Wednesday, November 4 of 2015

Monthly messages

Companions of Mine and favorite children of My beloved Father,

Today I am here with you for a higher and spiritual reason that I am going to explain to you. Today I am in this city and over this region to help it, but I have come here especially because I have heard from Heaven the voice and the faithful petition of My children.

Dear brothers and sisters, children of My Father, servers of My Mercy, this nation has lost the consciousness about the true existence and purpose of all the Plant Kingdom.

At the request of all the Celestial Universe, and through the supplications of all the angels that take care of the consciousness of the Plant Kingdom on this planet, I have decided, along with the divine authority, to descend in Glory and Piety over all this region that conforms one of the most important creations of My Father for the material universe: the Amazon.

There, just as in other places of the world, exists the spiritual sustenance for life of all the beings of the planet.  The Amazon is the cradle for the New Humanity. It is the sacred epicenter of the whole Plant Kingdom.

It is for the suffering and annihilation that the Plant and Animal Kingdom live there that My Father has granted Me the Grace of coming to prevent a disaster with world consequences in this entire sacred area, an area that is subdued by humankind in a perverse and materialistic way.

The reality that the Amazon suffers is a weight for humanity: a reality that generates, as a result, the illnesses, the wars and the lack of peace and of harmony in the humanity of the Earth.

My Merciful Heart did not want to descend in a city of the Amazon not to commit, neither to generate oppression in those who perpetrate so many works against the balance of Creation.

If in truth the planet were loved and respected, humanity would never have to undergo a great purification.  It is for this that the Son of God incarnated in an ancient humanity to avoid the self-destruction.

Here in Boa Vista I found hearts willing to lovingly help Me and to pray with Me for the sublime action of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy.


Thus, companions, I have asked the consciousness of all the members of this nation to come here, to Boa Vista, to work with Christ for the redemption of the Amazon. I hope you have understood Me.

For this, I thank you for the presence of those who are here today to pray in union with the Heart of Jesus.

The suffering of the Kingdoms of nature is caused by the lack of love and care towards the Creation.

God created the Minor Kingdoms to help on the evolution of humankind of surface and, after so many cycles and centuries, humanity has done everything wrong, which has always been outside the Holy Law.

However, as My Mercy is unfathomable, I have come to Boa Vista to implore together with you for the Mercy of God to descend over all of humanity.

For this reason, this next Marathon will be dedicated to all the Minor Kingdoms; all the praying people and devotees are called by Jesus Christ to pray for them.

Thus, they will permit humanity to heal and redeem its main spiritual illness: the destruction of that manifested Creation on this planet. This is the root of the whole chaos of humanity and of the events that precipitate, each day more, over the world.

May this Marathon represent an awakening of the consciousness of each creature that has lost love and the notion of what the Minor Kingdoms mean.

If most of humanity took care and prayed to revert the causes that harm the seas, the continents and the Kingdoms of nature, there would be no planetary transition nor Apocalypses.

I thank you for the interest on the part of all the praying Brazilians for the reality of My beloved Amazon.

In the name of Truth and of the Divine Consciousness, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Heart,

Glorified Christ Jesus