into your hearts.

Who will be willing to listen to Him? Who has silenced their mouths, their minds and their hearts in order to listen to this Spirit?

Many sing, “Come, Holy Spirit! But what will It do when It manifests Itself? What will you do within Its Presence?

The end of times has come. The eyes that cannot see it should open a little more in order to come out of ignorance, of the new capital energy, selfishness, and, its companion, indifference.

Contemplate the world, contemplate those around you. Take time to often contemplate the agony of your own souls, and you will know that the end of times has come.

When will this end come within you? This is a decision of each being.

However, there is an end that can be at any moment. An end that you will not decide yourselves: the end of opportunities, the end of the time of repentance.

Therefore, children, repent now, cry out now, listen now, live now.

If it is not worthwhile to do it for yourselves, do it for the world, for the souls that agonize, for the outraged Kingdoms, for those who have lost faith and do not have the strength to recover it.

If you do not believe in yourselves, believe in Me, because I know that it is possible to transform the world with small actions, to transform souls with small actions, and, that by sowing love among you, within you, this love is sown in the world.

The songs and praises please the Heart of the Father, but it is no longer enough to sing: you need to live it.

In moments like this, the Divine Truth descends to Earth, and the souls that are open can understand this Truth, they can know it, because the Holy Spirit listens through their ears, It opens their hearts, It expands their consciousnesses so that they can understand what they would not be able to understand otherwise.

But, at this moment, cement in your hearts the Graces that descend so that you do not forget when I make the sign of the cross and you leave here.

The greater the chaos in the world, the greater the faith of humanity must be. Do not let yourselves be shaken by what happens on the planet, but transform this into strength, into a spiritual life consolidated by a mature heart, which knows how to balance the events of the world. Do not let yourselves be shaken by the definitions of those you have by your side, because it will be up to each one of you to respond before God for all the Graces received.

But pray for those who give up and for those who weaken, pray for those who become lost, even when they believe that this is not happening. The world embraces those who are weak, closes their eyes, buries their hearts. How will they be able to know the right path? Therefore, pray for them and strengthen their hearts, strengthen their spirits.

Allow higher life to become more and more palpable each day. Open yourselves to discover mysteries, to permeate the unknown within your own hearts, to live potentials that had been hidden, to be that which God calls a human being, that which He created in His image and likeness with deep Love, to renew His Creation and bring it closer to His Divine Source.

I would like to be with you for longer: through My Words, lead you to the depths of your beings, to tell you: “Do not fear, but be strong in God; do not fear, but be true in Christ.”

But I need to return, to keep embracing the world, to keep guiding those who are lost, illuminating those who are in darkness, responding to the small and great requests of those who believe in Me, because when I do these things, I strengthen their faith.

Do not fear to ask. Rejoice when it is concretized, but do not stay there. Strengthen your faith.

This is all I wanted to tell you today. But be attentive, because I may return when God allows Me, when you open the doors to Me, I will be here.

Let us now celebrate the Eucharist, as this second impulse of My Chaste Heart, so that Christ, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph can cause the bread and the wine to be permeated with the strength that you will need in order to live your definition in the coming days.

I leave you My blessing and My Peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.