Friday, November 17 of 2023

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

My silence comes to make weapons become silent. So that this silence may be established, I come to Earth; today in a different way, given the emergency of these times, given the need of souls, especially of those who cry for Justice and Mercy.

Behold the Rabbi of Israel, the Master of all peoples and all religions. Because My Heart does not hold differences, My Heart has a place for each people and each nation, that exist for some reason, because each one of them holds in themselves a Treasure of God which must not be lost.

I Am here to give Life and Light to the inner worlds, because My time is coming to an end, and the hour of My Return is drawing near. The world needs a radical change, a change that comes from the spirit so that matter may be permeated in a new way. And this means, companions, great efforts for the Hierarchy, efforts that you cannot measure with your mind, efforts that you can only feel with your heart.

I will come to the world in a culminating moment and, as days pass, this culminating moment draws near, and all should be ready, because I will not warn, My only sign will be My Presence, face to face, and what will you tell Me at that moment?

I will come to seek in you the spiritual temple that you have built for Me, which I will use to rebuild the world, pouring out My Gifts and Graces upon souls again at the culminating hour, in which suffering in the sphere of Earth will end, when not even one more cry will be heard, the effect of war, misery, persecution or even effect of death penalty.

When I return, this will no longer be heard in any plane or dimension. Because that moment, which will be very sacred to Me, of returning from the Heavens to Earth and touching again with My Feet this surface, that will be the moment when evil will be defeated. Because by a spiritual, cosmic and divine order, Archangel Michael will pierce with His sword through evil, dissolving the essence of darkness so that, through the power of Light and Love, all may be reversed and the principle may be reintegrated into humanity, that principle that was permeated by a Spiritual Purpose.

From Adam and Eve, the history of humanity will be rebuilt and, in My Presence, there will no longer be sequels of suffering and error. For this reason, this is also the culminating moment for you, at which you must not be tepid, at which you must hold on to Me, regardless of what may happen or what you may live. Because the Master will return and call each one by their spiritual name, which will resound as an echo throughout the planet, because it will be the Voice of the Father speaking through His Son, just as the Voice of the Father spoke through the people of Israel.

I know that many do not understand why there is so much pain and suffering in the world, why there are so many innocent people who must go through this. Have you ever thought that they offered themselves for that, so that the non-redeemed might be redeemed?

This is why I spoke to you in recent times about the new martyrs. Day by day, there are many more martyrs in the world, from the unborn to those who die in wars and many more who go through experiences you could not even imagine, offering their souls in sacrifice and love, so that in the world there may be a mature love, capable of overcoming all errors, capable of transcending all impunity. This is the love that I see in the New Christs.

Who will have awareness, and be a postulant to live this school? Because I do not seek heroic reactions, I seek anonymous offerings, capable of living them out of love, as victims of Christ’s Love. Although it is incomprehensible that day by day there are more martyrs in the world, if that did not take place the planet would no longer be in its place.

From the great lamaseries of the East to the hymns of Christians throughout the world, all are truly supplicating for peace. But no longer seek it, love this peace and peace will be within you, because Peace is a Law, it is the first Law that God created at the beginning.

It was Peace, together with God’s Love, that impelled Creation, that allowed you to be here today, and a diversified life to exist in this vast and infinite universe, a life filled with lessons to be learned and many inner experiences.

However, the world, with each passing day, moves away from this truth, this true experience of love that God needs you to live, so that, by the price of My shed Blood, you may be redeemed and confidently believe that redemption is possible in these critical times.

The angels work on what happens in the world. Different armies and hosts of Light take charge of the different situations of the planet, as great must be the sacrifice to mend the errors committed.

This is why I have asked the Steward Angel of My Eucharistic Body to present himself to the world before the expected time. In this way, through each moment of prayer and each new meeting, through each service and true offer that can honestly emerge from your hearts, He may receive, in all his Chalices of Light, the offerings the souls of Christ make, to mend and justify the errors that are lived in the Middle East, Ukraine, Africa and other places of the world, and even what Argentina could suffer.

My Spiritual Gaze is upon all urgent subjects. I want your gazes of love to accompany Me in all subjects that are truly important for the Spiritual Hierarchy. I come to ask and beg you to change your frequency, to place yourselves in the spiritual vision of Brotherhood.

I ask you again to love one another, in reparation of the love that is disappearing in the world, especially the love that is disappearing from the souls that live wars, because My Heart is internally dilacerated each time I see children die in Gaza.

Now do you understand what I need?

I open to you the definitive door of a mature apostolate. May your own situations not weigh on you, because there are situations that weigh more on Me, and they are those situations that are taking place in all of humanity.

The Rabbi of Israel is here to call you to the path of unity, respect and trust, so that peace may be present in the world. Without peace, the world will be more divided and you must not allow this to happen.

For this reason, I find support in all those who adore the Most Holy Body of Christ, who no longer measure the time or the hours to adore Me. Because adoration is that which allows the Presence of God, so that His Hand may touch and reach the most inaccessible places of the planet, where suffering is experienced.

I open to you the door of My Heart once again, so that you may feel as I feel, so that you may live as I live, so that you may then serve just as I serve, being a Messenger of God.

Today, I ask you that we may offer this new Spiritual Communion for all that I have said to you, so that My Word may become alive in you, and in you may be My Gifts and Virtues that will be necessary and urgent in these times of tribulation.

Be aware that I know each one of your needs, but I want to tell you that it is now time for you to learn to accept My Will and to not displace My Will from you. Because I have a Plan for each soul and each heart, which in many cases would not be to your liking, but if I had not accepted the Chalice in the Garden of Gethsemane, what would have happened?

The Christs of the New Times must be a reality and no longer just an aspiration. My Divine Consciousness, broad and infinite, needs to work through souls, because there are many who are still waiting for My Love, much more than you imagine, many more than you have received here at each meeting. There are souls in this world that would give anything to receive My Love.

Do you understand My necessity now?

I hope that, when you leave here, your hearts will feel differently, your minds will understand differently, you will embrace the spiritual service of the Hierarchy with the same conviction that I do.

Now, I will bless you before the Spiritual Communion so that, by the merits lived in the Last Supper and in the Sorrowful Passion, these merits may be available to you as an inexhaustible wellspring and, especially, they may reach the souls that most need them at this hour.

May this Spiritual Communion be the Communion of Mercy, in which all may receive the Grace that perhaps some would not deserve, and this is by the Work of My Unfathomable Mercy, by the Fire of My Merciful Love.

To prepare this moment of Communion, you will carry out with Me a spiritual offering to the Creator, through the Love of Galileum, so that peace may be a reality in the Middle East, Ukraine, Sudan and in the whole world.

And through Galileum, cry out for the merits of My Birth, of My Public Life, of My Last Supper, of My Sorrowful Passion, of My Death, of My Resurrection and of My Ascension to the Heavens, so that the souls that are dying in wars in these days may achieve Paradise. Because I fulfill again the promise that I made to the thief on the Cross, just as I said to him, “For having recognized your God, the Lord, you will be in Paradise today with Me.”

I thank you.

May peace be a reality at each moment and within each inner world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.