Wednesday, February 28 of 2018

Daily Messages

From where the Breath of the Spirit of God is born, comes My Immaculate Heart, from the purest emanation of the Love of the Creator for His creatures. From there comes the Divine Womb of Creation, which gives life and spirit to all beings, and which not only creates, but protects and accompanies all that has been created.

A bridge to the heart of God, My children, this is how My Immaculate Heart expresses and manifests itself in your lives and in all the Creation.

More than Mother of the Son of Man, I Am the Mother of Life, life that is born and emanated from the deepest Love of God, and for this true Life I come to guide you.

I come to place your eyes in Heaven, on the intimate mystery of Creation, but I also come to place your eyes on Earth, in the intimate mystery that is kept in the reason for the creation of this planet.

I come to reveal to you the Infinite shown through the Portals that I open to reach the world, and I also come to reveal to you the mysteries that emerge from Earth when My Feet touch the ground.

Children, this is a life of mysteries where chaos lives with the most profound Love of God, and where the greatest treasure of creation hides among human beings, as pearls in the swamps of the world.

My Immaculate Heart reaches you at this time not only to rewrite your histories and to give you a new opportunity to serve God. My Heart also comes for you to know your origin, your divine and universal history, and so that, by recognizing what you have to transform in the depth of your spirits, and at the same time knowing the potential you have to do it for yourselves, beloved children, you may know how to write the history of Redemption of this planet.

Your history does not begin in this world. The Origin of Creation is more than the clay that arises from human beings. Your beings come from a Perfect Essence and from unimaginable Sources of eternal Love and donation, which create and recreate the Universes.

If you want to find the truth about your spirits, My children, today I open for you the doors for this. Just place your eyes in Heaven, but also know how to contemplate the Earth. Know how to read the symbols of the stars, and to see these symbols in your hearts; but also know how to read the symbols of the Earth, which renews itself through Nature, which shows the human beings the path to recreate this creation.

I am also Mother nature, the Mother who donates life and surrenders Her own life for the renewal of the world and of Her creatures.

Know how to see in the entrails of Earth the story of surrender and love that this planet has lived throughout the centuries of its evolution.

Know how to see life moving for the creatures to grow and, although often Nature seems to show its fury, My children, know how to see the Grace of God and His Justice. Nature does not get angry. Nature renews itself and gives the human beings the possibility to renew themselves.

Know how to see in the cycles of Nature how this planet donates itself constantly so that there may be life on its surface, for so that there may be evolution and love.

Enter in communion with nature, My children, and you will be able to know the mysteries that are written in its silence.

Nature speaks to the human beings through its simple existence and keeps in it the history of the evolution of humanity, transmuting and transforming what does not correspond to the purpose of this world, and offering to the human beings, in its most beautiful expression, what moves them to discover the love and the unity with God.

In nature is kept the history of humanity from the beginning. The most beautiful and pure that the human being can reach and live is kept in the depths of Heavens as in the entrails of the Earth.

Stay before Nature, children, as the stars, and you will know without understanding that this life is much broader than what is kept in the Sacred Books.

And to discover your own history, it is necessary to look at heaven as to the depths of the Earth; it is necessary to look at the spirit and to let oneself be guided by the soul, but also to know that what is kept in the depths of the human condition, that there are not only capital energies and illusions.

This is the time of Truth, and the Truth is expressed in all things that come from the Heart of God. His Consciousness inhabits everything, one must only silence the heart and observe, give oneself the opportunity to deepen one’s own evolution and, so, serve this world that sleeps in the middle of chaos, that loses itself in illusion.

Today, My beloved children, I come to bring you impulses that will take you to deepen your spiritual life, on awakening the truth within you and your profound union with God. You only need to listen to My Voice and follow it.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, Rose of Peace