Saturday, May 13 of 2023


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Dear children,

Despite the falls and the deserts, you are here today before Me.

Despite the tribulations and agonies, you are here today before Me.

Despite what seems uncertain and impossible to you and humanity, you are here today before Me.

Despite what the whole world and this civilization are experiencing, despite the conflicts that continue to expand and aggravate, despite the division in families, dear children, you are here today before Me, and the Inner Light of the Kingdom of Lys ignites in the hearts that believe in it. The Inner Sanctuary emerges from the inner worlds and, through souls, illuminates the tribulation of these times, so that all contrary currents may be dispelled and dissolved, so that the most lost souls in this world, especially those in great spiritual captivity due to the interference of My adversary, may attain liberation and peace.

Children, despite everything, you are here today, before your Heavenly Mother, while going through the end of times, still learning from the unknown that this planetary moment represents.

Children, have faith. You are here today before Me, and nothing, in this world and in any other world, can prevent this.

Today the Woman Clothed with the Sun, that Great and Humble Lady who appeared and made the sky of Fatima shine, bringing the gift of Prophecy and of Message, is here again today with all Her children and the world.

And this is the great testimony of My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, that, despite all that you and your brothers and sisters of the world may live, you have the Grace of being here today before Me, so that you may reconsecrate yourselves once again to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, so that this light that you ignite today through your candles may not only ignite your inner worlds in Faith, in Hope and in God’s Mercy, but this Inner Light of the Kingdom of Lys, which emerges today from the hearts that believe in it may redeem this world, convert this civilization of the surface, awaken the consciousness of human beings to the gift of peace, love and the good.

Despite everything that your Heavenly Mother sees at this planetary moment, the relief of Her Immaculate Heart is today in those who are here before Me. This is not a part of a mystery, it is rather a part of the revelation of My Love for you, My children, of the perpetual prayer for each one of you and for your loved ones, so that you may always find again, every day, the paths to peace, to good and charity, precious gifts that will allow you to live in the Unity of God.

Therefore, My beloved children, do not believe in your weaknesses. Believe in the gifts and virtues, which My Father gave and granted to you through the Presence of My Beloved Son, the Christ.

In the face of a world in chaos, perdition and confusion, do not forget that Fatima will always lead you to peace, and that Her Sacred Spiritual Sanctuary, formed by precious souls of this world, is unconditionally rekindled for all of humanity on every thirteenth.

Through the legacy of My Apparitions in Fatima and, mainly, through My Message to the world, I come to invite you to cross the portal to universality, in which God is for all without conditions, in which He opens the doors to all His Creatures, especially to the most sinning and lost ones.

Today, when you light this candle before your hearts, which represents the perpetual and eternal flame of Lys, the inexhaustible Love of Mary for all Her children, I invite you to give your gifts and virtues to God, so that He may relieve suffering, hopelessness, indifference and the lack of love between brothers and sisters of this world.

After so many years of meetings with My Immaculate Heart, I come to ask you for something very simple and yet profound. I want your lives, as of today, to be the very Message of Fatima, so that the original purity of this race may not become lost, so that hope may return to the divided families of this world, so that the Unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit may be a blessing to all, so that more souls of this world may find again faith and communion with My Son.

Today, Lys opens its great portal of Peace and Mercy with Poland and, through the Sacred Retreat of My Son, Galileum, the holy Hierarchies of the universe and all the angels that accompany your Lady today transubstantiate the most corrupt matters of this surface, converting Mercy into gifts of Grace, endowments and a special gift of God for each one of My children, a spiritual gift that He grants to you through My Maternal Heart.

Lys comes to correct what no one wants to correct. Not with severity, but rather with love, with charity, and with service on the part of the angels of the Kingdom of Lys, which are present today in the orbit of the Earth, united to the great network of universal supplication, through My Sacred Heavenly Mirrors.

May the codes of purity, peace, reconciliation, Mercy, forgiveness and redemption renew today the lives of all My children, especially of those who are desperate and lost, especially of those who no longer believe in the Love of God.

Today, My transmuting Heart offers to liberate the ties and chains of My children, that which imprisons all souls and does not allow them to walk towards God.

He has asked Me, on this May 13, to bring you His Graces and Gifts, present to you again His Face of Mercy and Pity, eternal Presence of the One God Who, with His Face, illuminates the path of His children, guides souls to the inner Purpose of existence, to a reencounter with purity and original innocence.

May this Sacred Sanctuary of the Kingdom of Lys be exposed today as the Teraphim of the Mother of the World, in this month when the seeds of the Light of the Hierarchy are sown. In the coming months and times, may your transformation be a reality, rather than pain. May you walk with renewed hope, ignited for all those who suffer and who do not know, for the consciousness of this wounded blue planet.

Today, Your Heavenly Mother presents to you the Graces of God, as a merit of fidelity of those who follow the Immaculate Heart of Mary through perpetual and untiring prayer.

This is why I say to you again, as at the beginning: Beloved children, rejoice, and suffer no more! You are here today before My Immaculate Heart, which is the Tabernacle that offers itself to each one of you so that you may carry it with you in your essence, in your souls, and so that you may contemplate My Heart in your hearts, and may always be united to Me in spirit and soul, so that the great door of Mercy expressed by Poland may never close, so that souls in the whole world may believe in the Mercy of God and in the end of captivity that the Return of Christ will bring.

In simple words, My children, I ask you today, on May 13, for your lives to be My very Message of Fatima to the world. I ask you to be instruments of peace and good, to seek unity in all circumstances of life, to seek fraternity, appreciating the differences, sublimating your own ideas and centering in the Flame of God’s Purpose, in His Eternal and Inexhaustible Love, which My Immaculate Heart brings to you today as a testimony of Peace and Love to the world.

This is why I receive again, from your inner worlds, the Act of Consecration to My Immaculate Heart:


Immaculate Heart of Mary, 
strength, light, protection and hope,
in You we are renewed, to You we consecrate ourselves
so that we may be witnesses, now and forever,
of the triumph of Your Immaculate Heart
in all of humanity.

(three times)


Now, so that the love of the Kingdom of Lys-Fatima may radiate to the whole world, you will sing at this special moment: “Ave, Ave Maria”, and with you, you will feel the guardian angels elevating this offering to the Heart of the Eternal Father, so that the most profound experiences of love and forgiveness, charity, good and fraternity may be established in the world in these times, as the preamble to the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

Sing to the Mother of God.

Song: “Ave, Ave Maria.”

Today, My Maternal and Immaculate Heart rises to Heaven, carrying with it the flowers of souls and of all hearts, perpetual fruits of prayer from the heart. Flowers that I will place at the Feet of the Celestial Father, so that He may continue to grant Graces to this suffering world, through the gift of peace and hope to the world, under the spirit of renewal of the Kingdom of Lys.

I grant you the reconsecration to My Immaculate Heart and, through the reconsecration of your souls, I reconsecrate humanity to the Heart of Mary.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Go in peace.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

I will start the account for the moment of the Apparition.

You saw that my diction. of some words would not come out very well. It was not for lack of concentration or for not clearly seeing Mary, so to say. On the contrary, the energy that She brought today was quite impactful.

As the Divine Mother said, She brought us today the Kingdom of Lys, Her Inner Sanctuary. And through the Kingdom of Lys, She brought us the great portal that Poland expresses through the channel of Divine Mercy. Through the union of this place, Lys in Portugal and the channel of Mercy in Poland, the spiritual Hierarchy and the angelic Hierarchy carried out a great task in the orbit of our planet.

You remember a passage of the Message, when Mary said that, despite all things that She mentioned to us today, all reasons, situations that may separate us from God in these times of tribulation, She stated: “You are here today before Me.” Can we really understand what it means for our lives to be before Our Lady?

She made this question to us so that we may ask ourselves in our prayers: “Do we have faith that She is here, and has made a miracle in the life of each one of us, beyond the ups and downs that we will go through?"

She was saying this with a profound Love that was springing from Her Heart. And as She said this, while the spiritual and angelic Hierarchy was carrying out this task on the planet, Our Lady would pick this inner Light of each one of us, which She showed, this Light, which is our essence, the Light which is our true being, not all the layers that sometimes cover us and bring us problems.

Mary revealed to us our Inner Light, which She has been preciously nourishing year after year, moment by moment, not only here, but also in Her children that are now at the Sanctuary of Fatima.

Something that Mother Emmaus said to us in the intention of her prayer, Mary affirmed today: all that which allowed this profoundly spiritual, though a little unknown movement, was simplicity. That we may be before the simplicity of Mary, Her humility and service. All the time, She invites us to live these attributes, that they may be a reference for our lives, and being this reference to our lives, we will be united to Her Heart..

Mary said today that the life of Heaven is very simple.

And when I said that the words would not come very well during the Apparition, it was for what She was showing. At a moment of the Message she said: “Today, the Sanctuary of Lys is formed through all souls that believe in Lys.”

What She showed was that this Sanctuary was being mirrored, it was reflecting within each one and each one of us had a part in this Sanctuary, we were perfect parts that Our Lady had spiritually built in souls. And today these parts have perfectly united as one. And do you know what happened? The inner Sanctuary of Lys expressed itself, where all of us were gathered with Mary, Our Lady.

To conclude, She told us about our reconsecration, as the Fountain of Graces that Mary brought today was open. So we have to know today that we carry a Grace that She gave us for our lives and for those whom we will meet on our paths.

Mary asks us in these times to be instruments of peace, and to move away from separation, criticism, discord, the lack of fraternity and of love. If we continue to do this today, She says that we are not living Her Message. But She also said that She has faith that this would change, because if we are here today before Mary, it is because we can change.

This was the very simple and profound Message that She brought to us today and, to conclude, She asked us to reconsecrate ourselves to Her Immaculate Heart.

Then we sang “Ave, Ave Maria”. She did not sing because She does not sing to Herself. Look at Her degree of humility and simplicity. She only smiled, listening to our voices, perhaps out of tune, but what comes out of the heart is the most in tune that exists, the love we give to Her and She reciprocates with a Love greater than the one we have.

At this moment of song and communion with the Heart of Mary, we reconsecrated ourselves. And She left an open path in each one of our lives, so that we may dare to tread it, which is the path of our inner Purpose, what we have truly come to do in our lives, and what we have come to serve.

She said She will always be by our side, even if Her public task ends someday, because what we will have, as a great treasure, is the Love that She has poured out to us meeting after meeting.

And today She left here happy, even while She contemplated the world in chaos during the Apparition. But when souls ignite, through the Heart of Mary, She said, “The adversary, error and sin do not prevail.” We leave these coordinates, because we are united to God through Her.

I tried to make the explanation as detailed as possible, so, to close this transmission, we invite you again to finish this special Pilgrimage here in Brazil the next weekend, which is the 19th, the 20th and the 21st, when the Three Sacred hearts will be here with us.

Therefore, feel inspired to call your family members, friends, those who need to receive the Love of the Hierarchy, who are so filled with Love, that They need to pour it out upon us, the Love of God.

Thank You, Divine Mother, for all that You give us!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

As Mary said, let us go in peace.

Thank you all.