Thursday, April 12 of 2012

Vigils of Prayer


After some canticles and prayers to the Divine Mother, around 6pm the proximity of Her feminine, loving, peaceful energy is felt. Friar Elias stands up and after a brief silence the three bell rings are heard and “Moment of Apparition, let us contemplate with the heart.”


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:


The world is blind before God, because of this He sends Me to convert it.

Dear children, accept My Peace because still you are far from My true Peace. My Merciful Heart is among you as a powerful strength of prayer. Today My tears drop on the world for the suffering generated by the souls and by the lack of trust in the Father.

Today I have come here, as I also do in Medjugorje, to bring you the strength of My Love, the belief of My Immaculate Heart and, most importantly for this time, Peace, only Peace, which will allow you to build the new path that My Heart is showing you day by day.

Stay with Me dear children, in the perpetual prayer of the heart, because at the end of these times many souls, especially those you do not know, are being taken by the light of My Heart to the Kingdom of Heaven and other Kingdoms of God which are still unknown to you.  Kingdoms that you will have the opportunity to see in the next world, the one that awaits humanity for the reconciliation with God; so that everybody hears His true message communicated by His faithful servant for this part of the world.

Today My Heart is a little in pain and all of you may relieve it through prayer. Dear children, My little children, I only ask you something very simple: prayer, prayer with the heart that allows the light My Son gave you a long time ago to spring from your essences. I ask you, dear children, that you only relieve My Immaculate Heart with any simple prayer that your hearts may utter towards Me. In this way I may say that once more I thank you for announcing My call, for listening, trust in My Voice, in the Light of My Heart and in the coming of each message My Father asks Me to deliver to all your hearts, but especially those that are far from Him.

I place you all as roses on My mantle of Peace, but these flowers must sprout again through the sincere prayer of the heart. I hear you and I will hear you in each moment that you join Me. Know, dear children, that My Heart is eternal; God has given Me eternity to lead all the souls of this world, especially those that are far from Him and that day by day are lost because no one prays for them.

Do you know, dear children, how much My Heart prays?  For a long time It has been praying for this humanity. For this I count on all of you, so that you join My Heart and in this way My flame of Graces may be poured once more on this world that must be converted before it all happens.

Dear children, know that My words, the ones I announce to you and the ones I will announce, are the last for this humanity.  I may collect your prayers from the Kingdom which I come from, so that they may be poured on those who have afflicted hearts and who cannot find the Light of God.

Dear children, if you gather in groups of prayer, God’s strength will be bigger in you and My Heart may triumph in many souls that need Me. Souls that still do not want to hear God because they do not want to recognize the Universal Mother, the messenger of peace, the one who will bring you to God by means of the Holy Trinity.

Watch, dear children, when your hearts fall. Unite yourselves heart to heart so that the strength of your hearts may come to the Heavens and I may hear you to envelop you with My mantle, not only you but also those who need God.

And, why do I repeat this so much, dear children?  Because it is necessary. God’s Eyes see you, the same Eyes that are in My Heart and that cry out for all the souls since eternity including this time humanity lives far from God without knowing it.

Today I find you steadier in prayer, because of this I ask you, My dears, that you take this same flame to all your brothers and sisters, so that the hearts that still do not pray to God are activated. For this I need all My children, especially those who deny Me; their hearts will be the bridge with prayer, so that My Immaculate Heart may come to all. In this last hour, the world lives without Peace because it does not have Peace in the Heart. The Peace of the Lord cannot be expressed in this sick humanity whose hour of reconciliation with God has arrived, in this final time of Mercy that the Sacred Heart of Jesus brings to this world.

Also today I ask you that you sustain yourselves in My Eternal Faith and that all of you deepen a little more into the 72 beads of contemplation. Because know, dear children, that My Universal Heart is in each bead; it is enough, dear children, that your hands touch each bead of prayer and join Me in a simple and true way.

Know, My children, that My Heart of Mother knows each pain and each suffering of your heart. For this I reveal to you that all may be resolved through the strength of My Immaculate Heart when each one of you accepts to live in Me truly. On this day My Heart will triumph in you and the plans of peace may be fulfilled for some time longer.

Today I open My Heart for those who still do not accept It. Adore My Son with Me, so that I may guide you on the path. Know that I only want to bring you to My Son because He must find you strong in prayer and in the sincerity of the heart, for when His Blissful Glory returns. And in this way humanity may welcome Him with joy because the promises that He already dictated are written and will be fulfilled because this is the Will of God, especially for those who do not believe in My Son, they will see Him come as He promised.

