Sunday, August 16 of 2020

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We breathe in and give thanks for the Presence of our Redeemer.

For a moment, close your eyes.

On this last day of Grace and of celebration, let us return in consciousness to the Holy Land, and see yourselves there, with the men and women of Jerusalem and of all Galilee, looking for the footprints of the Shepherd who calls His sheep to follow Him.

Some will remember the events of My public life, others will remember the steps of Calvary, but all will find Christ, Who traveled through the Holy Land to call you to live a redeeming Love.

Some will remember the multiplying of the bread and fish, others will witness the call to the apostles at the Sea of Galilee.

But other souls have been where the Lord was, preaching and teaching, healing and curing the deepest wounds of the human consciousness.

How many of you sat at the Feet of the Lord, in the house of the just or in the house of the sinners?

In that time, humanity could never have understood My task until I carried the Cross.

I want you to feel called by Me, like in that time,  so that at this moment you move forward with My invitation, but now a great invitation for the entire world, all the tribes that left Israel expanded throughout the world and learned the Teachings of Christ through the Word of God.

Today I make a bridge in space-time so that you remember your commitment with Me; fishermen, women, elders, youth and children, present in the history of the Redeemer, within the experience of His Heart.

What would be the reason for Me coming to the world at this moment if it were not for what happened in the past?

That story, which was written in the Holy Land, will always be indelible. The whole universe deeply knows it, because it was a unique conjuncture for all of humanity.

Today your Guardian Angels are witnesses of this moment, of feeling deserving of the Graces of the Father, although the human heart may continue being imperfect.

But today I am like I was once on the Mount of Beatitudes, and from this sacred mount, today I emit My Message to the whole world, as the Christ who is returning. Raising My Hands to Heaven and opening the universes so that Divine Grace may descend, I tell you: amend your paths.

May your hearts heal.

May your lives be redeemed by the strength of the Love of God, that untiringly flows from the Heart of the Son.

Love each other, much more than you do.

Support yourselves in the strength of brotherhood, in unbreakable unity, in unchangeable fraternity.

Be ambassadors of My Peace.

May your hearts experience eternal gratitude and an untiring effort to follow Me.

Be marked and anointed by the Holy Spirit, because the time is coming for My return. There will be signs in the sky, but the much deeper signs will be within hearts.

You will feel moved by a greater power that will come from the Supreme Source to make of your hearts brave ones willing to carry forward My requests. Because in the hour that you are judged, I will defend you. In the hour that you are blasphemed, I will give you the power of My silence. In the hour that you are denied, I will give you My meekness, and you will experience greater things than those that I experienced, and in that hour, you will recognize them for yourselves.

For if you love one another, you will be recognized as My apostles, but if you love more and live the truth, you will be recognized as My peacemakers, for there will be no misery that cannot be resolved, there will be no desert that cannot be not crossed, no pain that cannot be healed, for one who believes in Me will have eternal life and will know what eternal life is.

At the hour of your death, I will come and help you, and the Law of My Mercy will justify your errors and faults due to all that you have experienced here with Me throughout the years.

But there is something that you must experience for Me, which is what I lived for you, solitude. And in that hour, your faith cannot be tepid, because if you believe in Me, you will overcome it.

From miseries, I will make new Christs; from deniers, I will make the redeemed; from sinners, I will make the blessed.

Trust in Me, just as I trust in you, just as I have trusted in those who abandoned Me.

My Gethsemane, in this time, is different. Who will risk living it with Me? So that My Mercy may continue to save souls and redeem hearts. Up to when I return to the world, you must keep this all in mind, in your consciousnesses, because you will need it.

Just as I am reminding you today of your commitment to Me, I am also making you the successors of the Work of My Mercy, as I did with the apostles.

The time will come when your home and your repose will be the whole world, and everything that you have learned here, through the Mercy of God, you will carry to the world and fraternally share it with your brothers and sisters so that they may feel My Presence and My Word. Your voices will sing in other spaces, your feet will walk in other places.

The New Testament of Your Lord Jesus Christ, the testament of these times, will arrive to souls of the different continents, and I will be there so that they may experience all they are to experience in My Name.

Infinite has been the Grace of God upon you.

The time has come. My Father needs to see the New Christs, not in appearance, but rather in life itself, in an unconditional surrender and the sacrifice for one goal, the triumph of My Love.

For this reason, I have come here and have founded the Congregation so that it may be the mediator, together with all the brothers and sisters of the world, who listen to the Word of the Lord, and prepare My Return in their hearts.

After seven Sacred Weeks...

I remain in silence so that you not only hear My Words, but that you feel them, because what is most important for Me, companions, is that you feel what I feel for you.

At the end of times, the challenge is great. The aspiration of Our Father-Mother Creator is great, but it is the only path that will have you return to Me once you have accomplished what I want, without anything in exchange, even in the greatest void.

In these seven years, I filled you with My Mercy, I listened to you in your prayers, I lifted you up from your falls, and always, always renewed you.

And just as I got up from the ground three times after having fallen with the Cross, today your cross can be transformed by the victory of My Love and My surrender for the world, by an infinite and absolute living of the Sacraments, by all those who pray and adore.

It is here where I will establish My pillars for My Return to the world.

