7th Sacred Week: Find out what happened in the great meeting with Christ Jesus

A flood of blessings, instructions and revelations. That was the 7th Sacred Week which took place from August 9 - 16, 2020, in the Marian Center of Figueira, in Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

During eight unforgettable days, participants from 147 countries had the opportunity to follow, via the Internet, the Apparitions of Christ Jesus to the visionary monk of the Grace Mercy Order, Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús. They participated in moments of prayer and devotional music.

In this edition of the event, Our Lord opened the doors of His Celestial Church to all souls of the world. In this sacred temple, in the inner planes, He further deepened into the work of elevation of our consciousnesses. 

The Master shared with us great revelations, dating back to the beginning of Creation, and poured out a flow of Graces upon humanity. He gave us everything, with sublime love and transparency, in order to make us discover our original essences, to know our divine purpose and to live the Will of God in this definitive time. 

The event was also the scene of the consecration of new Helpers of the Divine Mercy of Jesus and new Adorers of the Mystical and Eucharistic Body of Christ*. In addition, participants were surprised by fortunate news when, at the end of the meeting, Christ Jesus announced the realization of the eighth and final Sacred Week in 2021.

*All health measures established by the competent health agencies were observed in the performance of this event.

Below, read the summary of what happened in the eight days of Sacred Week 2020.


  DAY 1 - AUGUST 9, 2020

On the first day, Christ Jesus opened the doors of His Celestial Church to souls and did a great work of planetary liberation. In the face of the presence of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, as the great legacy of the Wisdom of God, and in the company of the angelic universe, our inner beings had the opportunity to receive the impulses of light from the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to renew their commitments with the Plans of God.

The entrance into the Celestial Church

Our Lord invited us to enter through the main entrance of His Celestial Church and to approach the great altar in the center of the temple. There lies the Ark of the Holy Covenant, which acts as a spiritual source of light for all souls present.

Beside the great altar was the Virgin Mary, accompanied by the holy women and some of the apostles, praying for our souls. At that moment, Christ Jesus announced the arrival of the Eternal Father.

The expansion of the Celestial Church

As Christ Jesus welcomed us into His Celestial Church, it expanded over the world to receive all souls, from all peoples and nations, regardless of their spiritual and material state or their imperfections and mistakes. 

According to the Master, the souls who were living this divine experience did it for all their brothers and sisters upon Earth. He affirmed that in His Celestial Church one language was spoken: “The language of the heart, unmistakable and perfect.” Christ Jesus, August 9, 2020

Words from the God of Mercy

Christ Jesus then recalled the moment when God thought of creating His creatures. At this moment, the presence of the God of Mercy was manifested, who said through His Firstborn Son:

Reconcile with Me! I am your Creator, I am the Beginning and I am the End. In My House, there is a special place for each one of My children. (...) I am the God of Mercy, of the profound Divine Wisdom, the God of Compassion and Love. Children, straighten your lives, correct your paths, the end time is approaching and you will only have Me to go through it. I am the God of goodness, the God of acceptance, the unconditional Spirit. Today, your Eternal Father does not look at your faults, but at the gift that He placed in each one of you, with so much love. When will you offer it to Me? My Son has taught you how to do it.

Christ Jesus, August 9, 2020

God proclaimed that this is the time for reconciliation, so that peace and healing may reach the world. He also revealed that, through the Grace of  listening to His words, He had granted an atonement to the world, which would soon be known. 

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  DAY 2 - AUGUST 10, 2020

On the second day, Christ Jesus invited us to be at the side of the Virgin Mary and the Angels of the Celestial Church, to contemplate what happened, in the inner planes, after His death on the Cross. In reliving these facts, the Master has poured out upon the planet the divine codes contained in the spiritual relics of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which were kept by the Archangel Gabriel in the Ark of the Holy Covenant. On this occasion, there was also the consecration of new Helpers of the Divine Mercy of Jesus*.

*All health measures established by the competent health agencies were observed in the performance of this event.

