Monday, June 19 of 2023


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

While humanity distances itself from God, I call you to consecration.

While indifference reigns in the world, I call you to serve.

While ignorance reigns in the hearts of humanity, which continues to outrage and kill animals, I call you to pray for the Kingdoms of Nature. I call you to transform your relationship with life, to understand that it dwells not only within you, but also within all the beings that live and breathe.

All Creation was thought of by God, each small detail of life emanated from the Heart of the Creator. Everything has a motive to exist, a reason and a value. Everything holds a mystery within, which is revealed before the hearts that open to contemplate the Divine Presence through the gift of life.

Each little flower has a purpose, holds within itself a sacred geometry that communicates to Creation a piece of information, an instruction that helps all consciousnesses to return to God.

Each species of nature has a mission and, so that it may be fulfilled, humanity must first manifest its purpose. It is through human evolution that nature also moves forward.

Each time you take a new step and live a new experience of love that transcends individual love, human love, the love that seeks something from others, and live Christic Love, the One which gives without restrictions, without seeking anything in return, each time you can live this, children, nature is also led to live its purpose.

Thus, the gaze of an animal can transform a heart. This is how the love of an animal  also becomes selfless. And although humanity does not recognize it, Christic Love begins to permeate all of life.

From the moment that this Love awakened in the Heart of Jesus, a door was opened so that all of Creation could live it, so that this Love could permeate all Kingdoms and, especially on this planet, all creatures could express it.

However, this Love is still a potential within many beings; a hidden potential, silenced by the stimuli of the world, silenced by a love that seeks its return and recognition from others. Humanity is distracted today by this expression of human love, which has its value, but must not stop there.

Love, children, must not only be just a feeling about someone or something. Love springs from this expression of the Divine Purpose in the hearts of beings, when they can love the Purpose that God has for others and serve selflessly so that this Purpose may be manifested.

On the path of love, in the trajectory of its development, fraternity is born in hearts. All that I am telling you seems obvious to you, but so difficult to practice when you are called to place others first, when you are called to go beyond your imperfections and love the divine essence that pulsates within you, love the perfect thought that once emanated from the Heart of the Creator and manifested itself through life.

The time of the Return of the Lord is approaching, and love will be the living sign in your consciousnesses that you are His companions. Love will be the light that, in times of darkness, will signal to the world where the companions of Christ are. And this goes beyond religions, cultures, nations, races. It is about loving just as Christ loved, giving all of Himself, so that the Purpose of God may be fulfilled.

Souls cry out within beings seeking this experience of love. This is why I call you to consecration. This is why I ask you for the symbol of your consecration to be your actions, to be your own life, because humanity needs examples. Souls are searching and need to find where the Love of God Love is.

Deepen every day into the degrees of love, into the possibility of serving all Kingdoms of Nature, of also serving the men and women of this world, those who are forgotten, who are sick, who are submerging in the darkness of their own inner worlds, in the abysses of the inner suffering caused in souls by the absence of God.

I call you to be light in the world through love. It will not be through your dexterities or virtues, it will not be through what you can do or accomplish, but rather through what you can be.

Do not affirm, children, that it is difficult to love. For you to learn how to love, I give you two keys: prayer and service.

If you can pray for others, and can pray every day, your consciousnesses will draw nearer to God, and the Purpose that dwells within you will begin to grow.

If you unite prayer to service and can step out of yourselves to pay attention to those who suffer, to the need that presents itself, in the Kingdoms of Nature, then, children, prayer will come alive and convert into actions and, on all levels of consciousness, from the spiritual universes to material life, your consciousness will gradually begin to enter the Divine Purpose.  

The more you can pray and serve, the more you transform the human condition. When you can listen more than you speak, when you can make silence to seek the Voice of God, you can keep on deepening into this Divine Purpose.

It gladdens Me today to see hearts that aspire to deepen into their consecration. It gladdens Me to see hearts ready to transform themselves to be dignified and consistent with Divine Will.

And I want you to prepare for this consecration, to reflect, in your lives, what it is to be a Child and Friend of Saint Joseph.

How was Saint Joseph in His life? How did He live? What did He do? How did He think? How would He go through each difficulty in life? Because I also went through difficulties.

I was also tempted to think that fulfilling God’s Will would be impossible. But the Love of the Father triumphed beyond My human condition. And it is for this reason that the Lord asked Me to come and consecrate the world through this new consecration of Children and Friends, those who will follow My example of union with the Sacred Family, of submission to Divine Will, of humility and service, so that, in the end, children, God’s Love may triumph beyond the human condition.

Through this meditation on what consecrating oneself truly is, your hearts will be ready to take a new step.

Therefore, I will ask you to be here next weekend, as well as at each Marian Center, to deepen into this consecration, so that, through the instructors of this Work, those who are called to deepen with you on your path of surrender and service, each one may meditate more deeply, understand more broadly what consecration means. In this way, you will be able to take a new step. And let it be not through emotions, but rather through consciousness, through the true Will that comes from the Heart of the Father and manifests itself in the heart of each one of His Children, the will to return to Him, to live what He thought even in a time of chaos, of confusion, a time when souls are sick and manifest their illnesses in the minds and hearts of humanity.

You will find healing, children, in the consecration of your lives.

Today I will consecrate the first Children and Friends of Saint Joseph, those who, unwittingly, have been preparing their hearts for this moment.

And step by step, as you prepare your hearts to live this consecration, I will also consecrate you through My priests or during My Apparitions. While I come to the world I will consecrate you.

Let those come here today who participate in the Lineage of the Kingdomists.

Today I call you in representation of humanity, for those who must awaken, for the families of the world, for those who need to know and recognize the Love of God, for those who need to learn how to serve the Kingdoms of Nature.

In prayer within your hearts, ask for the families of the world and for those who do not have a family. Ask for the refugee families, for those who live in the streets, for those who live in wars, for those who live in wars within themselves, for those who are divided, for those who are distant from God.

Pray for your parents. Give thanks for the gift of life.

Pray for the sick, especially for the sick in heart.

Pray for the Kingdoms, for the outraged and forgotten, for the great forests and small gardens. Pray for the gift of life.


At this moment, St. Joseph asks for Holy Water to be brought to Him.


May this water renew you, renew your aspiration to love, to serve and fulfill the Divine Purpose.

By the Grace that God has granted Me to intercede for the world and for the souls that need it most, I consecrate you as Children and Friends of Saint Joseph. In this way, you will be able to walk with Me in the transformation of your lives, find again the Thought of God that dwells in your hearts, manifest His Purpose, transcending the human condition, so that you may learn how to love and serve beyond your limitations, live the gift of life with plenitude, and thus, children, in humility and little by little, make this planet sacred through your presence.

Be light for the world, even in times of darkness.

Be healing for sick souls through the love of your hearts.

Pray with Me for a world that fulfills the Purpose of God, for religions that unite in one purpose to make the Earth Sacred, for families that unite to manifest the Love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Pray with Me for a human heart ready for the Return of Christ, ready to be before the Redeemer and not tremble for its sins, but rather rejoice in His Presence.

Pray with Me so that God’s Will for this planet may not remain latent within humanity, but rather be a reality which all can see, feel and experience. May this be a renewal of the purpose of your lives.

You have My blessing for this.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Irmã Lucía de Jesús:

Thank You, Saint Joseph, for all that You give us.

Let us sing “Sacred Family” to say good-bye to Saint Joseph and prepare for the Spiritual Communion.