Tuesday, March 19 of 2024


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The consecration of souls is like a balm for the Heart of God, it is like a ray of sunshine amidst a great storm, it is like a gentle breeze in a closed place.

The consecration of souls generates relief for the Heart of the Father. Consecrated souls are like rose petals upon God’s wounds, which, with their love and scent, gradually repair each little space, and relieve the Father’s pain.

God cultivates consecrated souls as a Celestial Gardener, and takes care, with love, of each one of them. The souls that consecrate themselves are, to God, a hope of His that His Human and Divine Project may little by little concretize itself, from within, in their little souls.

When God contemplates the world and observes each outrage lived in humanity, each transgression that the human heart causes, both to one’s neighbor and to itself, the Creator then seeks consecrated souls, to find in them balance, the reason to intercede for the world and grant a new opportunity for His Children. Therefore, children, never cease to live, with truth and sincerity, the consecration of your souls.

Today My Chaste Heart comes to intercede with you for the world, to supplicate before the Father for the souls that suffer and need help, for the souls that cry out and are not heard, for those who have sorrows but are not found so that their suffering might be relieved.

Today I come for the souls in wars, so that they may find peace even amidst deep chaos, so that they may not lose hope to find God again, so that they may not cease to believe in the human heart and that they may not think, children, that human beings are made of wickedness and rancor.

Today I come as your Father, as the Father of souls, so that, together with each one of My children, we may pray for the planet. Listen to the cry of the Earth, a silent cry that, in order be heard, hearts need to be in prayer, they need to go beyond themselves, their necessities and tests, their difficulties and challenges, to cry for something higher than themselves, which is the Divine Purpose for this world.

For you and for all of humanity, children, this Lent marks the beginning of a new cycle, which will not be like the previous cycles. It marks the beginning of a great test, in which your feet will touch, for the first time, the calvary of these times.

For this reason, Our Lord comes to meet souls every day, to accompany their trajectory along this Lent step by step. Listen to His Words and do not allow them to pass, because in between them there dwells a celestial impulse, which will emerge from your hearts at each step of the calvary.

Just as you lived 40 days in Lent, you will live 40 cycles of this calvary, 40 tests and, for each one of them, the Lord gave you a key, which will help you transcend them without leaving this path, without giving up in the face of the difficulties, falls, miseries and the human condition, which will emerge with intensity from within you to be transmuted.

Each time you see yourselves in a difficulty that you cannot overcome, take the Lent Impulses, and in them you will find the key to go beyond.

When this Lent concludes, and the desert comes to an end, the cycles of the Earth will demand mature hearts from you. For this reason, consecration will help you and protect you from yourselves, as long as you are guardians of the vows you have made, the pillars you have positioned yourselves to live, the principles that you have opened yourselves to discover.

It is for this reason, children, that the Divine Messengers grant consecrations to all souls, so that, according to their school, according to their evolutionary cycle, according to the impulse of their hearts, they may find that consecration which will be true to them and, through it, they will be protected.

Today I come as your Father and Friend, in the middle of this desert, just as one day I was in spirit with Jesus.

While the Lord was passing the forty days in the desert, the Creator allowed Me to visit Him in spirit so that, as His Father and Friend, I might offer Him a shoulder, on which He could rest amidst all temptations, and offer Him water from the Divine Fountain so that He could drink and renew His offering.

Together with the angels and archangels, I approached the Lord in humility, and His Human and Divine Heart was moved upon meeting Me.

Just as a child meets their father to find relief in his embrace, in the same way I went to meet Jesus, so that I could learn from the human and divine condition and so that Christ could also discover the potency of paternity, of the love that exists within families. And it came to pass, children, that on that day, all families were repaired, and the love of parents for their children, and of children for their parents, was renewed, through the Heart of Christ, in all of humanity.

Today I come to meet you with the same hope of offering you a shoulder and an embrace, of renewing your effort and consecration so that you may find again the purpose of serving and self-giving, so that you may find again the purpose of living your vows, the pillars and principles that you have opened yourselves to live so that you may be prepared and strengthened to begin to cross the portals that lead you to the calvary, the portals of surrender, rendition and renunciation, the portals of emptiness, transcendence and extreme love, which transforms all things.