The Archangel Gabriel and the relics of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Christ Jesus said that after His final breath, while His soul, transfigured, illuminated and glorified, came down to the lower worlds to purify and elevate fallen souls, other important events that make up the greatest divine mystery of all times were taking place at the top of Mount Calvary.

According to the revelations of Our Lord, the Archangel Gabriel descended from heaven with a chalice between his hands, accompanied by 12 of His Angels, to gather the spiritual fruits of the Blood of Christ and take them to the Celestial Church. It was then that, in order to expand the Redemptive Work of His Son more strongly throughout the world, The Most Holy Mary offered to the Archangel the most precious relic of all: the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The Light of the Love of God

At this point in His Apparition, the Master led us to visualize the Virgin Mary, with Her Son in Her arms, surrounded by Saint Mary Magdalene, Saint John the Apostle, Joseph of Arimathea and some of the holy women. At that time, while they all contemplated the physical death of Jesus, the life of the soul of Jesus, a deep light emerged from His chest, coming from His wounded Heart. It was The Light of the Love of God, Emmanuel, whose consciousness was approaching from the top of Mount Calvary.

Our Lord then asked us to see this same light that had shone from the Sacred Heart of Jesus within us and feel His immense love. He instructed us to keep this luminous emanation of God forever in our hearts as also did Our Lady and the holy women, 

The Ark of the Holy Covenant

Christ Jesus led our souls to accompany, within the Celestial Church, the moment when the Archangel Gabriel placed in the Ark of the Holy Covenant the spiritual relic of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and kept His wound as the great offering of the Love of God for all Creation. Upon receiving this offering, the Ark illuminated until it disappeared due to  the intense light, as did the entire Celestial Church and all Creation, on the spiritual, mental and material planes, including our souls.

The covenant of souls with Christ

Through the spiritual work done during this Apparition, Christ poured out upon the planet the divine mysteries of love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In addition, each of the souls who lived this experience within the Celestial Church in the subtle dimensions was given the opportunity to take another step in their consecration to the Divine Plan, because the Virgin Mary offered rings of commitment to those of Her children willing to take the path of Christification. The inner beings who accepted this vow with God received their rings from the hands of the Universal Mother at the center of the altar of the Celestial Church before the paternal gaze of Christ Jesus and the 24 Elders of the Apocalypse. 

After this ceremony, which took place in the internal planes, Christ Jesus consecrated, on the stage of the auditorium of the Marian Center of Figueira, five new Helpers.

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  DAY 3 - AUGUST 11, 2020

On the third day, Christ Jesus led us into the presence of Emmanuel, one of the great aspects of God. The Master explained that Emmanuel is the Thinking God and Creator, who has gestated in His Spirit all that exists in Creation and in the Universe. In this way, when we came into contact with the Primordial Source of Emmanuel, we had the opportunity to know our origin and to awaken for the purpose of our existences.

Sacred Geometry

Our Lord affirmed that, from the Creative Mind of Emmanuel, all forms that constitute the manifestation of the spiritual, mental and material universes are born. As sacred symbols of Creation, these shapes are geometrically and mathematically perfect.

The Creative Source of Emmanuel

Before the Celestial Church, we were in contact with The Creative Source of Emmanuel, ruled by the Blue Ray, which expresses the Infinite and Pure Mind of God. Christ Jesus announced that from this Source the Archangels were born, also called Creator Fathers, responsible for emanating the divine principles and attributes for this material universe.

The Nebula of Emmanuel

Our Lord asked us to visualize within us the great Creative Nebula of Emmanuel. As a manifestation of the Mind of the Eternal Father, it impels, from the beginning of Creation, the realization of the Divine Will. He revealed that this Nebula holds the origin of our beings, the purpose of our lives, and the path that will bring us back to God.

The Sacred Purpose

According to the Master, thanks to the descent of the Celestial Church, the Creator Fathers were able to pour out the principles of the Primordial Source of Emmanuel upon all possible essences in order to awaken them for the sacred purpose of their existences.

