Friday, July 13 of 2018

Daily messages

Times of Forgiveness and of Mercy

With the Grace of God in My Immaculate Heart, I come to reveal to you the mystery of Forgiveness and of Divine Mercy, for which no error is eternal, no condemnation is definitive and unalterable, if souls open themselves from the heart, repentant, to come to know the power and grace of Forgiveness and Mercy.

Today, My children, I come to invite you to heal in your hearts, the wounds that have been opened by the marks left in the past, by the mistakes made against humanity and against God Himself. In His infinite Grace, the God of Love and Forgiveness is always willing to forgive and pour out Mercy upon His children.

With the same simplicity in which you pray from the heart and cry out for peace, My children, the Creator opens His Arms to radiate over you and to erase all stains from your spirits and hearts. 

To know God is to know the power of His Forgiveness and the greatness of His Mercy, and to fear to distance oneself from it, not by an eternal punishment, but by the infinite need that the heart feels for the Love of God, when it truly knows it.

No error is unforgivable when the heart is disposed to forgiveness, when in humility it surrenders at the Feet of God to tell Him: "Lord, here I am, placing at Your Feet my mistakes and my existence. Redeem my spirit, wash my heart and consecrate me to You so that I may be a witness of Your Grace in this, and in all times that will come."

Cry out for the Mercy that flows incessantly from the Heart of God, and do not let this river of eternal Love pass through your lives without drinking from its Graces.

The only eternal condemnation, My children, is the one imposed by the human heart itself, which, out of its ignorance, pride and indifference, prefers to be tied to its sicknesses and sufferings than to launch itself surrendered at the Feet of God and to recognize that it had been lost, and that it needs to find itself again.

The Creator of all things, who has launched the seeds of life in the vast Universe of His Creation, aspires to collect the fruits of the growth of His children; fruits that have grown overcoming challenges and that will become strong, not for their beauty, but for what they keep inside.

Mistakes make you grow in humility and understanding, they make you recognize that by yourselves you will not be able to reach a true purpose, and that you will become prisoners of your own illusions when you do not surrender to the Love of God and His eternal and unfathomable Truth.

My children, lose the fear of being loved by an unknown and immense Love.

The Love of God cannot be compared at all to the love of humans, not because human beings cannot love like God, but simply because they have not yet opened themselves to love like God.

This love begins when you allow yourself to be loved, transformed and healed by His Presence. And it is after you have been blessed that you will be able to multiply what you have received.

Listen with love to what I tell you and open your hearts to a new time and a new cycle, for the time has come to receive Forgiveness and Mercy, while these Sources still spill forth on the Earth.

I love you, bless you and thank you for listening to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace