Tuesday, August 8 of 2023


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, I have come from Heaven to be with you and, through you, to be with all My children of the world, those who cry out for justice, those who weep through their prayers, those who are sick and suffer in the innermost depths of their hearts.

But My children, this is the great time of purification. Do not see it as a punishment, do not see it as a condemnation, because the Son of God Himself was purified in the Temple. And the Mother of God and Saint Joseph were also purified.

The human matter must be sublimated, the human condition must be transcended, and each one of My children on this planet has their school, the best learning experience they need so that, at the end of their days, they may surrender their soul to God and merge with the Cosmic Source of Life.

Thus, My children, nothing is out of place at this moment. What is out of the Law in this time are the horrors that the world and humanity commit, the imbalance of the Universal Laws on this planet, the impunity that surfaces as something common and subdues millions of souls in the world.

But today, My children, I come to bear witness, before God, of how many wonders My Son has made in your lives, the small transformations He has achieved through the surrender of each one of you to God.

Therefore, do not see life as suffering or as a lament. Hold on to the Heart of My Son, and renew yourselves in Him.

And when the falls on your paths are so continuous and permanent, My beloved children, do not despair. In the deepest intimacy of your hearts the decision is already made and My enemy cannot make you tremble nor can he terrify you.

As much as the difficulties in this world are very great, and souls really need a lot of spiritual guidance, I invite you, My children, just as My Son called you, I invite you to affirm your faith in hope, in the Sacred Flame of the Divine Purpose, which now blazes before your souls and consciousnesses, a Purpose that your spirits already know, and which cannot be erased overnight, regardless of the great pain that you have undergone in these times.

On this special day for the Mother of God and for each one of you, I have brought something very special from Galileum: the Holy Shroud of the Lord, which is today in My Arms to envelope your souls and hearts, to envelope your bodies and consciousnesses and thus transfigure you.

Do you believe in the power of the Holy Shroud of the Lord, the Shroud which witnessed each drop of the Blood of Christ?

Today I have taken this Sacred Relic from the Ark of the Holy Covenant so that, through this Holy Spiritual Shroud of Jesus, I may purify your bodies, wipe each tear and each weeping from your faces and so that you may feel renewed and healed by the Hands of the Mother of God.

Continue praying and asking for the Grace of being consistent.

In that which is smallest and most invisible is where the Work of God can be carried out, because God does not show Himself with His Power to the world, God reflects Himself with His Power, with the Power of His Love, through the hearts that transform and redeem themselves day by day.

Thus, I offer this Holy Spiritual Shroud to you, so that it may serve as a Mantle of purification and healing for each one of My children, so that their physical and spiritual pains may be relieved, and thus on this day the soul of the planet may also be relieved of its suffering, the suffering that is caused by humanity.

But see, through this example of the Holy Spiritual Shroud of Jesus, how great is the Mercy of the Father, how immense is the Love of My Son for this Project of the surface of the Earth.

And on this special day, when we reaffirm, between you and Me, the commitment to fulfill the Eternal Will of God in all the times to come, My Son has asked Me to offer to you this Holy Spiritual Shroud so that on this August 8 the Cosmic Laws may descend to Earth, the uncertain doors may close once again, souls may be liberated of their own abysses and hells and all may be healed by the power of the Love of Jesus, just as you, My beloved children.

As much as your Heavenly Mother has ascended to the Heavens and is today the Spiritual Governess of all worlds, and carries in Her Hand the Scepter of the Will of God and of the Sacred Feminine Power at the end of times, I continue to be the Faithful Slave of the Lord, just as the Slave of God humiliated Herself and resigned Herself before the Cross for the salvation of the world, so that My Son, despite His agony and His pain on the Cross, might grant you the Grace of His being with you at this end time, a permission that was granted by the Eternal Father Himself.

Thus, dear children, I want you to glimpse and contemplate, regardless of the difficulty and of the human condition, the treasures that your hearts have received throughout these sixteen years, and each moment of sincere prayer that you have shared with Me in these years, even without many of you knowing how to follow My steps.

But rejoice and be reborn in Christ. He comes to liberate you from sin and error, through the Heart of the Mother of the World. He comes to grant you His Infinite and Unfathomable Mercy.

I am here for the cause of the consistent and the brave, for those who do not fear purification, for those who take the risk of living the Plan of My Son regardless of the consequences.

Today, I come clothed with the Mantle of the whole universe, of all stars and all suns.

Today this is the Universal Mantle of the Mother of God, which extends Itself throughout the world. And the Light of this Sacred Mantle of the Mother of God, just as the Light of the palms of Her Hands, reaches the deepest corners of the hells of the planet, to raise the stars that are still fallen.

No longer think that this Armageddon is a new rebellion. This is the time of synthesis and of the great step, when the great spiritual battle against My enemy is carried out.

But do not forget that you are under My Mantle when you do not dare to leave it, when your paths are paths of prayer from the heart, when your acts are acts of charity and mercy for your neighbor, when every day you do not forget that life is eternal service.

Today, the center of My Crown is the Light of the New Aurora, like the aurora that radiates in the Northern part of this planet.

I am the Light of Aurora, which announces to the world the new time and the advent of My Son, the Redeemer, the arrival of His Presence.

Continue to be part of My Rosary of Light, continue to be this precious pearl that is purified and polished through the pious Hands of My Son, the Christ.

I just ask you one thing, My beloveds, that you never again close your hearts. May your hearts be a door open to self-giving and joy, to the bliss of living an encounter with Christ and eternal communion with the Father.

While I am here with you and for you, as the Cosmic Mother of the universe, many situations in the world are deterred.

And on this August 8, when Heaven descends to Earth and the Earth ascends to the Heavens through the hearts that open to the call of the Mother of God, it has been granted to Me that no soul should become lost at this moment, and that the unprotected, the innocent and the orphans may be safeguarded by the angels of the Mother of God at this moment, with the help of all their guardian angels.

My end with you also draws near, but do not lose heart. I will say to you the same as I said to the visionary Lucia of Fatima: “My Grace will be your strength, My Light will be your path and at the end of your days you will find My Great Star, that incandescent and perpetual Star that shines in the Eternal Sky of God to welcome and receive you.”

This is the same that I tell each one of you today, because the time has also come for you not only to listen to My Message, but also to be My living Message in this world. In this way, My Word will be fulfilled.

So that this Holy Spiritual Shroud of Jesus may expand in the world, embrace the impossible causes, protect all souls, especially the souls of the most unprotected children and young people of these times, My Son has asked Me that, as a preparation for this new stage, for this new year of the Brotherhood, we may close this inner meeting through the Holy Communion.

This is why it will be a moment for each one of My children to make their offering to the Universe, as the Sidereal Universe at this moment is open and attentive to the voice of all supplications.

This is an extraordinary moment, granted by the Eternal Father to all the hearts that listen to the Mother of God, all those who at this moment embrace the Mother of God, who at this moment love the Mother of God. A moment granted by the Eternal Father in these sixteen years of tireless work with the Divine Messengers.

Let us prepare for the moment of Communion. I am waiting for you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.