Today, at the request of the Father, I bring to the world the principles that founded the Grace Mercy Order, which is an Order that has not been understood yet, neither by their consecrated ones, nor by the world.

The Grace Mercy Order, children, emerged from the depths of Divine Will, an Order requested by the Creator, and which is not part of any instituted religion, so that in this way it may intercede for all beliefs and races, so that it may intercede for all souls, regardless of their differences.

The Grace Mercy Order emerged as a deep Aspiration of God to repair consecrated life on the planet, and this purpose will only be able to be fulfilled if the consecration of your souls is renewed every day.

Walk toward this purpose, find this Divine Will, welcome this mission in your hearts so that, as monks and nuns, as priests, fathers and mothers, as adorers and helpers, all hearts may find the Heart of God again and, in It, find His Purpose for this Order.

May this one be an intercessory Order, for all religions and all peoples, for all the priestly life of the planet, for the sacred that must dwell on Earth.

May each adoration of the adorers be reparative.

May each altar of the helpers be sacred.

May each prayer of the consecrated souls be true.

May each little effort to live your vows every day be sincere.

At each dawn, may there be the aspiration of transcending yourselves. At each instant, may there be the aspiration to go beyond. May you not place limitations in your lives or your steps. May you believe in the transcendence of the human condition. May you aspire to sanctity, because to be saints is to fulfill Divine Will, it is to live God’s Purpose, and this is an offering that the Father makes for all His Children: that they may aspire to be Christs, to live in Christ and as He does, so that, children, the Purpose for this humanity may be fulfilled.

May the Children of Mary and the Children of Saint Joseph be the arms of the Grace Mercy Order in the world, be the light that reaches all souls in different cities and countries, in the most forgotten places. Like the Sacred Family, may you work in silence, but with truth, to transform the human condition.

So that you may live all these things, today I bring you a Grace, the Grace of renewing your consecration, the Grace of finding again the Divine Purpose, the Grace of finding the Celestial Embrace that renews and strengthens you, so that you may face the calvary of these times in a straight forward way, with your heads held high, and your hearts open, with your steps firm yet humble, with your hearts prayerful and your consciousnesses awakened.

Those who will consecrate as Children and Friends of Saint Joseph, let them stand up. Bring blessed water and incense here.

To the priests and fathers of this Order, I grant you the Grace of being fathers as I am, so that you may welcome hearts, so that you may consecrate souls. In your spirits, let humility reign, which will allow you to always be instruments of the Divine Hand, to bless and sacralize, to bring God’s Purpose to souls.

For this reason, today I give you the authority to consecrate and accompany the Children and Friends of Saint Joseph, just as I myself aspire to consecrate and accompany souls. May your hearts always offer, before each consecration, to be instruments of God, to be intercessors before souls. May you remember the Grace that I have given you, and may you revive it within you so that you may multiply it before souls.

With this water, I cleanse you from sins and transgressions.

With this incense, I liberate you from ties and curses, so that your souls may be renewed.

Let there be no darkness that could prevent you from consecrating yourselves. Let there be no misery that could prevent you from receiving Mercy. May the path be open so that the descending Grace of God may consecrate you and renew you in My Name and through My intercession, as Children and Friends of Saint Joseph, so that you may bring the Love of the Sacred Family to all hearts, so that you may be an example of transformation and effort, because I will not ask you to be perfect, but I will actually ask you to overcome the inertias of each day and to strive to go beyond. My Grace will always renew you.

Today, children, consecrated life was renewed in all religions, in all beliefs, in all the souls that offered themselves to God. Today, God’s Heart was relieved, and I only ask you to be guardians of this treasure that you have received, to be worthy Children of God, worthy Children and Friends of My Chaste Heart.

I bless you and consecrate you, by the authority that the Creator gave Me to intercede for souls and for the impossible causes, because nothing is impossible in the Eyes of God but it is necessary to strive to find the Divine Purpose.

I bless and consecrate you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Go in peace and continue to repair the Heart of God.

You have My blessing for this.


Sister Lucía de Jesús:

At the request of Saint Joseph, all of us together will sing “Gratitude, Saint Joseph.”