Thursday, August 13 of 2020

Sacred Week

We will intone "Primordial Source" a few times and we will accompany Christ in His task of liberation of the planet.

We will stand.

in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The origin of the Earth was modified from the beginning. The Divine Purpose was not able to be accomplished and many of you already know what the reason was.

Today I do not come to remind you of the mistake, but rather the causes, something that is still to be corrected by the redemption itself of the human being, so that they may recover their filiation with the Source and live the Will of God.

The correction of the Divine Purpose has still not occurred. Humanity has gone through many experiences over the course of time and it is still not redeemed. For this reason, I must return to the Earth to finish carrying out and concretizing what is missing.

If I had not come more than two thousand years ago, the planet would not be within this solar system. The heartbreaking injustice of humanity in that time was very great, and even with the Blood that was shed up to the height of the Cross, the human being has continued to make mistakes.

Now, the situation of this time compared to that of yesterday is very different. The events have become more serious and have harmed the spirituality of the human being. The expansion of the consciousness promised by the Universe will reach the Earth to enter into the human being, to de-crystallize their resistances, and through a great blow of Light that will emerge from the Divine Source, through the Central Sun of the Galaxy, a large part of humanity will have the chance to awaken.

The events of these days are a prelude for carrying humanity into a recovery of its origin and its purpose.

Thus, humanity will have a unique opportunity and could recover the place it lost when Adam and Eve committed the first errors and left Eden. The duality itself that many of you experience today, originating in the time of the Genesis, is what each one must learn to overcome, and do so.

This will bring to the consciousness an important possibility that is not only material, but also spiritual, for humankind of the surface of the Earth to genetically recover its place, that archetype or design of God that was thought o fin order to be applied in this humanity, in this race, and which was modified by perversion and disobedience.

At this moment, humanity does not know what will happen inwardly. Before Divine Justice modifies the universe, continue to modify your attitudes and habits for, in this way, you will not feel the impact of the Law at this time.

The Universal Mother has spoken to you about repentance, about penitence. These are words, attributes that cannot be forgotten; you cannot listen to them as if you did not understand what this means. The Word of the Hierarchy comes with determination at this time.

It is necessary to forge the existence of the true being so that illusion may fade away from the human consciousness. Two thousand more years cannot any longer go by for the human being to be able to change, there is no time. This is the only opportunity, an opportunity so similar and unique like that which was received by the people of Israel, with the birth of the Messiah.

After two thousand and twenty years, the situation of humanity has become worse. Humanity has distanced itself from the Purpose and it believed that it was beyond anything. But in this time, it has recognized that this is not so. The events show the contrary, and this must end.

Humanity cannot continue to move backward; it was not created for this end. Setback is part of the adversity; evolution is part of the Divine Source, and the Hierarchy has concentrated on that in these special days, in which important decisions will define the next steps on the surface of the Earth.

But those who want to forge their survival will not manage to do so. It is necessary to strive in order to be within the Law and fulfill it. Suffering is not a part of Creation nor of life. Will you continue to suffer when the assistance of the universe is here?

Humanity must understand that it is not alone and that life does not end here. The universe is in a constant great dynamism, everything is part of life, everything is part of Creation. Is it not of God? For He was Who created it.

Awaken and you will not perish. The consciousness must expand and achieve its purpose. The mirages and illusion must no longer submit your lives. How much longer will you wait for the great step to be taken?

We hope that humanity understands that a great step must be taken, and that many other situations of which humanity is ignorant of and is not aware of depends on that step. Those steps must be taken. There is no place to go or where to remain.

The consciousness will be carried into facing reality. Your irritation or intolerance will not help. You will suffer; you will only suffer if you resist the great change in consciousness.

Humanity needs to be prepared for My Return. If it does not prepare, how will I be recognized? Will the Son of God be imprisoned because He cannot be crucified again?

He will come with the Glory that the Father has given Him, with the great revelation that was experienced by some of the apostles at the Transfiguration. With Him will come not only angelic beings, but also everything that is and vibrates in the universe, called the Brotherhood.

There will be no form or movement that will stop it because when the Return occurs, the universe will tremble and the planet will enter into a time where it has never been, the eternal time of the universe, where everything is known and is lived.

At this moment, any preparation could be insufficient. For this reason, the demand is very great at this time. You will need to help your brothers and sisters in their awakening. You cannot be paralyzed when I return to the world and the universe enters the planet in a very strong way. There will be nobody who cannot see it; that moment is written and you must remember it.

That is why I have come in these end times, preparing you so that, when I return, you are not surprised, because you will be able to see the true Face of the Son of God, as nobody has ever seen It before, because the Son will come from the Source and at His Feet, the universe will accompany Him, and humanity will know it because it will be a sign without warning.

Those who have never believed, will believe. Those who denied Me, will repent. And those who abandoned Me, will beat their chest and say: My God! My God! But everything will have been accomplished, because the Graces of My Source have been endless.

