Sunday, November 13 of 2022


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

At the request of Our Lady, at this moment we will sing "Ave Maria" of Gounot.

Let us prepare ourselves to receive Her Graces.

Let those who can kneel down.

Let us open our hearts to receive Our Mother, the Most Holy Virgin Mary.


I will never fail to give you what is deepest of that which My Heart holds.

For this reason, today I am here and I will always be, not only as the Mother of Brazil, but also as the Mother of the world, the One who extends Her Cosmic Mantle upon the universe so that all fallen stars, in this universe and in others, may be re-ignited through My Redeeming Love, through the authority that My Son has entrusted to Me from the beginning, when He said to Me, “Mother, behold Your son” and He said to John, “Son, behold your Mother.”

I come as the Mother of all, the untiring and persevering Mother who goes on pilgrimage with you in these times of great challenges and tests for Brazil and the whole world. But today, I want to give you the special Message: if you keep praying for Brazil and the whole world, you must not fear anything, My children.

My Son has announced His Return to you and His Return will be fulfilled as it is written. This Return will be fulfilled mainly in the hearts of those who believe in His Word and His Presence.

Therefore, He sends Me as the Mother of all, as your Advocate and Celestial Intercessor. He sends Me to placate the errors of the world and the sins, the incoherence of many nations, the ambition of a few hearts that believe they have power and impunity in their hands.

But I invite you once again, My children, to place your consciousnesses in that which is celestial and divine, just like in the last days, through the Marathon of Prayer, My Son placed your essences in that which is highest in this sidereal universe.

Today, My armies of Light also expand on the surface of the Earth, through newly consecrated Children of Mary. This army can be strengthened and renewed through your inner vows to Me, because no matter where you are or whatever the conditions under which you may live in the end of these times, if your hearts are united to Me in prayer, I will always promise you sacred protection. Trust in that which I am telling you. Follow My Message, the last Message that I gave you yesterday.

Works of Mercy are still quite necessary in the world so that the chastisement foreseen for the world may be placated and a great part of humanity may no longer show or provoke the Justice of God, as this is not necessary, My children. My Son shed His Blood at an incalculable price for all. He suffered the great wood of the Cross. He agonized for each one of you at each step, at each moment.

Tonight, spiritually allow the Blood of Jesus to wash and purify you so that the world may also be completely purified and washed from the ambition of war, abortion, the conflicts and even disease. Because for God nothing is inexplicable, but for humanity it is so in these times. Therefore, place your gaze on God, on His Supreme Universe. Never forget that you are worthy Children of God and He always expects you to be, despite the consequences and the tests.

With your thought, but above all with your constant prayer of the heart, elevate this country, this people and all of South America.

We have come here, in these last three months, to respond to an emergency, and we will be here whenever it may be necessary. But My Message and, above all, My Love, must reach the whole world. The Love of My Heart is already living in you, but there are brothers and sisters in this world who do not have My Love, who do not know hope, who do not know the faith that you consciously live at the foot of this sacred Light-Community.

Therefore, I invite you to raise the Communities upon the surface of the Earth and all points of Light that must awaken throughout the world. Remember, My children, that there will be a minimum part of you that will carry out the great task, but all may be united in spirit and omnipresence.

My Son entrusted to you the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The Spirit that always comes to anoint, renew and heal you. Therefore, today liberate your hearts from sorrows and sadness. Renew yourselves through My humble but celestial Presence, and be One with My Son, Christ, through acts of Mercy, service, prayer, adoration and, above all, Communion with the Body and Blood of Christ.

He comes to renew Himself in these times, through you, through the infinite life of the Sacraments. Because a Sacrament is not a simple act, it is more than a Grace and an opportunity, it is the great chance that all have to be consciously united to God, to receive His Grace, His Love and His Mercy.

This is why today I come to place in another dimension all those present and those not present. In the dimension of the Great Divine and Only Consciousness, from where your souls emerged from the Origin, where the Purpose was known by your essences since the beginning. A Purpose that, in these times, I invite you to embrace and come to know internally. A Purpose that will reveal itself before you, to each one of your hearts, when you surrender in trust before that which is unknown. Then, the great door of the Grace of God will open and His Mercy will descend as it has always done. It will make of your hearts peaceful hearts. Thus, you will have a heart ready for the end of times, although you may keep feeling what you call fear.

But believe in the Light that comes through My Heart to all. The Light that represents the Cosmic Christ, the One who let Himself be nailed upon the Cross for each one of you, and Whose Side shed Water and Blood for the liberation of all of humanity until the end of times, until His Return.

Therefore, position yourselves now under the Rays of Mercy of My Son, through the intercession of your Celestial Advocate. Entrust your aspirations to the Eternal Father, to Christ. Drink of the Fountain of Grace that is offered to you at this moment, so that your souls may be healed and your hearts may rejoice at My Maternal Presence.

Today, I bring a special renewal for all Children of Mary. Especially for My Children of Brazil, who have the Sacred Purpose of sustaining the Flame of Peace, this Sacred Flame which springs from My Immaculate Heart, and also of sustaining the banner of Peace of Christ in these definitive times.

As the song says in the call of Mary, if you place yourselves always at the disposal of God, strength will not tremble.

What do you fear in these times, if I am here and if I am your Celestial Mother, who brings you the Message of Heaven, of the Universe? Who, through the Word of Life of the Sacred Word, comes to heal your wounds, traumas and all your past, comes to renew you in Christ and for Christ, so that the triumph of His Divine Mercy may take place in many more hearts of this world and, thus, all those who are awakened say “nevermore” to evil and darkness, so that the Light and Love of My Son may triumph.

Many are the Graces that the world needs in these times, but many are the prayers that will keep rising through the response of each of My children. Therefore, we will keep praying faithfully, allowing Heaven to touch the Earth, and the Life of God and His Infinite Universe to make more miracles in souls, especially in those that need love and a lot of redemption.

This is why in these times I invite you to accept your path of conversion with perseverance and with great faith. Do not allow yourselves to fear or be disturbed, believe, once and for all, that you already have a place in My Heart of a Mother, a Sacred Place in which you will always find peace, relief and healing of all this humanity.

Be persevering on the path of great transformation and allow your essences, in these times, to be guiding stars for many souls and hearts, in prayer, in anonymity and in sacred service for Our Lord, the Redeemer.

In these times, allow His Mercy to descend upon the world. The descent of Divine Mercy is still very urgent for all this humanity.

It is time to act from the heart and with discernment, without letting your faith oscillate, renewed in Christ at each moment and at each step.

I come here tonight to thank you for the triumph of the Sacred Hearts in South America. Although difficult and even inexplicable situations continue to take place, do not fail to continue on. See how the Heart of Christ triumphs once again in silent and anonymous dwellings, in those who say ‘yes’ in simplicity.

While I am present here, I collect your intentions and the intentions of all those who are listening to this transmission, to bring them within My Heart to God and convert them into Graces, opportunities, hope and Mercy for all souls, especially those who most need God at this moment.

Now, listening to the instrumental of the hymn of consecration, I invite, to the foot of this scenery, those who will take today the step of being consecrated as Children of Mary.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

You may approach.


And through this consecration, I will open for you the door to the great opportunity of renewal of vows for all those who already consider themselves as My Children. Also so that, through this group of Children of Mary that I will consecrate today, a new Rosary of Light for Brazil may emerge, the souls that, through prayer, will sustain the end of these times, the challenges and experiences that this country will live.

Your voice, the voice of each Child that will be consecrated today, will be heard through each new Rosary of Light. I invite you to disseminate this blessed exercise of the Rosary of Light in families, in nations, wherever you go, in the whole world.

All must know the Grace of being part of a Rosary of Light, because at each consecration of Children of Mary, each heart, each soul and each spirit becomes a bead of Light of My great Universal Rosary through which I can pray in plenitude, bliss and joy, to present to God the great redemption of all His Children.

This is why today I bless those who are a part of My army of Light on the surface of the Earth. I bless those beloved children of Mine who will sustain in these definitive times the banner of Peace for Brazil, crying out, through prayer, for Peace and Mercy for this blessed Land of God, chosen as the cradle of the New Humanity.

As the Lady Aparecida, as the Queen of Peace, as the Lady of the Sacred Figueira, I bless and consecrate you as My Children, under the Grace of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Now, I want to hear you sing.