Friday, September 22 of 2023


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Oh, holy angels of God, respond to the appeals and calls of the Divine Mother, so that nations may convert to God.

Holy angels of the universe, help lost souls, especially those who need it the most.

Listen to the plea of the Mother of God, who comes to meet your holy consciousnesses, just as the Mother of God comes to meet Her children on Earth, to make them, My littlest children, remember that there is very little time for conversion. However, your Heavenly Mother is already pregnant, to announce the birth of the New Humanity.

Therefore, this is the time of inner preparation. This is the hour when souls must be ready to live what they have never lived before, to learn what they have never learned before, to grow internally in what they have never grown before.

This does not mean that My children will live unimaginable situations, but rather, My beloved children, that you will live experiences that are necessary in these times, because it is necessary to mature the commitment to God, so that this sacred commitment, which each one must fulfill, may be a profound commitment and no longer a superficial one.

This is why I ask the angels of the universe to participate in all this event, because I know that many souls are disoriented today, as they cannot see, on their paths, the Light of God’s Purpose, because the attention of My children is placed on superficial, ephemeral and illusory things.

Therefore, I come to remind you that the commitment of each child of Mine is gradual, but that in many cases this commitment will be immediate, because souls need to do what they have come to do here on Earth. And this will mean that My children will be removed from their own will, to live the grand Will of God, just as your Heavenly Mother lived it in fullness, in infinite happiness, for She was responding to the Lord.

This should be the spirit of each child of Mine: the happiness of responding to God, rather than the obligation of obeying Him, because God, in His Essence, is so Simple, but at the same time so Powerful and Glorious, that He hides in His Humility and shows Himself in His Creative Beauty.

He is visible to all. He is not visible to the opulent, the greedy and the selfish. His Infinite and Divine Love is for all. He becomes great in the smaller ones. He reveals Himself in the simplest ones. He hides from those who claim to be powerful.

If this were not the Essence of God, how could the Living God be?

His Love is so great and merciful that He created the angels of Heaven so that they might praise and adore Him. Not in His Throne, but rather adore His sacrifice and His surrender, the infinite surrender of God for His Creatures.

There is no being in this Creation, there is no angel in Heaven, there is no consciousness on Earth, there is no Kingdom of Nature that does not feel capable of imitating Him, imitating the Father-Mother Creator. See how this is fulfilled in harmony, in peace and balance, through the beauty of Creation.

Thus, I told you a few days ago that humanity had learned to destroy its own creative essence.

How great is the Mercy and Grace of God, who, with His Love, overcomes all errors, grants Forgiveness for all offenses and omissions, surrenders to the world again through Our Sacred Hearts.

His Cosmic and Infinite Love can never be destroyed or dispelled. From the ruins life can rise again, from falls the spirit can rise again, from perdition the Light emerges again, just as the Light of God and of all His angels of Heaven illuminate Estonia and the whole world today.

What is it that impels the universe to make this movement?

What is the cause that allows the existence of this Work of Love and Mercy?

I summarize it for you in one answer: the Love of God. Aand I say again that it is the Love of God that permits it all and grants it all. Because many of My children, especially those who are far from God, still have not decided to commune with the Merciful Love of the Father, because they think that God will not forgive them.

I tell you, My children, to no longer think of the God of Justice, think of the Great God of Love and Infinite Mercy. His Heart is offended today by the atrocities of war, by the omission toward the refugees and exiled, by the immeasurable death of the needy in the Mediterranean Sea and by so many other situations that many do not know, but which happen throughout the world.

Even so, the Heart of God is always open to His Children, and His Eternal Light is always there to radiate and bless you, even if you make a mistake or start from scratch again.

What relieves Our Sacred Hearts is that you may rise again, time and again, just as My Son did after falling three times during His Sorrowful Passion. In this way, with this attitude, you will be able to be born again as many times as necessary.

But careful, My children! The only victims in this world are the unprotected and the helpless, the children, youths and elderly people who do not have the opportunity that you have, of raising your heads to see the sunlight every day.

Do you understand now the difference between true and false victimhood?

I come to make you truly grow; this is the request of Christ, Our Lord. This is the work, the tireless task of the angels, who, in this end time, work without time or delay so that the great sphere of the Earth may not come out of its balance and peace.

But while innocent blood continues to be shed, while laboratory experiments continue to take place, while the propaganda of abortion continues, without the least degree of piety and sensitivity, while weapons continue to be activated and military forces enjoy the suffering of others, how do you believe Justice will not come?

Therefore, prayer from the heart will always be essential.

Today, the Lady of Peace is here, barefoot in surrender, surrounded by God’s Light, giving Herself through Her Hands, pious through her Heart, the Lady of Heaven is present here, because I do not want to see My children suffer without reason, I want to see My children rejoice, just as the elements of nature rejoice, responding to the Mother of God.

This is the Message that I wanted to leave to you. Tomorrow I will continue to instruct you. It is My wish to be in this very place with you, to continue to build the Work of God on the inner planes.

I thank all those who have prayed in different languages so that My Love may expand to the whole world.

I am infinitely thankful to all those who trust this Work of the Divine and Unfathomable Hierarchy, especially those who make it possible for this to be a reality on the material plane and to be a Miracle of God on Earth, in a time of suffering and pain.

The Light of My Maternal and Immaculate Heart fills everything, the Light of My Heart dispels and renews everything, so that peace may be achieved.

Opening My Hands, giving My Light, surrendering My Spirit, loving all My children, once again I implore the Creator:


Eternal Love of God,
listen to the Voice of Your Servant and Slave.

Pour out Your Peace in the world.

Heal the wounded souls.

Grant Forgiveness to those who need it the most.

Oh, Holy Creator God!
Relieve the wounds of the Lower Kingdoms,
through the service of Your holy angels.

May everything be renewed, now and always,
in Your Name, Lord.


I thank you for responding to My call.

May My Peace be with you, My children, and with the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.