I come to open the eyes of the consciousness. I come to make you feel the Truth within your hearts, and this goes beyond any religion, because the Divine Source is one and universal. It is the Source of all creatures and consciousnesses, on all levels of Creation.

That Divine Source belongs to each being, because we all come from it and the goal of this experience on Earth, as well as in the universe, is that you return someday to that Source, to renew Creation with all that you learned and experienced.

I do not want you to feel fear of My Words, but rather seriousness. The Will of God acts in this place and His Power expresses through My Words, awakening the cells of the human beings so that they achieve an elevation and an awakening.

I do not want more souls to continue to blind themselves, to lose the path of the spirit, to miss the opportunity of inwardly loving and growing.

I gave My Life for you and I continue to do so, because humanity has not understood the Message. For this reason, I still have to come from Heaven so that souls can hear and recognize Me. If I were in My Church of the Earth, humanity would not hear Me.

Many were the paths that My companions decided to take, and they slowly distanced themselves from Me. In the center of My divine and solar Heart I unite all the paths so that souls may return to Me and have eternal life.

But My coming to the world, My Return, is not far. Think about that, because at the least expected moment I will come and you must be ready to go to My encounter, just as I will go to the five continents. And all of humanity, in spite of their languages, will understand Me, for I will speak a single language that nobody has heard yet. It will be the Spirit of God that will cause you to understand My Message, just as you now understand My Words.

You must be stewards of My Legacy, living it so that your brothers and sisters may also learn to live it.

I come from Heaven with the Purpose of God, because there is little time left for humanity to correct its paths and amend its errors, so that it does not lack My Mercy. This is what I hope for, that you not lack My Mercy.

Today I carry the great Scroll of God in My Hands, which the Father wrote for humanity, His sublime and ardent Desire for each of His children.

This Scroll was presented to the Archangels in Genesis, to be applied to the first humans, in Adam and Eve.

Pray with Me for the times that will come, so that this Purpose of God that is written may be fulfilled in each one of your lives according to His thought, and I will pray for you so that you may live it.

Many souls denied this Legacy, souls with great tasks rejected this Purpose without being aware of what they did. But I will take care of them and I will position them in the place they belong, that corresponds to their choice, because now they will not have the prize of the Heavens, but rather the loving Justice.

But you will continue to pray until just before My Return to the world, so that souls may be able to correspond to My Call, which is the Call of My Father through the Voice of His Son, which hopes to echo in hearts.

Today, in light of the written Will of God at the origin of this Creation, we will offer the Sacrament of the Eucharist, so that through the Body and the Blood of Christ, souls may have the inner strength to live the Purpose.

Let us celebrate, contemplating this mystery.

Let us contemplate Christ, still present in this place for the whole world, bearing in His Hands the Scroll of God, the ardent Will of the Creator for His children at the origin of Creation.

Let us place our hands on our hearts and unite with Jesus Christ, making our offering on this afternoon of Mercy and of awareness. And in the name of humanity, let us give thanks that the Lord always leads us to Truth so that we may be guided to the Father.

We offer our imperfect hearts and we aspire to receive the coming of Christ to the Earth, in brotherhood and in light.

Knowing the purpose of Creation, in that time, and while gathered together with His companions, Jesus took the bread, raised it and offered all His Being for each one of us. And He asked of the Father that the bread He was offering be converted into His Body.

The Father heard Him and accepted His surrender.

And thus, Jesus broke it and offered it to the apostles, saying to them: "Take and eat, for this is My Body that will be given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

And the form of Light entered into the soul of the apostles. Jesus then took the Chalice and raised it, asking the Father to convert it into His precious Blood; the Father heard Him. Then Jesus offered it to the apostles in an act of profound Love, saying to them: "Take and drink, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal Covenant, which will be shed by Your Lord for the forgiveness of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

The Body and the Blood of Christ.

With all our hearts, in the living Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, we offer the prayer that He taught us:

Our Father (in Spanish and English).

May the Peace of Christ descend to Earth.

I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof,
but only say the Word, and I shall be healed.
Celestial Father,
Who leads us all,
accept our offering of surrender to You.
Guide us on the path of love,
so that Your Will may be done.

I will always give you everything that I Am and everything that I have, because I know what you need for learning to love My mystery and living My Will.

At the request of Our Lord, through the brothers and sisters of the Council, we are going to listen to an intention you may want to leave in the Heart of the Redeemer for humanity.

The Lord listens, one at a time:

"May Your Will eternally be accomplished, Lord."

"May there be peace in hearts, in spite of the suffering."

"May we be able to live compassion and unity, and be as one heart and one soul."

“Father, listen to those who serve Me,

those who follow Me, those who live Me.
Father, sweet Adonai, Supreme Will, Eternal Hope,
sacred relief from suffering,
listen to us, so that Your Will may be fulfilled.
Father, do not look at the errors,
believe in all that which I can do in Your children,
because Your Love, Your Grace and Your Mercy will always win.”


I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

To close this meeting and this transmission, carrying the impulse of the Love of Christ within the heart, let us listen to a song requested by Him: