Christ Jesus transmits a new series of messages: "Manifestation of Aurora"

"The Kingdom of Aurora must be a completely manifested space so that the task of Aurora may take place on the surface."
Christ Jesus, January 4, 2019

On January 3, Our Lord began a series of messages called "Manifestation of Aurora." We understand Manifestation of Aurora to be its Marian Center and the areas of the Light-Community of Fraternity, located in the rural area of the department of Paysandú in Uruguay.

In that same region, the Virgin Mary made Her first apparition, in 2007, revealing Herself as the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. It was also there that the Master Jesus began to transmit messages to the visionary monks of the Grace Mercy Order. Without a doubt, it is a sacred space, chosen by the Messengers of God, to present Themselves to humanity.

What in the beginning was mostly fields and orange groves, with the effort and dedication of many, became a community, monasteries and a Marian Center. Each stage was manifested according to precise indications transmitted by the Divinity.

Currently, the Light-Community of Fraternity has three areas: Redención 1, Redención 2, and Redención 3, besides the Marian Center. In the first years, those spaces received a great impulse of manifestation. Now, Our Lord calls us again to turn our eyes and hearts towards this place of the planet, in which He descended from the Heavens to give us His Word of Life.

In this series of messages, Christ is telling us of the importance of our continuing with the manifestation of Aurora:

Companions and brothers and sisters of Mine,
it is not by preference nor any other reason, but it is necessary that you do not forget
that Aurora still has not finished materializing on its surface and, in order
for this to become possible, you must be aware and collaborate with this sacred space(...).

Christ Jesus, January 3, 2019

Our Lord has indicated the pending needs for 2019, among which are the implementation of the basic infrastructure for welcoming pilgrims to the Marian Center, the expansion of the kitchen of the community and many other requests. Furthermore, He encourages us to promote campaigns to gather resources and other initiatives,

Following, read the messages.

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"I leave everything that the Kingdom of Aurora needs for 2019, not only for the Uruguayans, but also for the whole world. 
I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart and for considering Aurora as a door to your redemption!"
Christ Jesus, January 3, 2019