Christ Jesus affirmed:

If that happens, and souls understand the message that comes from the universe, the end of time will not be necessary and chaos will end in humanity because millions of souls will be aware of their purpose and would be able to amend their mistakes through experiences of love and redemption.

Christ Jesus, August 11, 2020

He also pointed out that through the intercession of the Creator Fathers, many fallen essences were able to return to the Source to recover the principles they lost, and the attributes they abandoned in their evolutionary trajectory.

The sacred names of God

Christ Jesus emphasized that the names of God are great keys to access to the Supreme Consciousness and the reunion with the Primordial Source that has generated us. He also recalled that Emmanuel is not the only creative manifestation of the Eternal Father and that it must be our aspiration to penetrate more into the mystery of the Sacred Names of God, because they are divine vibrations that bathe all dimensions of the Universe.

The Power of Emmanuel

In this Apparition, we were also told that this aspect of God, Emmanuel, is the great Restorative Power of the Universe, and that, during the three days in the sepulcher, it was His Light that restored Christ Jesus and led Him to the Resurrection.

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  DAY 4 - AUGUST, 2020


There will never be a question without an answer;
everything is in the Adoration, inside and outside of the consciousness.

Christ Jesus, August 12, 2020

On the fourth day, Christ Jesus led the solemnity of consecration of new Adorers of the Mystical and Eucharistic Body of Christ*. He said that an angelic procession descended from Heaven and stood next to the Blessed Sacrament at the altar to accompany this ceremony.

The Master affirmed that the souls who adore the Blessed Sacrament today have adored him in the past and He emphasized that the great task of the adorers of the world has just begun because, from the institution of Corpus Christi to the present, everything was a preparation for this final cycle.

The task of the adorers

He pointed out that in this definitive time, adoration will not only unite us to His Celestial Church, but will also lead us to know many mysteries of His Sacred Heart, that have not yet been revealed to the world.

Through the deep connection with My Heart, they are not only wardens of the spiritual treasures of the Redeemer, but through the Adoration, their spiritual life is changed and redeemed, forgiven and absolved of the errors of the past. In this end time, Adoration modifies the human genetics, transubstantiating and redeeming it in each practice of Adoration.

Christ Jesus, August 12, 2020

Adoration also allows the spiritual treasures present in the Eucharist to remain available to souls and be poured out upon the planet. In addition, each adorer repairs the offenses received by the Sacred Heart of Jesus and balances the negative actions committed by humankind, generating merits for the Supreme Grace to descend and for hearts to have a new opportunity for redemption.

Eucharistic Miracles

Our Lord said that adoration is a Divine Law, instituted spontaneously since the time of the first Christian communities, by souls devoted to His Merciful Heart.

He explained that this Divine Law allows the mysteries of the immaterial universe to manifest themselves to adorers and, by the work of the Holy Spirit, to produce eucharistic miracles. The Master said that, for this reason he needs our lives to be “the eucharistic miracle itself through Adoration” in this culminating time.

Signs in the sky and tabernacles of Earth

Christ Jesus declared that the power of the Eucharist is still unknown to humanity, but it will reveal itself at the end of time as a great visible sign in heaven. In addition, He revealed that in His Return there will not only be signs in the sky, but also in all the tabernacles of the Earth, that have been properly adored and revered by souls.

5 powers of Christ

According to Our Lord, in the Holy Eucharist are the five powers of Christ: Liberation, Transfiguration, Transubstantiation, Redemption and Mercy. It also keeps the synthesis of His entire life and experience with humanity, being the witness of the presence of the living God upon Earth.

The Master encouraged us to seek, contemplate and adore His five powers through adoration, for in this way, we can reach them. On that day, He also performed a planetary task to reverse the indifference and omission of humankind with the Will of God. 

*All health measures established by the competent health agencies were observed in the performance of this event

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  DAY 5 - AUGUST 13, 2020

In this Apparition, Christ Jesus carried in His hands the great Scroll that God wrote for humankind, containing His ardent and sublime desire for each one of His children. It was the same scroll that, in Genesis, was presented to the Archangels, to be applied, with Adam and Eve, in the first humanity.

However, the Master affirmed that the destiny of Earth was changed from the beginning, due to disobedience to the Law of Love, and therefore the divine purpose has not been fulfilled on the planet to this day. He announced that He will return to Earth to finish accomplishing what is missing, noting that this Sacred Week was a preamble to lead humankind to the recovery of its original essence.

Time of Opportunity

The Master revealed that if He had not come more than 2,000 years ago, the planet would not be inside this Solar System, because the injustice of humanity at that time was too great. But unfortunately, even with the Blood He shed from the top of the Cross, human beings are still mistaken to this day.

However, humanity will have a unique opportunity to awaken, similar to the one that the people of Israel received with the birth of the Messiah, and they may regain the place they lost, before Adam and Eve made their first mistakes, and left Eden.

If we can overcome the duality in which we live, originated from the time of Genesis, we can correct the mistakes of the past, recover genetically and manifest the archetype thought of by God for the human beings on the surface of the Earth. From this important evolutionary step, it also depends on the resolution of many other situations that humanity does not know about. 

With all His love, the Master recommended we continue changing our attitudes and habits, especially through repentance and penance, while it is still time for Mercy. Thus, when Divine Justice descends to Earth, we will not suffer so much from the impact of the Universal Laws.

The Return of Christ

Our Lord said that we need to prepare for His Return, which is not far away. He has revealed that He will arrive at the least expected moment, and we must be ready to recognize Him and go to Meet Him. He also announced that He will come with all the glory of Heaven, with the Universe at His feet, accompanied by the Angelic Hosts and the Brotherhood. Everyone will be able to see the true face of the Son of God, as no one has seen Him before. 

The awakening of souls

Christ Jesus indicated that we must help our brothers and sisters awaken and prepare for His Return. According to Him, this goes beyond any religion, because His message of love and forgiveness comes from the Divine Source which, in the words of the Master “is one and universal. It is the Source of all creatures and consciousnesses, on all levels of Creation. That Divine Source belongs to each being, because we all come from it and the goal of this experience on Earth, as well as in the universe, is that you someday return to that Source, to renew Creation with all that you have learned and experienced.” Christ Jesus, August 13, 2020

Christ Jesus also announced that His aspiration to visit the five continents in due time, still remains in force. He said that despite the different languages, all of humanity will understand His message, because it will be the Spirit of God that will make them understand.

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  DAY 6 - AUGUST 14, 2020

On that day, Christ Jesus continued to do spiritual work to help us understand the reason for our existences so that we could live the Divine Will.

Through His Celestial Church, He brought us closer to the Primordial Source and placed our consciences before the presence of Elohim, an aspect of God that represents the realization of the Will throughout Creation.

The Primordial Source

The Master affirmed that at the origin God had a purpose for Creation, whose sacred matrixes were deposited in the minds of the Creator Fathers, the Archangels.

However, the Creator Fathers knew only a part of the mystery of Creation. The reason for this was that the Will of God could not be understood only by the mental universe, since it arose, not only from Divine Thought, but also from a deep feeling, born at the core of Celestial Father.

Thus, in order for angelic beings to carry the Divine Project forward, even without being able to cover its totality, God placed in their essences the attribute of obedience.

The lake of blue light

Christ Jesus then conducted an extraordinary spiritual exercise, transporting our consciousnesses to the moment of the origin of creation. 

He asked us to visualize the Eternal Father at the Primordial Source before the Creator Fathers at the time when He called Them to serve Him. Between God and the Creator Fathers, there was a deep lake of blue light, which was where it all began. From there, the first Will of God, His most ardent desire, departed.

Deepening into the adhesion of our inner beings, the Master directed us to go beyond our resistances and difficulties and to place ourselves as the Creator Fathers at the origin of Creation had done. He asked us, as they did, to open our hearts to the hidden meaning of the Divine Will.

The Christified

Our Lord pointed out that in order to fulfill the Will of God, as it was thought of at the origin, and to recover the evolutionary purpose of humanity, a new generation of Christifieds would arise on the planet.

Christ warned, however, that there will be no way to understand this event, because it will be something that, beyond imperfections, errors and matter, will come directly from the Primordial Source to the hearts that will be called to live it.

The Master announced:

The path of Christification will emerge in unknown consciousnesses, in unimaginable people, in souls that have been waiting since the origin of the Earth for this moment … The true transformations of the human race in this time will emerge from within beings, so that afterward, that transformation may occur in material life.

Christ Jesus, August 14, 2020

He also said that the Ark of the Holy Covenant will be the intermediary for as many souls as possible to receive this divine impulse. Even if we cannot understand what this means, the most important thing is to be inwardly receptive, to accept this sacred mystery.

The intervention of the Creator Fathers

The Creator Fathers, the Archangels, will carry forward this great intervention in humanity in a similar way to that which they did with the people of Israel, so that at least a small amount of souls may comply with the Will of God, as the biblical patriarchs did.

For this, they will inspire different peoples in the world to awaken to the call of Heaven. The new Tablets of the Law will then be delivered to the tribes of Israel, that are now dispersed throughout the Earth.

For this saving and atoning Grace to reach the planet, all prayers, sacrifices, adoration and works of charity done by beings of good-will, will have great spiritual value.

Saint Joseph, the great intercessor

Christ Jesus announced that the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph was designated by the Eternal Father as the great intercessor so that souls may know what God needs for each one of us, in this final time. He will be the Messenger, in the internal planes, who will help humanity awaken to this last and great Call of God.

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  DAY 7 - AUGUST 15, 2020

In this Apparition, Christ Jesus spoke of the true science of our origin, helping us to understand how the Divine Laws acted in the beginning of Creation and resulted in the Universal Laws that inspired the Ten Commandments.

For this, the Master made revelations about what happened in the great star of Andromeda, the regent of this Solar System and others. It was there where God deposited His great aspiration for this humanity.

Andromeda and the Hellel

Andromeda was the gateway through which the Creator Fathers, the Archangels, came to this part of the Universe to materialize the Plans of God. This should happen through a divine project, which would first manifest itself in this star.

The Archangels sent to Andromeda the subtlest beings of the mental universe, the Hellel, also called the Resplendents, to accomplish this task. Extremely enlightened in divine science and wisdom, these angels arrived to settle for a certain time, until they consolidated the request of God.

The project of the first 13 humanities

This is how the Hellel began to work, in Andromeda, on the design of the first 13 humanities that were supposed to exist in the material universe. Each would carry a special attribute to enrich and glorify Creation.

The humankind upon the surface of Earth would have the gift of connection with God and contact with the Angelic Kingdom. Christ Jesus explained that this unique potential is what makes this project so important to the rest of the Universe.

Then the Hellel created, in a light source similar to the Primordial Source, the first representatives who would carry forward our humanity and another. These higher consciousnesses would be intermediaries between the material and mental universes, transmitting to the first humanity, which would be born of Adam and Eve, the divine guidelines determined by the Hellel.

The deviation

Why was the project elaborated in Andromeda not completed on Earth? Why have these higher consciences failed to fulfill on this planet what the Hellel had asked of them?

Christ Jesus said that the answer lies in the deviation of one of the Creator Fathers, who did not understand that the center of the Plan of God was love, not power. For this reason, he denied the Eternal Father and began to disobey His Law.

From then on, everything changed. The fallen Archangel went on to try to destroy the Plan of God and induced Adam and Eve to turn away from their divine purpose. This caused a change to the genetic design of humanity from one hour to the next.

God had thought of an eternal and immortal humanity, but the men and women of the Earth, in view of the misconceptions in their evolutionary trajectory, became subject to old age and mortality, in an unforeseen way.

Likewise, it was also not foreseen in the Mind of God to descend to the planet as Christ Jesus to redeem humanity. However, after the mistake of Adam and Eve, wickedness dominated the planet in such a way that it became necessary for the survival of His beloved project.

