Friday, April 19 of 2019

Sacred Week

You are all invited to stand, in reverence to our Lord. At the time He appears, those who can, may kneel, those who cannot, can sit.

We can sing.

This is how I want to see the world, in reverence and love, recognizing the inner Christ within, He Who has never died, He Who always lives throughout time and the facts.

I am not dead, I am alive in you, each time that you allow Me to be, and can be even more so when you become aware and wise about your commitment to the Celestial Father.

Everything that took place during the Passion of your Lord has already been spoken of, to a certain degree, but humanity still does not know the true Mysteries of God that are held in the Ark of the Holy Covenant and that keep watch over the memories of your Master and Lord, from His birth to His Ascension.

But today the world must know what really happened beyond the facts, and why God Himself incarnated as a man and as a human consciousness, to give Himself to His children completely, in Mercy and in Love.

You must go beyond this Mystery, through the attunement of your hearts, in this great Universal registry of the Passion of your Master and Lord.

The Lord asks for three candles in order to bless them.

And so that by means of their light, companions, this material plane, this Universe created by God Himself through His angels, may be a witness to the revelations of the Ark of the Holy Covenant about the mysteries of the Passion of your Master and Lord.

I invite you at this moment to prepare inwardly, and that you not only listen to the words or that your hearts become affected.

It is necessary, companions, in this crucial time of humanity, in which millions of souls and nations are at stake, that there exist a consciousness of responsibility, of maturity and of adherence to Divine Will.

These three candles will represent the Most Holy Trinity which, through Its non-material presence and Its divine impulse, will bring toward Earth the revelation of God.

The light protects the Sacred Knowledge; it ignites essences in the Wisdom of God.

God needed to surrender to the world, to descend from His Supreme Source to save His children. There was no other way. Humanity was at the point of perishing and destroying itself. The darkness of the human consciousness and of all the hells would have been able to completely take over the planet if there had not been divine intervention.

For this reason, the Mother of God was chosen among all women. And at that time and at that moment, She had knowledge of the Truth, beyond the incarnation of the Son of God as the manifestation of the Second Person of God, which is God Himself.

It was the Archangel Gabriel who, before descending to Earth to meet Mary, asked the Celestial Father to be able to rescue the Human Genetic Project from all the errors that the generations before Me had committed through perversity and for having gone outside of the Law.

Stay concentrated, because if you don't, I will not be able to continue. Your heart must be in what is taking place and not in another place, because if you are here, it is because you seek Me and because you call upon Me, it is because you need Me.

What is being registered here today will not happen anymore, because the end of times is now happening and the world must take responsibility for what it did not correspond with and for having gone outside of the law.

But if your hearts seek My path, in spite of what occurs, nothing will happen to you because you will be within Me, within My Mystical Body, upon fully living the Eucharistic Communion.

Thus it was that the Archangel Gabriel descended to the Earth, in a moment of great tribulation and darkness.

While the doors to the hells were open, on the other hand, the Divine Consciousness, the One Source, the Living God, Who made Himself present through the Archangel Gabriel before the divine person of Mary, arrived to express and reveal His Will to Her.

At this moment, our Lord is presenting and showing the Annunciation of Gabriel to Mary and what happened during this fact.

If Her "yes" had not been firm, you would not be here today, nor would the world exist.

But although God knew that humanity would be saved through the redemption of the Son and through everything that He offered to humanity, the "yes" of Mary as a human being was the before and the after of the salvation of the world and of all the generations that would follow, from the people of Israel to the peoples of today.

This story is written in the Scrolls of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, as are many other events that still spiritually assist the world in its redemption, bringing renewal and life to souls so that they may take on their commitment with love and responsibility, and thus accomplish the Plan of God on Earth.

The Angel Gabriel blew the Holy Spirit into Mary and incarnated the Son of God within Her.

At that moment, something important happened; not only did Mary have a spiritual revelation about what the birth of Christ would represent, which is to say, about God Himself as a human being and as a consciousness, but also for humanity it was an important event that opened the doors to the redemption of humankind and the exorcism of the hells.

In order for the Son of God to be able to be born, a divine and spiritual project was thought of by the Father, before He descended to Earth through the Presence of His Beloved Son.

The acceptance of Mary of the Will of God was the beginning and the emergence of a new humanity, and thus, the Spiritual Universe began to act upon Earth, and on the inner planes everything was happening according to the Will of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Thus, a great portal was opened in humanity, which all were called to go through, including those who would be the enemies of Jesus. Because beyond the human aspect or the human ego, through His Son, God was seeking the filiation of humankind with Him and the sense of an inner union with His Spirit.

But in the scene of the Passion of Jesus, each one fulfilled their role and their test, each one was in the place they deserved to be and had the opportunity of being able to learn through love and manifesting the truth.