I want your hearts to smile for each meeting with Me.  Dear children, know that we already are in the last hours, the hour in which the Lord is asking Me to announce Myself to the world, to all My children of this humanity, before He calls Me to the Kingdom which you always must aspire to return to, the one I call Kingdom of Heaven.

Many of your brothers and sisters are there and we all pray for you, for each lesson you must live and each trial you must overcome, because the most important, dear children, is that all in this world must be one in fraternity, among your hearts and in unity with God. When this is accomplished I may return in Peace and God’s Plans will be fulfilled with the collaboration of all of you, only by listening to Me and following My steps of pilgrimage.

Today I want, for this first day, to leave you My Immaculate Heart, so that you may venerate It because you will be venerating God and He may foster, through your hearts, all those who need to awaken in God again.

Thank you for answering My call.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


The canticle “Mercy, O Mary!” is sang.


- End of the Apparition -


Mother Shimani: As we always do, Friar Elias will make a little report of all that was manifested while we prayed, how our Mother arrived today, some things She showed him, so that we all may understand, especially those who are here for the first time, how the approaching of our Divine Mother happens.


Friar Elias: This approaching happens through prayer, it is what allows Her come near and arrive here.

Today when the sun was setting in the horizon, something happened: through the window that is on our left four angels who were resplendent as fire showed up. They told us they came from the Sun and they brought a flame of fire that was placed on Our Lady’s statue and they adored this fire, they said it was the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Afterwards, behind the angels a series of doors shaped as arches opened, as a house’s entrance. The angels were preparing the space for the arrival of the Mother.

Always, in each apparition, I hear Our Lady sing Hail Mary with Her lips closed, but She does not glorify Herself, She is only calling God through Her and that is how She appears. Today She appeared dressed in white and Her face was a little sad, or that which we may understand as sad for our intellect.  But what called our attention the most was the Heart of fire She irradiated towards us. This Heart of fire was placed above the planet.

During the apparition other things happened; for instance, when She talked about the souls that are in what we know as Heaven. In this moment She attracted to Her many children from humanity in various parts of the planet. When She talked about the beings that are in Heaven, She showed how they prayed for humanity. It was a form of prayer never seen before. It was something more than contemplation and devotion, something really fervent, that these beings did for humanity. At this moment they expressed they knew what it meant to be in this world, because they had been here and they were still begging for our planet.

Afterwards, at the end of the apparition Our Lady reminded us of a task we did and said She had been connected with the whole task that happened in the previous days.

During this Holy Week of Easter the Master Christ Jesus approached the group instructing us and He delivered certain instruments that will be useful to all. The Divine Mother reminded us of this episode; She said it was something that was recorded in the Universe and that in a short time we all will know what it was about. She also, for tomorrow, made a request because of the answer all groups of prayer gave Her in the previous months.

The first request was that we place ourselves in an individual prayer exercise with Her. It could be the 72 beads of contemplation or any prayer that would unite us to Her at any time. It is something that adds to what we are already doing.

The second request was for tomorrow, She said tomorrow’s apparition would be at 7pm because tomorrow She will transmit, in a special apparition at 9am, from the tree where She appeared in August 2011. For this everyone is invited.

She asked the sisters of the Fraternity Prayer Network, tomorrow at 8am, to lead a prayer with the Mysteries of the Rosary to await Her, meditating and entering each episode of the life of Jesus. Our Divine Mother said we would be prepared to welcome Her and we would be able to meditate with these mysteries to feel Her close.

To those who do not know, the Divine Mother is transmitting daily messages and this Grace was given to us in the trip to Medjugorje where She has been appearing for the past 30 years. Since this trip until today, She transmits a Daily Message which She has not told when will end. So, for tomorrow what She said is that we will live a Daily Apparition, that is when She will transmit the daily message for April 13. And since the Grace is so great, we will have an apparition in the afternoon.

Thank you.


Mother Shimani: This task the Divine Mother has asked Friar Elias, receiving every day early in the morning this message to be transmitted to the whole humanity, is a permanent guide, it directs us so that we may be led under Her mantle and Her protection.

We should deepen into these messages that, despite seeming so similar, in each one She gives us a key that is for us to discover. If we could follow, lovingly, the indications of the Mother, day by day, our lives would be different; but as we do with all mothers, sometimes we do not listen well or we do not want to listen to them. But now it is time to pay attention.