Friday, November 6 of 2015

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of Christ Jesus during the 28th Marathon of Divine Mercy, in the city of Boa Vista, Roraima, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

For the Amazon, I would give My Life again, but I know that I cannot. I would wish to do it so that humanity could understand the value of the Creation of God, which is the true witness, which is the faithful example for all creatures of the Earth that need the Lower Kingdoms to be able to evolve in spirit and in soul.

The lung of this planet is so important that souls do not even perceive what it is that is taking place in all of this region. And how the Heart of My Father, which is blessed, is also transgressed by the hands of humankind when each of them destroys the Creation!

How will the world be able to be in balance and in peace? How can the world free itself of the wars and persecution, if humanity still does not understand what it is doing? Even if the majority perceive with their heart that things are not well in these times.

That is why I come to change your lives according to a perfect model, just as I did with the apostles in the past, who accepted Me washing their feet, who accepted dining with Me, eating of My Body and drinking of My Blood, to revive their spirits in redemption.

The unknown power of redemption, which comes directly from the Heart of Adonai, is offered to all the souls of the Earth in this last definite hour, in which all the hearts of the world must define their paths for the good or for evil. There will no longer be any halfway, illusion will no longer exist. The material life that all souls are submerged in daily will also not exist, separating them from the Heart of My Father, from the true Light and from the true Love that nurtures each created consciousness, in this and in other universes. What more will we be able to do, companions, so that the planet may be completely transfigured? If with twelve people I was able to achieve the Passion, carry out wonders, and transmit the Gospel of Peace to the four corners of the Earth; with each one of you, companions, under the Spirit of My Divine Consciousness, I will be able to do many more things for this humanity. But it is few that want to faithfully follow My Heart in complete surrender, with total trust, and with total love for My merciful Heart.

 In this hour, companions, I come to show you the times of emergency that all are experiencing, the lack of peace in the world, and the lack of unity among the hearts of the planet. 

I came to teach you in the past about fraternity. I came to show you the path for healing your lives, and I still have not tired of coming to seek you time and again, knocking on the doors of your hearts to call you to the ministry and to the service for humanity.

I know that many of those present are waking today to this purpose. But those already in My Purpose, are they doing everything that I need for these times?

I need you to be My apostles of the Truth and of Love, that the flame of your hearts never go out, because it will be the flame of your hearts, companions, that will be seen by many of My children. I will be able to enter all the dwelling places so that hearts may be revived and life may become divine, according to the Principles of God.

I will not cease to walk by your side. I am untiring, companions. I come from the Celestial Universe to visit you in Divinity, in Spirit, to be able to give you My Peace and My Love. The Peace and the Love of God must be your only purposes. There is nothing more to be done in this humanity, while Love, Peace, and the Truth are lost through the annihilation and the mutilation of all the Kingdoms, and of human beings themselves, who forget they are brothers and sisters, created by God in His image and likeness since the beginning of the Genesis Project.

But I know that many human beings from Earth do not want to focus on what I am telling you today, because their interest is in the material life, in their own realization, in the conquest of false project that will collapse from their own weight in this last cycle of the transition.

Forgive Me, companions, for the strong Words that I speak. I come to wake you up to a greater consciousness, for humanity is not interested in what we are saying. Very few read the messages so as to nurture their spirits and thus find the foundations for the new evolution of the soul, that will be able to transcend these end times, amidst the tribulation and the darkness. For who is with Me will fear nothing.

My Heart is powerful and invincible. I welcome all hearts into My divine Spirit, so that they may always know what to do in each moment of life, in each instant in which God calls on them to serve.

Now feel My Sacred Heart that descends to this world in an infinity of Love, in a power of Grace and of Mercy.

Take My Heart with your hands and place it in your hearts. Feel the fire of My Heart that transcends the times, that is an eternal fire that transforms and redeems all things in the souls of the Earth that open to recognize the King, from the beginning to the end.

Take My Heart with your hands and feel the splendor of the Light of God that comes to tell you that you are worthy children of God, that you should remember this filiation with the Most High, which many of you lost through the adversities of My enemy.

Take the Heart with your hands and feel the love that beats within each one of your beings. Feel the fire of My redemption, the fire of the Love and of the unity that comes to lead you on the only pathway that will take you back again to the Heart of God.

Feel in your hands My Heart that suffers for the world, that suffers for the ignorant.

Feel My Heart that transmits Its Peace to you, the Peace of the Kingdom of God that is very forgotten by all the beings of the Earth.

Feel My praying Heart that prays for you with patience, with love, with compassion.

This is the Heart of Jesus that saves you.

This is the Heart that surrendered for you and suffered for the world up to the last hour of death.

This is the Heart that triumphed and defeated evil, by the power of the Love of God.

This is the Heart that persevered for each one of you.

It is the Heart of your Master that comes to call you to the awakening, to an awareness, and to unity.

This is the Heart that lives for you, that thirsts for your hearts, for your souls, for your infinite consciousnesses.

This is the Heart that accepts all things, that loves all things, that understands all things.

It is the Heart that forgives, that frees, that expels evil, that brings peace and serenity for these times.

This is the Heart that comes from the Universe to remind you of life, the precious life that God gave each one of you.

Let your lives be like My Heart, for redemption is possible when the soul humbles itself before the Redeemer.

This is the Heart that waits for you. My Heart is the doorway to the new humanity.

This is the Heart of the Son of God that was among you and promised to return in Glory to save you and take you to the Kingdom of God.

Accept My Heart, and never forget It. Those in My Heart will have eternal life.

And so, I listen to your pleas, dissolve your doubts, heal your wounds, fill your hearts with My absolute Love.

And in this way, I wait for you every day of your lives so that you may keep Me in mind now and always, until I return in Body, Soul, and Divinity from the Heavens. And with My Angels of Light, we open the doors to the Throne of God so that His Graces may descend over the hearts that do not deserve them, for the work of your prayers, in these two days, granted these Graces to the greatest sinners.

Each time a soul receives a sacrament through a simple teaching that I left for the planet, the spirit has the opportunity of walking in My trust and of never separating from Me. This is the spiritual principle of the science of My Sacraments.

I bless you.

I thank you for this opportunity of My Divine Mercy having approached this city and all of the Amazon.

Each one who prays is left with the mission of continuing to pray for the Lower Kingdoms of Creation, for all the angels that work for this project of the planet. 

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Go in peace and be the peace, now and always.