You already know the unending pain of Jesus because it has been thoroughly told. You still do not know, companions, what occurred in the higher planes, where the angelic universe acts and labors, during the events of the Passion of the Lord in which the signs that remained engraved and registered are that which intervenes in the consciousness of the planet for the redemption of humanity and for the consecration of humankind to the Will of God.

It is these signs, of the occult events of your Lord, that today are helping the world so that it may be redeemed and converted, as was foreseen by the Father.

This is why My Church must know these Mysteries rather than deny them, because I do not want you to deny Me anymore, as those who were with Me so long ago denied Me and who today are again here, receiving their last chance through the work and intervention of Divine Grace.

But by truly remembering what happened in the Passion of your Lord, you will be able to recover what you spiritually lost through the different experiences of life and through what still has to be corrected within your consciousnesses.

This moment that I bring to you today is the same moment that God used to carry forward the victory of the Passion of your Lord in humanity, in the higher planes of consciousness, where everything really happened and manifested.

Thus, My Holy Mother accompanied Me until the end, and continued, up to Her last days upon Earth, carrying My Word and My Love to the world through the foundation of the first religious orders, the ancestors of the Templars, the first Christic congregation upon Earth, which built the bridge between the Legacy of Christ and all humanity.

The events of My Passion were not only physical events, seen and re-written by various apostles and by all those who participated in that time. The very angels of God registered the spiritual and cosmic facts of the Passion of your Lord, because behind this terrestrial scene in the Passion of Christ, the universes were mobilized and great consciousnesses of light moved toward Earth to cooperate and work in the redemption of humanity and in the expulsion of Luzbel from the sphere of the planet.

Because when I expired on the Cross, he was defeated seventy-seven times, and the hells were closed, the dead were resurrected and sang glory in the streets of Jerusalem, the sick were healed, souls were awakened and became aware of why they were on Earth and of what they came to accomplish as essences.

The Universe of God descended to humanity, but He in His High Command allowed His greatest enemies and the fallen angel to learn of the victory of the Passion of Jesus so that these events not be repeated ever more. Because the faith of the believers of Christ, throughout time, would be so great and powerful that it would allow for the reappearance of your Lord in the end of times, which is to say in this current time and in this moment.

Now you understand, companions, that you are a part of a past occurrence and of a story that must come to a conclusion in your lives with the triumph of love and truth within each one of your beings, and that you must not miss the opportunity once again, because there will not be another, in this time or the next.

The universes moved toward Earth and the higher forces entered this planet with all the power of the Light of God to withdraw from captivity all those who had been there for a long time, since Abraham up until the present.

So today, you are here, because somehow you were withdrawn from captivity, from the unending chain of errors, which come from the Universe and continue on Earth.

Throughout time, you received a great Grace in order to be here today before Me, and many more wait for this Grace, for this opportunity of being before their Lord to learn to fulfill His Will and to not miss the time of Divine Grace that is coming to an end, before the Great Universal Judgment takes place.

I brought you here as souls rather than as people, to tell you the truth, a truth so similar to the one that I told the apostles in that time.

But you already have an experience, an origin and a past, that is still being redeemed and transmuted because of your responsibility in the faith and the spiritual life with Christ.

There is no time to lose, no time to wait. The spiritual knowledge that is in the universes still awaits to descend toward the planet, and while you maintain your adherence to Me, the divine Knowledge will come much like a rain that falls from the sky in a continuous and permanent way.

Thus, your spirits will be ennobled, your souls will be exalted because they will give recognition to the Passion and death of your Lord, and you will not do the same as many are doing, of not valuing what I did for you in that time.

Each time you remember My acts, you are faced with an opportunity of taking a new step in the degrees of love and consciousness. With responsibility, you are assuming the path, stepping away from the appearances and disappointments of the world, and all the confusion and spiritual paths that humanity offers at this time, just to distance each one of the souls I summon from God.

You decided to be My new flock, to join My old flock of the Church, spread throughout the Earth, and so in this fusion of love and brotherhood, the Earth and the human consciousness may be prepared for My physical reappearance in humanity, in the awaited Second Return of your Lord.

Hold this knowledge as the last. From time to time, re-experience the Sacred Week, so that your lives may become sacred upon entering into contact with the Apparition of your Master and Lord, and especially with His Word, which is the Word of the Father, which is being pronounced to the world for the last time, in this crucial and definitive time of humanity, in which great decisions must be made, and these decisions in your lives place you near or far from Me.

This is why prayer is necessary, so that temptation not prevail and the Divine Codes that I give you in each Apparition may be able to produce merits in your consciousnesses and awaken new fruits in your spirits, so that more talents may be available for your Master and Lord. May I be the reason for your existence.

And so, My Mother Mary, giving Her "yes", saved the world, and, through Her humility and poverty, granted that Her Son and Her Lord could be here on this day, to share with Her children the triumphs and the merits of God through the person of Christ, in Divinity and in Spirit.

