Thursday, December 31 of 2015

Daily messages

Blessed are the merciful because they will reach mercy!

Dear children, this is the motto for the new jubilee of Mercy, a fundamental door that the ambassador of Christ, My son Francis, opened this end of the year.

It is through this jubilee that all of the hearts are called by Heaven, so that they will pay their attention to the divine principle of the Mercy of God in these times.

Dear children, without Mercy or Piety nothing will be possible. That is why on this last day of the year I wanted that My praying children would think and meditate on the importance of reaching the Mercy of God for the times that will come.

Such as My Son once said: “Blessed are the merciful, because they will reach mercy”, this is a divine affirmation for every soul of the surface of the Earth that may believe in this Mercy that forgives and dissolves any fault.

I need, dear children, for this jubilee of the Mercy of God, that your daily actions be acts of mercy, acts that will re-establish in the world the peace and the love among the beings, closely following the flame of the Love of Christ, that which illuminates the time of darkness that the planet is living.

Dear children, through the works of mercy you will be balancing your debts, and in this way, silently, you will give way for My Son to realize His prodigies of Mercy in certain consciousnesses that are lost.

My children, in this jubilee of Mercy, may your hearts live the extraordinary impulse that reaches the Earth in order to be able to save it somehow. If you trust the Mercy of My Son, one day your lives will be merciful.

The Mercy of God in this time invites you to change the way of acting and of thinking, seeking the unity among the beings by means of the merciful power of love. If this were reached, a great part of humanity would be safe without that having been predicted.

Mercy is a table of salvation, it is the direct bridge to the Heart of the Father, Who is Compassionate and Kind to all that was created.

Therefore, live and be reborn every day through this sacred affirmation: “Blessed are the merciful, because they will reach mercy”.

Dear children, may this year that will begin be the true year of Mercy for all, of the divine essence that comes to assist the lost world, and may it be an inexhaustible source that pours itself to bring healing for all of the souls.

I wish, children of Mine, that the next Marathon of the Divine Mercy, when we will be completing the thirty most important encounters with Christ in the history of this planet, may be a Marathon to affirm in your lives that you do accept the Mercy of God, that which is invincible.

Do it on this day, at least for those hearts that will be deviated from the path of redemption when they are tempted by the works of My adversary. Be blessed and merciful, remember to live this renewal every day.

A good jubilee for all of the Christians of the world.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who encourages you to live in the infinite Mercy of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace