Sunday, November 19 of 2023


For the souls that suffer in the abysses of this world,
have Mercy, Lord!

For the souls immersed in ignorance,
have Mercy, Lord!

For the souls submerged in indifference,
have Mercy, Lord!

For the souls that are blind before the infinite Light,
have Mercy, Lord!

For the souls immersed in rancor and wrath,
have Mercy, Lord!

For the souls that have lost hope,
have Mercy, Lord!

For the souls that have forgotten what love is,
have Mercy, Lord!

Lord, I ask You:
allow Your Light to enter the abysses
and grant a new opportunity
for those who have self-condemned.

Lord, I ask You:
allow Your Light to enter the abysses
and rescue lost souls
so that they may again feel the power of Your Love.

Lord, I ask You:
allow Your Light to enter the abysses
so that the essences created by You
may not forget their divine filiation,
but rather may someday express perfect likeness with You.

May Your Purpose be fulfilled in each one of Your precious souls.

May awakening be a reality in each little heart of this Earth,
and may there be no being who does not know
Your Power and Your Infinite Mercy.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come to pray for souls, so that the Divine Light may penetrate the deepest abysses of this planet. I come to pray for souls, so that they may awaken to the gift of life, which often, children, holds no resemblance to the life that they live on the surface of the Earth.

Today I come to bring a part of the Celestial Universe so that it may touch the planet, and hearts may thus perceive that their hope does not lie in this world, in the human condition, in human promises, but rather in the Divine Promises.

That is where your attention must be, that is where your prayer and perfect union with God must be, and not in humanity, not in the promises of the Earth, not in earthly merits, in that which you may receive while in this world. The mystery, children, lies in that which you can give while on Earth; in that which emerges from your hearts when you are capable of stepping out of yourselves to serve and love, to submerge into the Higher Universe of a life that transcends human existence and, while transcending it, brings it meaning.

Many still ask themselves about the meaning of life on Earth, where Divine Purpose is, where the Creator is leading humanity. These questions find answers in the depths of human essence, not outside of it. These questions find answers when you look at the Cross and, besides the suffering of Christ, you can penetrate His deep Love with your gaze.

You will not find answers in human actions. You will not find answers in that which you will see in this world. At each day, human actions will be the reflection of the deep human ignorance, of the large distance that exists between humanity and God.

However, although you may not perceive it, this distance will begin to decrease. Little by little, the Time of the Universe is entering the time of Earth. Little by little, human ignorance is being unmasked, veils are being torn, the truth begins to emerge. But in order to be before the truth, you must have strong hearts, which will not go blind before the Light, but will rather endure and recognize it.  

Each day, children, the vibration of the Earth will become denser and, at the same time, the Celestial Universe will enter the world. This is the real battle of the end of times, a battle that will be carried out in the human consciousness and will reflect on the planet through human actions, which will reflect the imbalance that dwells in the consciousness of beings.

The roots of these battles are not outside of hearts, but rather within them. This is why I ask you to pray, this is why I ask you to transform your consciousnesses and allow evolutionary principles to emerge from your beings so that you may balance the human consciousness from inside out.

I am not speaking to you of something merely spiritual, but of something of spiritual science, of a science that does not come from this world, but rather manifests in it through human beings, through the inner mystery that still hides within the human consciousness.

You must have your hearts strengthened so as not to lose hope in the face of chaos, not to lose hope in human beings, in the manifestation of the Divine Purpose within beings.

Prayer will make you capable of feeling compassion, even when this may seem impossible.

Prayer will make you capable of being merciful, even in the face of the greatest atrocities, because the plan of God’s enemy, children, is to erase the capacity to love from human consciousness.

This is why you will see things that you would think never deserve love or mercy, and even so you must seek within yourselves the capacity to love. So that this may be possible, you need to be united to God and to awaken ever more this union with the Creator.

This is why you must pray, this is why you must adore the Most Blessed Sacrament, the Eucharistic Body of Christ.

This is why you must learn to be silent, in order to find peace and balance in your minds and emotions. Silence, children, will be one of the great keys that will strengthen your hearts, as well as each one of your bodies, so that you may be able to stand what is to come, enduring the streams of the universe, as well as the chaos in the world.

Do not allow your beings to enter superficial discussions; do not allow your beings to enter unnecessary conflicts, but rather, through silence, live Divine Wisdom, and allow the Rays that come from God’s Heart to transform the chaotic situations of the world.

What I am telling you may seem quite simple, and it truly is, but it is in this simplicity, children, that you will transform human consciousness and see the Divine Purpose triumph.

God’s enemy, His adversary, aspires to inculcate in the consciousness of beings that achieving spiritual life is something difficult, impossible, and unattainable. He will make you believe that it is not possible to love, forgive or be compassionate. He will make you feel that life makes no sense and that it would be better to lose it than to be in this world, filled with chaos and conflict.

