Friday, June 3 of 2022

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Allow the Mercy of God to fill your heart and your life, so that you may be a witness of redemption through My Love.

Allow the Mercy of God to be a part of your life, so that someday you may learn to understand My Will.

But today I ask you:

What is the mystery of Mercy?

When you invoke My Mercy, what do you think of?

Is the Mercy of God is just an act of pity, compassion or forgiveness?

The Mercy of God is not only this, you must open up to discover this mystery, which did not arise only from the Cross, from the total surrender of the Son of the Father, but rather the Mercy of God was what allowed, through His Love, for the Creation and existence of life.

Now, with this example, can you understand a little more about what Mercy is?

In this crucial time of humanity, in which all is quickly precipitating, it is important that you understand what Divine Mercy means, because it is not only an act of compassion, of immeasurable love or inexhaustible pity; Mercy is a manifestation of the Cosmos, sustained by the Creative Source.

So that the Angels of the Father could create the dimensions and planes, they had to be filled with the Mercy of God so that they could feel, through love, the importance of manifesting the Will of the Father, just as He felt it in His Heart at the beginning, just as He thought of it from the origin, for all His Creatures.

This is a portion of the Mercy of God, which I came to establish here, in Poland and, through Poland, for the whole world. But My Mercy still keeps being a mystery to many. For this reason, I am here again today, just as I was a long time ago, to reveal My Merciful Face.

It is not only through the Mystery of My Love that you can approach My Mercy, be under My Rays, under the Light of the Blood and the Water, but your consciousnesses and essences, through My Divine Mercy, can approach the atonement they need, after so many errors and experiences; through the power of My Unfathomable Mercy, your consciousnesses can expand in My Love. It will always be through My Love that you will understand what it is to take pity and be merciful, and, thus, your acts and surrenders will no longer be empty, but they will rather be made complete by the fire of My Mercy.

This table of atonement that I bring to all continues springing from the depths of My Heart, not only of My Heart of flesh, but also of My spiritual and cosmic Heart that has expanded Its task of Mercy to all of Creation and to the whole universe.

Through My Unfathomable and Divine Mercy, you can not only remember the three most important facts of My Life on Earth, which were the Passion, Death and the Resurrection of Jesus, but also through these three facts you can penetrate the core of My Mercy, and not only will your lives on the surface be converted and redeemed, but also your spirits will be converted and redeemed until you can attain, once again, the origin that you lost as humanity, as a planet and as the Project of the Father.

Through My Unfathomable Mercy, I come not only to strengthen the manifestation of this potent channel I once opened in Poland, but I also come to offer you, for the last time, the door of My Divine Mercy, so that you may announce it to the world, not only as My apostles and servers, but also as the witnesses of the Mercy of God, of the miracle that God has been able to work in your lives up to today.

Do you now understand why I ask each one of you: Do you know what the mystery of My Mercy is?

It is not only the purification and atonement of faults, of errors or of sins, it is granting to the world and humanity, to all souls and hearts, the opportunity to reintegrate into the Project of the Father through the potent channel of the Mercy of God, which will put you in the place you lost when you committed your errors.

In this way, you will be before the Divine Presence and your paths will open up so that you may fulfill the Will of God. A Supreme Will that is being forgotten and replaced by the personal will of the men and women of the Earth, even in those who live spirituality.

In My Mercy lies the door to your resignation, in Mercy lies the door to your humbling, in My Mercy lies the door to your humility and total consecration of the consciousness to God.

I come to awaken in you this cosmic principle because My Heart of flesh and My spiritual Heart need to have consciousnesses that, as depositaries of My Mercy, can be capable of forgetting themselves so as to surrender to fulfilling and serving all needs, from the smallest to the largest.

If this does not happen with many more souls that could be channels of My Mercy, through the acts of Divine Mercy that they could live in their daily lives, today, with grief in My Heart, I come to tell you once again of the truth that you must hear and the truth that you must receive within yourselves to learn to live My Word: if there are no other souls that could be partakers of My Mercy and if Divine Mercy does not cease to be just a theory in the mind and a coldness in service, I can tell you that the world will submerge into a deep war, worse than the one that exists in Ukraine.