Abraham, the first patriarch

Christ Jesus revealed that after 26,000 years of the emergence of the first project in humanity, with Adam and Eve, Abraham, the first and great patriarch, arrived. God has entrusted him with a great and difficult mission: to teach his people to live in the Law, not in disobedience.

In the plans of the Eternal Father, the offspring of Abraham would generate the future Messiah. This would be the great moment to correct the human project. Therefore, the outcome of the task of the patriarch was decisive for the Earth.

Abraham was able to guide his people, but he suffered greatly. In this way, the Eternal Father realized that humankind could never be without guidance. Only with someone conducting them would they be able to again align with their evolutionary purpose.

Thus, to this day, God sends His representatives to the Earth. That is why the Three Sacred Hearts are right here next to us.

The coming of Christ

Christ Jesus and His Most Holy Mother incarnated on Earth so that the Hellel project could be saved and the ardent longing of God for His children would be fulfilled.

The aspiration of the Hellel is yet to be realized, and for this reason Christ will return to Earth soon, giving humankind its last chance to fulfill the unfinished plan.

The Master reminded us, again, of the master key to overcome the duality that keeps us diverted from heavenly designs: Love, this divine attribute that cannot be destroyed by His adversary.

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  DAY 8 - AUGUST 16, 2020

On this last day of the Sacred Week, Christ Jesus asked us to see ourselves in the Holy Land, like the men and women of Jerusalem and all of Galilee who, more than 2,000 years ago, listened to His words and responded to His call.

The Master then instructed us to recall the commitment we made with Him at that time and to carry forward His call to the present day, spreading it among all the tribes of Israel, which have expanded throughout the world.

Our Lord announced:

Raising My Hands to Heaven and opening the universes so that Divine Grace may descend, I tell you: amend your paths. May your hearts heal. May your lives be redeemed by the strength of the Love of God, that untiringly flows from the Heart of the Son. Love each other, much more than you do. Support yourselves in the strength of brotherhood, in unbreakable unity, in unchangeable fraternity. Be ambassadors of My Peace. May your hearts experience eternal gratitude and an untiring effort to follow Me.

Christ Jesus, August 16, 2020

The Master affirmed that His Return will be marked by signs in the sky, but especially in hearts, which will feel impelled by a greater force to live unconditional surrender to His Plan of Love.

Thus, the consequent souls, who will be recognized as His apostles and His peacemakers, will be able to resume the original project for this humanity and enter the path of Christification.


Christ Jesus warned us that just as He lived the deepest solitude in the Garden of Gethsemane for all of us, His followers should also be prepared to experience the test of spiritual solitude. He revealed that souls who risk crossing this inner wilderness for the sake of the Divine Plan will generate merits so that His Mercy will continue to save and redeem humanity.

The trial of solitude will be the time to take a great spiritual step.

He announced:

 In that hour, your faith cannot be tepid, because if you believe in Me, you will overcome it. From miseries, I will make new Christs; from deniers, I will make the redeemed; from sinners, I will make the blessed.

Christ Jesus, August 16, 2020

Tasks around the world

Our Lord said that the time will come when the house of His followers will be the whole world, for they must travel the continents to share fraternally, with all peoples and nations, the learnings received during these years with the Divine Messengers. However, this should not be done through the preaching, but by example and good works.


Our Lord has announced that the healing that humanity needs at this time will come in a few months. Moreover, through the impulse He gave during the eight days of the Sacred Week, many consciousnesses will go through important processes of transformation.

The 12 Angels of Divine Justice

At the end of this Apparition, Christ Jesus told us that the 12 Angels in charge of Divine Justice were around Him. He had brought them to be witnesses of that moment, in which he established forgiveness, reconciliation and the healing of souls.

On this occasion, Our Lord also announced that he will come in 2021 to hold the eighth and final Sacred Week. His aspiration is that the borders of nations and peoples be open, so that everyone may have the opportunity to participate in this blessed and unforgettable meeting.

Watch the full Apparition of Christ Jesus - DAY 8

Thank you, Lord, for all that you give us!