However, I tell you, children, that regardless of what may happen in the world, everything will always have a purpose, just as the Cross had a purpose, just as each Wound open in the Heart of Christ has a purpose. Thus, children, the wounds of the planet also have a purpose, but to find it, you need to look within, rather than outside of yourselves.

Hearts move toward a definition, nations move toward a definition, and each one of you must decide where you will be. And I am not speaking to you about a physical place, I am rather speaking to you about a place in consciousness.

Where will your consciousness stand? Upon chaos and despair? Upon suffering, anguish, rancor? Or upon Mercy?

This is something you must ask yourselves every day, and something you must choose every day. The definition does not happen just once, it happens at every instant.

Observe your lives and you will perceive how you are led to make choices at each moment. And these choices define your next step, but not only your next step, but also the step of all of humanity, and this is what I want you to perceive tonight. May your consciousnesses expand into greater responsibility, its definition is not your own, but it is rather outlining, day by day, the manifestation of the Divine Purpose or the absence of that Purpose in human consciousness. 

Many expect Me to speak to you about politics today, to speak about nations, but I do not come to speak to you about this. I come to speak about each one of you, about how to transform human consciousness, regardless of what may happen on Earth. About how to elevate your consciousnesses beyond chaos and conflicts, beyond wars, beyond evil. This is how you can liberate the planet and how you can liberate yourselves from the spiritual prisons in which you still find yourselves.

Prayer and silence, adoration and contemplation, supplication and service: this must be your priority in these times.

Each time you take a step toward the Universe, toward the Heart of god, through the consecration of your lives, you allow humanity to also take this step, and a special Grace to permeate and embrace you.

Each time you consecrate yourselves as Children and Friends of My Chaste Heart, you allow Me to accompany your lives, to intercede for you before God, to walk by your side, just as I did with the Sacred Family, so that we may learn together how it is to live the Divine Purpose in the end of times.

This is why My Heart finds encouragement in the souls that consecrate themselves, just as the Heart of God finds encouragement in the souls that offer to transform themselves a little more. Therefore, let those who aspire to consecrate themselves as Children and Friends of Saint Joseph come here.

I will teach you a prayer for the times of chaos, a prayer I said when I no longer could feel hope, when I perceived humanity in wars, and deep pain touched My Heart. I would look to Heaven and say to God:

when I do not find hope,
show me that my hope lies in You.

when I do not find love,
show me that Love comes from You.

when I do not find sense in being on Earth,
show me that the Purpose dwells in You.

when my soul seems to be just miseries and flaws,
show me that Your Mercy dwells in me.

when I feel far from You,
show me that I am part of You,
that Your Essence dwells in me
and that You have never left me
since the beginning of Creation
and that until my last breath,
and after it, You will always be with Me and I in You.

live in me and through me.


May you have this prayer always with you, and may you say it, feeling the peace that I bring to you today. May you look at Heaven for an instant, and leave aside what happens on the surface of the planet, so that you may feel the Kingdom within yourselves, and even if it is for just an instant, may this Kingdom touch the planet.

Today, children, feel My embrace. Feel how My Heart embraces you, welcomes your supplications, your most sincere needs, and the impossible causes that bring anguish to your hearts.

Always remember to light a candle and pray with Me, and in your prayers may the human consciousness and the Kingdoms of Nature always be present, not just yourselves. In this way, children, everything in your lives will be service, even if it is anonymous, and your lives will find meaning in their union with God.

Today, in this cenacle of prayer, in this spirit of consecration and surrender, I call you to intercede for the world, for the nations in conflict, for the nations in definition. I call you to invoke Divine Grace and Mercy, so that they may illuminate the paths of beings, so that they may descend as discernment and wisdom upon souls, so that they may descend upon hearts as relief and hope.

At this moment of intercession, may you feel that your hearts are not separated from the hearts of all men and women of this world.

Within yourselves, feel those who suffer in wars and those who cause wars. Within yourselves, feel those who are separated from God. Within yourselves, feel the Kingdoms of Nature and all life that dwells on the planet, and in this way cry out for Mercy, and may this Mercy that I bring to you today, which comes from the Divine Source, permeate your lives, your souls, your hearts, each space of your consciousness and, through you, may all that lives and breathes be touched by Divine Mercy.

To receive the blessing of this consecration, let us sing together “Mercy, Saint Joseph.”

We may bring incense and blessed water.

Song: “Mercy, Saint Joseph.”

Despite the differences, despite the human aspects, you will always find strength among brothers and sisters, among brothers and sisters you will always find hope. Therefore, be united, strengthen one another, forgive and support one another. In this way, children, you will transform human consciousness and attain peace.

I bless you, consecrate you and thank you for being here today.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Sister Lucía de Jesús:

And we will prepare ourselves for the Communion with the song “Father of Souls.”