For this reason, My Divine Mercy has brought each one of you, on the inner and spiritual planes, to the higher vortex of My Channel of Mercy, preciously instituted here in Poland by My own Divine Consciousness so that souls may remember the importance of living in Mercy and not just in brief moments of Mercy.

You already have the ability of realizing, by yourselves, when you are not being merciful, when you do not take pity, when your Works are empty of love and light.

Reconsider and, before this mystery of Mercy that I bring to you today, renew your vows with Me, because few are the flocks that I have today, which are available to be true partakers of My Unfathomable Mercy.

Mercy is not a theology, nor is it a mental concept. The Mercy of My Heart, which was opened on the top of the Cross of the Calvary, is a concrete and sustainable action.

I invite you today, at the end of these times, for the Divine Mercy in you to be permanent and constant so that your acts of love and mercy may not oscillate or become too cold, as if they were avoiding to look at the light of the sun.

Enter the warmth of My Merciful Heart, and your lives will be in the place that they must be and fulfill the task that you have come to fulfill, without slowing down the steps you must take toward Me.

Today, what is happening in Eastern Europe is not only a tragedy, a lack of awareness, a great absence of Mercy, what is happening in Eastern Europe is also a universal evil to which, through My Spiritual Government, I come to put an end to, especially for the innocent souls, not only of the Ukraine, but also of other places of the world, who are affected and interfered with by the wars and conflicts.

We must not allow, companions, that the pillars of evil be strengthened, we must work hard with all strength of the heart and of life, keeping in mind that we no longer have time and that there is the need for more channels of Mercy to be expressed through souls on the surface of the Earth.

I come with this Message because there are hearts that move away from My Mercy and let themselves be enveloped by their problems or even by their own tests, because they move away from My Mercy and believe in guilt and in justice instead of believing in the atonement that My Divine Mercy brings.

There are already enough victims in the world that truly need merciful hands, merciful gazes, merciful hearts, merciful servers. The world does not need, the universe does not need more victims in this humanity, above all, those who believe they are victims of something, but are not victims, who give excuses for all that they do, and do not change anything at all.

There, My channel of Mercy cannot express itself, because the Graces I have to pour out are many, and the Graces that I have given you have been so many that I can now see with My own Eyes and hear with My own Heart how you get used to My Words, and this must not happen, because My task is not mechanic nor is it a static task.

The dynamics of My Mercy is very broad, and My Universal and Divine Stream can only impel you toward ascension. When you are stagnant, take the step to come out of your own trench and enter the Christic Stream of My Heart, because the times are urgent, the needs are urgent and the planet runs the risk of becoming lost in ignorance, in illusion, in war and in conflict.

Today I can say all this because I have everyone in My channel of Mercy. If we were outside this channel, it would not be possible to say this because, through the channel of My Mercy, I lead you to the maturity of consciousness and of life, to be capable of emptying a little more, every day, so that the commitment with Me that you have may be real and not illusory, may be a commitment that is capable of responsibly assuming what is up to each one one of you, so as to not cause delays to the Hierarchy, in the places which it wants to reach in these times, in the spaces where it needs to enter and penetrate with its consciousness, it needs mature consciousnesses, not mediocre ones, it needs warm hearts ignited by the Fire of My Love, of My Spiritual Government, and not lukewarm or cold hearts that do not manage to take even one step.

Today I can talk to you in this way because it is now time to grow internally. There is a lot to do and there are just few who can do it. If you grow and mature so that I may avail Myself of your instruments, more consciousnesses will come and approach, and you will be witnesses of how much help you will be able to receive to fulfill My Will.

I come to close many uncertain doors and to again lift souls up toward the universe of My Mercy.

For this reason, I thank you in advance for the bravery of living My Words and for the decision to assume this moment through merciful prayer, knowing that we are running after time, after a time in humanity that precipitates, day by day, because of the advancement of ignorance throughout the world, which leaves most of My children in illusion.

May you awaken again through this impulse so that you can follow My Steps.

I am grateful that everyone has internally arrived here to be part of this Command of your Master and Lord, for Poland and for the whole world.

I thank you for walking in faith.

Go forward, warriors of Mercy!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.