Saturday, February 28 of 2015

Monthly messages

As Mother of Humanity I keep walking and crossing the deserts of this world in search of the souls that are losing themselves, and of the souls that are clamoring for relief and for redemption.

The crying of the innocent touches My Heart because I see spring from the good maimed Christians an act of love and of forgiveness for the others.  But the cruel world does not perceive this, and the universe observes with attention all of the events.

Your Beloved Jesus saves without delay the essences of the beings that are exterminated and elevates them to the Heights, so that they may receive the Grace of living eternally in the Heart of God.

But still, children, Christ weeps inconsolably and His Sacred Heart, which is full of Piety and of Mercy, is depreciated and denied by the cruel hearts.  Woe to them if they do not reflect about their actions and take the decision to change in time!  Because the Justice of God is already in action, but My Immaculate Heart intercedes so that at least the Kingdom of My Peace, of the Peace of the Creator, may be established.

While brothers hurt brothers, the hope of those subjugated is compromised at the moment of a distressing death, but My Immaculate Spirit works prodigies of love, and removes from the face of the Earth the souls that are condemned to the purgatory of this world.

There shall be no greater solace than the love that you may be able to give to Christ.  He now needs your donation and sacrifice so that God may at least see that humanity is salvable.

Children of Mine, I will still traverse the corners of this world to save those who could be the outcome of a grave planetary disaster.  The Lord has given Me permission to pour My ultimate Graces, but if in truth there is no great repentance from the heart, and a greater penance on the part of the souls, the whole world will have to learn to restore, with its own efforts and heavy work, all that which was ignorantly destroyed.

For this, today I want you to know that My Heart will be the refuge of the innocent, of the unprotected and of those who are murdered by the hands of the enemy.

As long as God may permit, I will come to this world that belongs to Me, and in which I desire to awake for My Son the apostles of the new time.

I leave for each one of you the profound aspiration of always seeking the Kingdom of God, despite all that happens in this humanity.  In your inner union with Me you will all permit the triumph of My Immaculate Heart, which have been completely yours from the beginning.

Today I will remind you about an inspired prayer of a soul united to Christ, indispensable for these times1:

O marvelous Lord

Thank You Lord,
       for my perfect arms,
       when there are so many maimed.

For my perfect eyes,
       when there are so many without light.

For my voice that sings when so many are mute.

For my hands that work,
       when so many beg.

O marvelous Lord!

I thank You
       for having a home where to return to
       when there are so many people
       that do not have where to go.

For smiling when there are when so many who cry.

For being able to love
       when there are so many that hate.

For being able to dream
       when there are so many that toss and turn in nightmares.

For living when there are so many that die before birth
       and, above all,
       for having so little to ask and so much to thank for.


       Thank you, children of the Christ of Good, for having answered to My important call!

Who reunites you, blesses you, and loves you,

Your Most Holy Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


1Author of the prayer: Michel Quoist. Catholic priest of century XX