Friday, July 26 of 2013

Daily messages

I Am the conductor of your life.

I Am the Captain that from love will lead you to find a new port, the port of salvation.

Only through Me are opened the new paths.

Only through My Heart the soul will find wisdom because only through My Love you will achieve Mercy and Piety.

Never forget that I love you as God created you; that My Heart knows about your difficulties. For this hold on to My Light so that you may walk step by step under the protection of My Heart.

I want to lead you towards something that now you are not. For this you must give Me your yes so that the great miracle may happen in your spirits.

I ask you to pray for those who are internally and spiritually blind because they are the souls that most separate themselves from My Merciful Heart. I ask you for faith and truth, surrender and full trust in My Heart.

The new Christ’s are already awakening to perceive that they must not carry anymore upon their shoulders the cart of yesterday. The new and merciful waits for you, do not fear that it may not be that which you have controlled so much through all this walk, only dedicate your life to the Plan of God and vigil so that the Purpose may always be clear before you.

The time of resting between My Arms and of affirming the unusual path that today My Heart proposes to you has come.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My messages from the heart!

Christ Jesus.