There is so much that I have to give to the world, that My Love is still not understood. But I seized you, I seized your lives, hearts and consciousnesses. And I still need more, because after seven years, you are no longer the same.

Have you seen the miracle of faith? Faith is what took Me to the Cross and was what caused Me to kiss the Cross, three times, for your rendition, for your mercy, for your redemption.

My Blood continues to transfigure material life. Your lives, through the Sacraments, must be the new chalices so that I am able to enter and have you be a part of Me forever.

This is what will make Me return to the world with all My Consciousness and all My Being. You will be able to feel the Presence of your Master and the moment will come of the great re-encounter when I see you, face to face.

See My humble Face illuminated, showing itself to the world so that you may hear and feel the Heart of God.

I only want you to be in Me, so that I am able to be throughout the whole world.

Today I feel rested in you. Your love brings a renewal to My Spirit so that I may continue giving more for humanity. 

The healing that humanity needs today will come in a few months, and through that impulse that I have given during these eight days, many consciousnesses will change. The life of people will no longer be the same, because My Light entered into many hearts in these last days, and that Grace is incalculable.

For this reason, all that you may be able to do for the Plan of My Father is important, so that the Supreme Grace is able to descend and work. Believe that it is not your lives that act, but rather it is My life which acts through you.

Give up what you still have not given up. Redeem what you have not yet redeemed, for I will call you to greater works, just as I have called you throughout these times for this Greater Work.

And we now see around Our Lord, the twelve angels in charge of Divine Justice, that in their hands hold a flame of light.

Today I have brought here the most just angelic beings of the universe, so that they may be witnesses of this moment and of this last day of the Sacred Week.

Let us recognize the faults of the world and your faults, and let us ask for the Grace of reconciliation and forgiveness; let us do it inwardly.


God of the whole universe,
Who has created life
so that all may love You and adore You,
listen to the pleas of My companions,
close the wounds of hearts,
renew the spirits and consciousnesses
so that, given impulse by Your Love and Your Grace,
they may someday achieve redemption.”


By the merits of the sorrowful and suffering Passion of your Master and Lord, by the merits of the always Blessed Virgin Mary, and by the merits of all the server beings of goodwill, by the faith and the love of the consistent, by the sacrifice of the untiring, by the charity of the missionaries to heal the pain of humanity, and under the Divine and Celestial authority of the Eternal Father, I come to establish, by the merits of the Cross, not only forgiveness, reconciliation and healing for souls, but also that I will come here to live, with all of Mine, the eighth and last Sacred Week.

I will pray so that the borders of the nations and the peoples be open, so that they may come here and re-experience with Me the Passion of Christ, as the closing of the great impulse of the Son of God for humanity. Amen.

Let us prepare, in the Presence of Christ, for this special Eucharistic consecration, and let us invite our brothers and sisters of the world who are listening to us in this moment, in their different nations and peoples, to plunge into this spiritual exercise to be able to seal this Covenant with Christ after these impulses of the Sacred Week, and so that together, as from now, we may prepare His great and final coming in the year 2021.

Before beginning this celebration, in the Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we will respond to a request of Christ, that the brothers and sisters of the choir sing the song "Face to face" at the end of this exercise, so that you may prepare for this moment.

And we here, bathed by this Grace that flows from the Heart of Jesus, offer this celebration in a profound act of gratitude, for all the Graces and impulses received directly from the Heart of our Redeemer.

Let us continue with the instrumental, please.

In the same way that we offer these elements from the altar, we will offer ourselves to Our Lord, in the same way that He offered Himself, today once again to us, so that we be deserving of His Mercy, and through His holy faith, we are strengthened to live the apostleship of these times, to carry His Word, His Love and His Peace to the world.

Those of us who can, may kneel for this consecration.

Before Jesus was given up, in a profound act of Love and of Mercy for all His companions and humanity, He took the bread, elevated it and gave thanks to God, deeply asking with His Heart that it be changed into His Body. Then Jesus broke it and offered it to His companions, saying to them: "Take and eat of it, for this is My Body that will be given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins."


We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.


And a form of light entered the soul of the apostles.

The Supper having ended, He took the Chalice and performing the same exercise, He offered it to the Father so that it could be converted into His Blood. He then offered it to His companions, saying to them: "Take and drink of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal Covenant, which will be shed by your Lord for the remission of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me."


We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.

We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.



The Body and the Blood of Christ.

Blessed are they who avail themselves of this Sacrament.

Our Father (in Spanish and English).

May the Peace of Christ descend to Earth.

I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof,
but only say the Word, and I shall be healed.


We announce at this time the spiritual Communion of Christ with all our brothers and sisters of the world.

We listen to three bell sounds.

Celestial Father who leads us all,
accept our offer of surrender to You.
Guide us on the path of Love
so that Your Will may be done.


This is the beginning of something more important for the world. A new story is being written and your lives are in the Hands of God. You are like a small feather with which He writes, to make all things new.

I am grateful for the fidelity, the love and the accompaniment of all the devotees of the world throughout this Sacred Week.

May the Celestial Church hold you. May the Celestial Church protect you from all evil. May the Celestial Church elevate your consciousnesses so that, someday, your lives and your hearts may merge with the Essence of the Love of God, and thus, His Will may be done.

With joy and rejoicing, I bless you. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you.

Let us listen to the song that Our Lord requested.

Thank you all.