Monday, March 30 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,
In the beginning of this Sacred Week, in which together we will remember the greatest sacrifice of love of Our Lord, I invite you to internally relive the Passion of Christ as a tribute of love and of absolute sacrifice for humanity and for the planet.

In this way, children of Mine, you will extract from this experience of love the strength to receive the gifts that will transform your lives in soldiers of His Sacred Heart.

On this day in which together we begin the Sacred Week of Our Lord, offer to God this Passion of Jesus for the world, and mainly, for those who continue to hurt the Blessed Heart of My Son.

For this, children, renew yourselves during this week that will arrive and may you this year be able to awake the virtues of which My Son expects to help Himself in order to fulfill the project of His second coming to the world.

In this time humanity faces its own Passion and, in many cases, they are grave situations that affect societies and peoples submerged in the desperation that My adversary transmits.

But remember, dear children, that My Beloved Jesus overcame fear and temptation during His inner confirmation on the night of the last supper and, after that, in the Garden of Gethsemane, when He finally drank from the chalice of sacrifice that Adonai offered to Him.  In that moment humanity was redeemed.

For this, let us glorify the Lord and let us accompany Him well awake through this Calvary that He will begin to live for you.

Wake up to the life of the divine codes that Christ reached by means of His sacred surrender on the cross.  Do not waste time because the hour of your purification will manifest the great moment of accepting or not the path of the new Christs, of the new Apostles of My Son.

I ask you, children of Mine, that you have a meek heart, full of universal and divine love, so that in this way My Son may find a refuge where He may be able to rest.

Whoever l enters the Passion of Jesus during these days will spiritually assist the imprisoned souls, the ones that are in the same conditions of those that Jesus redeemed more than two thousand years ago, in receiving the Grace of the Mercy of Christ.

This Sacred Week will be definitive for many, and the brave ones will count on the assistance that they need in order to proceed.

Dear children, those who will be present in the Kingdom of Aurora, rejoice, because I send to you new priests so that the Passion of My Son may be relived even in your cells.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who prepares you to live the Passion of Our Lord,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace