Sunday, September 15 of 2013

Daily messages

My Heart is the center of your Eucharist and through the Eucharist your beings will be redeemed from sin as from error.

Whoever communes with Me cleans every day the stains of their heart and affirms in each new encounter that My Sacred Spirit is a part of themselves. Through the Eucharistic Communion the evils of the souls are liberated and the steps are safe for whoever is willing to walk through the path of transformation.

It is through My Eucharistic Heart that the beings enter into the sublime act of the true reverence and it is at this moment that the consciousness finds the comfort and the strength that it seeks so much.

In this sense My Eucharistic Body is the solar element capable of liberating and of transmuting the deep traces that evil has left in the consciousness from the sieges received.

From the first moment in which My Life instituted the Eucharistic Communion as a ministry I was leaving to the world the power of My Solar and Divine Essence, because it was and it is only through the Eucharist that humanity will be able to liberate itself from the errors that it has imposed on itself.

For this in each new act of Communion of a soul with Me there is established a spiritual and divine relation capable of universally uniting Heaven and Earth for some moments. Whoever communes in Me not only opens the consciousness for new celestial things but also, that in an act of pacification, are removed from the world the grave and most heavy offenses that hurt Your God the Father.

It is necessary that humanity, before My Return, understands and gets to know what it is that happens when a being from the Earth communes in My Eucharistic Holy Spirit: the laws change and reverse the evil existent in the heart of all of the souls of the world. One’s own consciousness that communes with Me is forgiven and each time that it participates in the sacred ceremony its life becomes blank, as sheets of a sacred book.

The most sinful souls receive the opportunity of meeting Me in some moment of life and especially, the Eucharistic Communion of all of the beings with Me repairs and re-establishes the plans of life and of evolution for the consciousnesses as for their spirits.

For this it is time to open the chest that exists in the heart of each being so that the infinite light may pour and expand the Christic codes in each consciousness. The Eucharist in this time foresees a rapid process of redemption, expelling the indifferences and arrogances that the souls generate day by day.

My Eucharistic Body, adored and venerated by souls, will establish the thousand years of peace for the future Earth. It is the moment to build this peace at a time in which peace does not exist so that all may, in this way, achieve it.

Under the Peace of the Lord, be blessed.

Thank you for communing with your heart with My Spirit!

Christ Jesus, Eucharistic Spirit