On this day, in which the body of the Lord is flagellated by the world, by the indifference of humankind, by the inequality of the nations, by the hunger of the poorest and the lack of healing for the sick, this hurting Body is anointed by the prayers of those who love Him, those who venerate and recognize the Person of Jesus as the Redeemer.

Today I come to announce the Passion of the planet and the agonies of humanity, which nobody has yet managed to heal nor alleviate, because there are so many.

Thus, it is in your offering of service to humanity and to the Kingdoms of Nature, in your surrender in prayer and the living of the Eucharist, in your responsible commitment and in your adherence to the Plans of God, that the hurting body of your Lord will be alleviated and the spiritual wounds of humanity will be closed, being anointed by the Holy Spirit, which renews all things and heals all things.

In the name of the Wounds of your Master and Lord, and of all His sufferings, I come to offer you, companions, the spiritual anointment and healing of your errors and your deep inner wounds, that only I know in each one of your lives.

We place our hands in the sign of reception and we stand.

We open to the miracle of the Wounds of Christ and to the power of the Light that they contain and we offer our love to close the Wounds of Jesus, so that our own wounds may be healed of all evil and all pain.

I will place Myself upon you to help you.

Whoever can, kneel, and feel in your beings the presence of Jesus and the power of each one of His Wounds.

We hear His Word and in the silence of our hearts we accompany this divine intervention, and this moment of Grace that our Master and Lord grants to the whole world through the merits of His Passion and for the triumph of His Invincible Love.

The Lord is spreading His Light upon everyone. That Light enters through our heads and reaches our hearts, to the deepest core of our spirits, in the depths of our souls.

Jesus grants healing through His Luminous Wounds and walks upon you, radiating His Light, doing so also for the world, for those who suffer most, for those who die, for those who suffer wars, for those who are refugees, for those who are mentally ill, for those who are imprisoned.

He spreads His spiritual Light and, by means of this Light, on this day of His Passion, He grants Peace and equilibrium on all planes, thus establishing, on this Holy Friday, the spiritual communion between souls and God, just as the Most Holy Mary experienced the communion with the Father while She gestated His Son for nine months.

Now Jesus has delegated four great angels to place themselves at the four corners of the Earth, so that He may pray for humanity. We will accompany His prayer in our silence, knowing that in this hour and in this moment we are being assisted by His Spiritual Light and by the merits of His Passion.

Let us then allow our being to be empty, surrendered and given in communion with His Divinity.

"Adonai, Source of Truth and of Justice, Origin of origins, infinite Ocean of Love, unquenchable Universe, representation of all created, manifested Divine Grace, Breath of the Universal Spirit, Powerful Lord, Source of Renewal and Love.

Just as you granted Me to come to the world and incarnate among humankind, today I ask you, Emmanuel, that divine absolution come from Your Source to transmute the errors of human beings, sublimate hearts with Your Light and expel evil from the Earth so that once again it be Your Love that triumphs and is able to emerge in all Your children, in all those who affirm their faith and their trust in You.

Do not look at the errors of the world, the perversion of these times. May Your Heart, Abba, no longer feel indignation nor anger, but rather that Your Heart be glad because of the gladness of Your children. May Your Heart be ignited in gratitude for the gratitude of Your children because, in this way, Your Love will triumph and there will be justice. Console the oppressed, just as You consoled Me at each step of the Passion. May Your Grace expand, may Your powers descend and Your Will be fulfilled, until the end of our days. Amen."

We place our hands on our heart. We may sit and give thanks.

Live My Passion as a triumph and represent Me on Earth as My new apostles who will carry My Love to humanity and surrender to the requests of God in an unconditional and permanent way, so that His Will may be fulfilled.

Stretching out My arms and My hands over the world and over you, I grant you Peace so that you never lose sight of it, so that you always remember it, for in Peace you will be redeemed and in your redemption you will achieve the trust of the Father, just as the Father trusted in His Son.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

In the presence of Jesus, let us repeat the prayer that He taught us:

(Our Father - in Portuguese).

And in unity with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, at the request of Christ, let us thank our Celestial Father, on this day of solemnity and of retreat in the Heart of Jesus, pronouncing His Sacred Names. Let us sing the Names of God as one people and one consciousness so that the Universe may descend to Earth.

Thank you, Lord, for all that You give us.

In this meeting we honor You, Lord.

And united with the Passion of Our Lord, let us remain in this reclusion, in this deep union with Christ, renewing the sacrament of faith, and let us thank all those who accompanied us through these means, and after this transmission, which we will end now, in all the Marian Centers, we will re-experience the Passion of Christ through Via Crucis. And within ourselves, we will continue to receive the impulses of Light that Christ left upon the planet.

In reverence and in love, we give thanks and close this meeting:

Thank You, Father, for all that You give us!

And under the blessing of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.