Wednesday, December 30 of 2015

Daily Messages

It is through My Grace that everyone is saved; it is through the Infinite Grace of God that every inner conversion is possible. I do not tire of encouraging you to walk in the faith and the hope that tomorrow you will see the Holy Mother come from Heaven to step on the head of the adversary, redeem him, and thus establish the one thousand years of peace.

Do you believe this is possible?

If I Am Blessed among all women, through the Love of God I can convert and redeem the impossible things. If I Am the Attorney of Heaven, I can intercede and help whomever truly and without gain asks it of me. I Am the Woman Clothed in the Sun, with the moon at Her feet and with the seven roses in Her garden of Light.

Hold the event of this moment that will come, when the Mother of the Most High will with Her feet step on evil and on what causes pain. It is for this that My armies of prayer work every day; it is for this positive cause of redemption that hearts will bring themselves to become Christed.

I come in this time to fulfill the Apocalypse; I come as the last Guiding Star to lead to Christ all those who in honesty want to be with Him before the great judgment.

Each human, planetary, and spiritual event is being counted and registered. You must not fear falling; you must be thankful for being able to know how evil exists and deceives humanity since long ago.

I come to reveal all the ruses and to bring light and peace to where none exist. With My gaze, I have chosen those who will accompany Me to fight the beast when it leaves its dark cave. Love will defeat it, faith will make it weak, truth will frighten it, and it will be redeemed by the Mercy of God; thus, everything will be transfigured by the action of Divine Law.

Work as peacemakers of Christ; say yes to your prompt redemption. I am here to help you and stretch out My hands of love to you.

I need you now!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Always we walk in faith.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace