Tuesday, February 6 of 2024

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Preparing the Return of Christ will not be easy. For this reason, as you know, I will count on very few at the great moment of My reappearance.

Thus, as it was written in some books of spirituality, the Return of Christ will demand the concretion of this movement on the physical plane.

Material goods will undergo a transformation, so that the First Law may re-enter the consciousness of humanity, as the Commandments are not lived by all. This sets the world apart from many opportunities, especially spiritual ones. This is why I tell you that My Return will not be easy, though not impossible. Because those who are with Me until the end must not retrogress, regardless of what I may ask them.

And this goes beyond anything material or concrete. This reaches the inner decision of doing it without conditions and without delays. Because each step that I will indicate for the last apostles will be definitive, and will bring consequences for the entire planet, as they will be decisions that I will impel you to make, so that you, the decided ones, may grow and have the Grace to closely know the Spiritual Government that the apostles also knew.

In this way, I will be able to work and act through My own, and we will not waste time, because there is no time left, in the face of the grave planetary situation.

Therefore, do not fall asleep. Do not lose the cosmic impulse of awakening, for it will come for the last time. Because you will have to be awakened, just as I asked My apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane, in the cruel night of My Agony. Now it will be similar, although we are in another time, an end time.

Your attention and dedication, the dedication of your lives and consciousnesses, must be placed every day on achieving this Purpose, which is available to all. The Purpose of God, which levitates before your souls as an incandescent flame that can guide the path of the Last Christs, so that the Christs of the New Time may have the courage and spiritual bravery of doing whatever is needed without stepping back, but rather gradually advancing toward the goals and mainly the challenges that I will propose to you.

When I say to you that My time with you is coming to an end, it is because a new time, a new cycle will begin, and in this new cycle and new time you must walk upon your own feet, carry out what I need: the Will that is written in each one of your souls, and the time has come to express this Will on the three planes of consciousness: the spiritual, mental and material.

This great moment is drawing near day by day. The last apostles must be watchful and attentive to the signs that I will give you, in any part of the Earth and in any event.

This will prepare the planet and the human consciousness for the moment when I appear and return in a surprising way. Because in truth I tell you that no one knows how this will be, because it is prepared so that it may happen in this way.

Therefore, I tell you again that I do not need you asleep, but rather awakened. Awakened and spiritually attentive to the signs of Christ. Because anyone could be called to be where I need them, to fulfill what I so much expect, to concretize what My Father needs in this time of purification.

I tell you this as part of the preparation for the next Sacred Week, so that, after a Lent of penance and reflection, you may arrive at the Sacred Week with a decision already made internally, although you do not know how it will be afterwards. I Am calling you to an attitude of predisposition. This is what I need, so as to know to what extent I will be able to count on you.

Today, I Am gathered here with the blessed ones, so that they may serve as examples for your lives. I Am with all those consciousnesses that have entered Paradise, souls that have become sanctified, who pray for you and for the world, not only so that the so much longed-for peace may be established, but also so that the planet may be redeemed.

Spiritually count on all the blessed ones. Among them, some are family members of yours who are no longer here, because they have entered Paradise through the merit of the efforts of those who are here and faithfully keep My precepts.

Behold your family members converted by My Love, in the Eternal Paradise of God. Because although the world lives in cruelty and wickedness, there will be nothing greater than Love, nothing that could prevent the Will of My Father from being fulfilled. This is why I have brought your holy family members with Me.

Do not forget that the souls of purgatory need your prayers and so do the children who are in limbo, because they have lived injustice through premature death, and need, just as you do, to continue to ascend so that they may attain the Kingdom of the Heavens, as the blessed ones have attained.

Just for a moment, the blessed ones will be here to co-celebrate the Spiritual Communion with you, so that the offering of souls may be greater, and may prevent the Wrath of God, the descent of the Divine Justice upon nations, so that more consciousnesses may be converted and redeemed.

This is all that I need today.

Follow in the footprints of the Sacred Hearts, so that you may walk in righteousness, in the Law, in obedience to the Divine Plan, and in unity with all of Creation, so that the time of peace may be fulfilled in the whole world.

Today, at the altar of this Spiritual Communion, the Sacrament of the blessed ones will be placed and granted, so that the grave situations of the planet, and mainly of the consciousnesses of humanity, may receive assistance and a spiritual solution.

Make your own offering in this Spiritual Communion. I will be thankful.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

And preparing ourselves with Christ for this Spiritual Communion, in unity with all blessed ones of Paradise, we will intone “Pater Noster” in Latin, at the request of Christ.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.