Child, write with attention what I will dictate to you today, this is a divine exhortation of love.

Dear companions and My followers:

Given the material results for the supporting of the Work of Love of the Divine Messengers and the lack of conscious collaboration with resources after all the impulses received during the last Sacred Week, your Master and Lord of the Universe today announces the possible cancellation and the absolute retreat of all the meetings scheduled for the month of May at the Marian Center of Aurora and at the Marian Center of Figueira.

You know that in order to be able to express the Work of God on the surface and above all in this current humanity, it is necessary to have faithful and permanent collaborators so that they can be on Earth the bridge of light or the torchlight that illuminates the times and allows the spiritual Graces to descend to the Earth.

To take care of the Work of Love of the Divine Messengers is not only to attune with it and participate; it also means to collaborate, to support, to donate, to sustain and lovingly contribute with all material that is necessary to supply and furnish, such as, for example, all the life of the Marian Centers and especially of the Communities-of-Light.

In this last cycle of transition, in which My companions are going through various problems and all kind of tests, it has been removed the essential attention of collaboration and of the donation necessary to sustain the Work.

If current humanity, the nations, the continents and above all your hearts reach the point of being without divine assistance in this acute cycle, the world would suffer serious consequences because of the great quantity of accumulated faults.

With this I do not want to generate sensationalism, but it is urgent that you perceive that, through your own acts, ways of thinking or of deciding not to collaborate, you are closing the door to Divine Mercy.

I believe, companions, that after the last Sacred Week you have been faithful witnesses of all material and spiritual effort made for the manifestation of this important meeting and how little help it received from all.

To you, putting the hand on the heart, I ask you to reconsider and put your attention on what is truly essential and what this Work of Love needs to achieve with the loving and sincere help of all My companions.

If this assistance, which today I directly ask you by means of this message, does not come to happen before the end of April, I declare, as of now, that the sacred meetings of May will be cancelled, since to carry forward a work faithful donators are necessary.

I know, since more than two thousand years ago, that it would be very difficult for the souls of this planet to be available to collaborate for love with the Divine Work.

But I ask you, for love, to break this chain of indifference, because on the Day of Judgment, which is approaching, everything will be placed on the table to be judged under the Higher Light.

I thank you for being considerate and responsible!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus