Tuesday, May 31 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children,

The conversion of the human heart can have as a spiritual model the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph.

Through the testimony of Saint Joseph, dear children, you will be able to reach the same aspirations that Saint Joseph once lived on this planet. These aspirations, My children, must be based on the love and the loyalty that Saint Joseph demonstrated in the simplicity of His daily life.

For this reason, the Most Chaste Joseph was chosen by God to carry on the holy project of the Sacred Family, a spiritual experience never before experienced by Saint Joseph, and which later became a reality for His holy consciousness.

In the first years of His life, Saint Joseph demonstrated a deep love for God and His infinite existence; from this, the Most Chaste Joseph established the first bases for holiness through the vows that He proposed for Himself.

The impulse given by Saint Joseph to all the youths of that period, at the time of His adolescence, was important. Saint Joseph motivated whomever was near Him to love and practice service to others. Most especially, the kindness of Saint Joseph made the other young boys imitate Him, because the mystery surrounding the Most Chaste Joseph was His infinite filiation with God and with His Holy Will.

From when He was young, Joseph was loved and appreciated for His silence, reverence, and ready willingness. From His earthly father, He inherit the skill of carpentry, and through the holy creativity that always inspired Him, He proposed to teach all the little ones that surround Him about the virtues of service, prayer, and giving of self to others,

The spirit of fatherhood was the emblem that characterized Saint Joseph; whoever approached the Most Chaste Joseph not only felt a divine protection, but also was motivated to love the Will of God.

Saint Joseph is the model of exceeding human nature achieved through service, effort by faith, and prayer, which allowed the Most Chaste Joseph to express the ideas of God about the loyalty of the creatures of the Earth.

In Saint Joseph is to be found the project of spiritual realization, the path that impels the consciousness to be motivated, in spite of its own fears, to take a step for the Universal Plan, in order to enter into the principal scenario of the Project of God.

Saint Joseph suffered tests, transcend challenges, and strengthened His faith and love for God, all of which led Him, as a humble man, to assume the role of being the spiritual father of Jesus, the guardian of the Messiah; for the pleasure of His holy and chaste spirit, Saint Joseph received the Grace of being in the arms of the Holy Mother and Wife, Mary, until the last days of His life.

From the moment in which Saint Joseph was chosen to carry on the redeeming Project of love, He was supported by the Mother of Jesus to move toward greater tasks with humanity.

Moments before the chaste death of the Holy Husband Joseph, Mary helped Him to overcome His last fear of prematurely abandoning the Sacred Family, because His mission on Earth had been accomplished.

When Saint Joseph was with Me during My holy assumption, we united again so that, as from that moment, we could be the parents of humanity, and we could help to give impulse to the Project of the Creator for the planet and all of humanity, as we have been doing up to today.

The virtues and gifts of each soul can be consecrated to the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph; in this way, the holy guardian of souls will protect you.

Let us be grateful to Saint Joseph for having accepted, as a humble man, the Project thought of by the Creator.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is united to the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph on this day,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace