Saturday, May 20 of 2017

The Sacred Call

Today, Africa beats in My Merciful Heart. And I do this for all who have offended it, those who mistreated it, those who colonized it, and who opened uncertain doors for the perdition of souls.

But today I do not come to speak to you of the abysses, but rather of the infinite purity that exists in each child of Mine in Africa, that through the ages I have venerated and contemplated with love.

For this reason, the hour and the moment have come for your King to return to Africa, to close the last doors and have the Heavens and the Universes descend and put an end to human suffering.

My Blood was also shed for them, to generate salvation and freedom in their souls from all the abysses of the Earth. It is to this end that today I bring the Holy Grail in My Hands, to give you My divine Blood, so that you may commune of it and put an end to suffering, hopelessness, affliction, and human pain.

I come today to pour out My Blood over Africa. In this way, I pour out My Blood over Portugal and Europe, to put an end to human discord, to the exploitation of these times, to the indignation that the children and young people of Africa feel on being mistreated throughout time and the years.

Today, I come to open My Arms and to stretch out My Hands for a sorrowful and suffering continent. I come to offer My Sacred Heart as a universal atonement for all the causes that have taken place on the African continent throughout the last decades.

I come to give the Light of My Spirit and of My Divinity. My Heart rejoices today on having received a humble basket of intentions and entreaties on My Altar. In this way, I want My littlest children of Africa to have the total certainty and assurance that their King is pouring His divine and infinite Mercy over them.

Thus, when I arrive in Africa the next time, I will again consecrate it to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; because, companions, we must give thanks to this great Maternal and Universal Consciousness, which has generated the means and the spiritual conditions so that My Sacred Heart also finally triumphs in Africa.

I come to place the balm of My Healing in each African heart; to seal the evils, the sorrows, and the sufferings generated by the hearts of Europe towards that so wounded continent.

I come to ask of all Europe, that they pray every day on their knees, an Our Father for the re-consecration of Africa to My Sacred Heart. In that way, dear companions, you who are from here, from Europe, and all the souls of the whole world that are aware of the adversity that the African continent lives, generated by other nations and peoples, may open the doors with their prayers and hearts, so that My Celestial Victory may descend over that continent and over all nations.

Today I come to offer this Chalice, this Sacred Grail, for the innocent, for the victims of exploitation, martyrdom, and annihilation.

Today My spiritual Blood is poured out, the codes of life and of renewal, as a great tributary, as an inexhaustible spring, over all those souls that most need it. Here there is a life story; souls that belong to the Project of God and that are trying in these times of crisis, to live hope.

My wish is that each European spiritually and materially take on each one of these "crianças” (little children). I say "crianças", from the Portuguese, because this mission is especially for the Portuguese; for those who are here and those who are not here. I want to be clear, so that you may understand the importance of fulfilling this request of your Master and Lord of the Universe.

In each one of these intentions, as in each one of these photos, there is a story, a past, which must be redeemed, renewed, and restored by My Sacred Heart, and all the entreaties of those who unite with Me in this mission to generate, at the end of times, a healing, love, and unity in all the souls of Africa; especially for the souls that are in this basket, entreating My Merciful Heart for a divine intercession of the Celestial Father, that today I grant by the authority that He gave Me, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Here are one hundred and twenty-eight essences that offered to incarnate in Africa, so that humanity may learn about the suffering of others, about human pain, about torture, exploitation, and indifference.

I desire that all the hearts of the world not forget My beloved Africa and look towards it, because it is still silently suffering.

 The reason for this pilgrimage in Europe is not only for your souls and hearts, which have already received so much, but so that your spirits and your consciousnesses unite with my universal Ministry, and so that you may go two by two, to help those who most need it, as well as the Kingdoms of Nature.

At this sacred moment, when Adonai hears the plea of His beloved Son and the intentions of simple hearts, your Master and Lord will pray for each one of these souls, representing all the souls of Africa and the Middle East.

We will now listen to "Thus spoke the Master."

We place our left hand over the heart, on the chest.

Father, Adonai, Eli, Yahve, You Who has generated life, give it again to Your creatures, so they may vivify You and feel You in the very depths of their spirits.

Eli, listen to the Voice of Your Son, who pleads for His beloved Africa. Dispel the sufferings. Erase the anguish from hearts. Bring alight in the littlest ones the hope of continuing to live You until the end of their days.

May Your angels descend, Eli. Eli is Your Holy Name, Your Holy Name for all of Africa, for Your beloved people, marked by the wounds and imprints of persecution.

Today I return to that people, Eli. Today I return to the origin, where everything began on this planet; to the place where Your first civilization of love, of service, and of surrender was launched, when You poured out Your divine Codes upon them.

May souls recover the trust of being able to live. May all be healed, so that no cell and no body feel the suffering, nor feel the pain, nor lose the faith of believing in You.

Just as you asked Moses to take care of Your People, today I hear Your Voice, Eli, beloved Father; I take care of Your flocks, so that the seeds of life, of regeneration, may be sown in the souls that have been subjected to human punishment, to exploitation, in these times.

May Your Source of Love and of Light descend upon them. May all recover the joy of being able to feel You and may they live in the fullness of Your mighty Spirit, Adonai. 

Adonai Manu, Father, listen to the voice of Your People.

Adonai, Elah, may Your Will be fulfilled.

Eli, Eli, Eli, may all be consummated, so that humanity, which is suffering, may achieve peace. Amen.

These intentions and these photos will return to those they belong to. I will take them to Angola, to deliver them to each one of them, and thus to give them My deepest embrace of love.

So be it.

And now, in honor of the Most Blessed Mother of Heaven, your Advocate, Intercessor of souls, and Mediator of all hearts, in thanksgiving, gratitude, reverence, and devotion, and for the consecration of these elements, which will become the Body and the Blood of Christ, today I will ask you to call and invoke Our Lady of Kibeho.

And thus, I take you toward My Peace, because in the Peace of God, everything is done. In Peace, you can live eternal life, renewal and faith in all hearts that believe in My Sacred Heart.

May the good and love reign. May humanity live the Project of God. May the Kingdoms of Nature be healed and may all essences of this world achieve redemption, so that when I return in Glory, we may all experience the joy of Paradise. Amen.

I thank all those who will carry Africa in their heart, so that My Designs may be fulfilled; and My Mercy, which is the Mercy of your God, may expand throughout the whole world.

So may it be, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Let us continue singing, because today, your beloved Son, will carry the pleas of all those who have invoked for Africa to His beloved Servant, Mother, and Lady of Heaven,.

I thank you. Amen.